Chapter 242 – Arclight Shield


Originally, the Guilds attending the Blackwing Auction had already given up on bidding for the final item.
They merely stayed to take a look at how high the price of the final item would reach.

The minimum price for the item was 30 Gold.
None of the Guilds present were that flush with fluid funds.

However, the moment their sights landed on the final item, they instantly had a change of heart.

The reason being, the item displayed on stage was simply too important to a Guild.
The final item was neither weapon nor equipment
Instead, it was
 a Forging Design.
If the Forging Design was for a normal weapon or equipment, nobody would have paid any attention to it.

However, the Forging Design being auctioned was for the Arclight Shield, a Level 15 Fine-Gold ranked shield.
If they could produce this item, it would definitely provide a huge improvement for the MTs in their Guilds.
This shield was especially useful during this crucial period of the game.

With more and more First Clears of 10-man and 20-man Dungeons taken, the various large Guilds had already started challenging 50-man Team Dungeons.
However, there was one problem that vexed them without end: their MTs could not even tank the first Boss of the Dungeon.

If their MTs couldn’t even survive the attacks of the Boss, how were they supposed to raid it?

However, if a handful of MTs equipped this Arclight Shield, raiding the Dungeon would become a much easier endeavor.

“This won’t do! Our Guild needs to get this item! I have to contact the Guild Leader immediately!”

“This shield is simply too good! I must have it!”

The representatives of the first-rate Guilds present had, at the first moment, contacted their respective Guild Leaders and reported this matter to them.
The answer these representatives received was also one of confirmation.
They were told to obtain the Forging Design at all costs.
These representatives were also told to contact the other second-rate and third-rate Guilds present at the auction venue, to seek their cooperation.
In return, the first-rate Guilds would produce the appropriate amount of Arclight Shields for them based on the amount of money they contributed.

Originally, the second-rate and third-rate Guilds present had long since given up on bidding for the Arclight Shield Forging Design.
After all, they could not even afford the minimum price of the item.
Now that they were given new hope, they would naturally be more than willing to lend their help.

One… Two… Three… More and more second-rate and third-rate Guilds started allying themselves with first-rate Guilds.
They pooled together all the funds they had, and very quickly, plenty of first-rate Guilds had managed to collect a total sum of around 50 Gold.
They then proceeded to place bids one after another.

The price of the Arclight Shield Forging Design consistently rose.

Starting from the minimum bid of 30 Gold, its price quickly increased to 51 Gold.

The Guilds strived very hard to outbid each other.
As soon as they received the funds of 
another Guild, they would immediately call out the highest bid they could afford. They were deeply afraid that, if they gave the other Guilds too much time, the other Guilds would be able to obtain even more funds.

Just as these Guilds were competing against one another with a fiery passion…

“Sixty Gold.” Shi Feng immediately raised the bid by nine Gold.

Shi Feng did not wish to waste too much time on this auction.
In any case, it was a must for him to obtain this Arclight Shield Forging Design.

“Why do you have so much money?”

“Just who is this brat?”

Previously, they had already been shocked by Shi Feng’s wealth.
Now, however, they started feeling frightened.

After spending 59 Gold to purchase three weapons, Shi Feng was still able to place a bid of 60 Gold.
If they had not been aware of the fact that players were not allowed to place a bid without having the corresponding amount of money, they would definitely have thought that Shi Feng was just joking around.

Faced with the pressure of 60 Gold, two first-rate Guilds immediately joined hands to place a new bid.
Meanwhile, the Guild to take the lead in this alliance was World Dominators.
The representative for this Guild yelled out his bid of 61 Gold right away.

“Seventy Gold.” Shi Feng no longer wished to play around in these muddied waters.
Otherwise, he would have to pointlessly waste a lot of money.

“Seventy-one Gold!”

“Eighty Gold.”

“Eighty-one Gold!”

“Ninety Gold.”

Before even a minute had passed, the price of the Arclight Shield Forging Design had already reached a staggering 106 Gold.
If such an amount was converted into Credits, that would be more than 1 million Credits.
If one took into account the inflation that would occur due to the volume purchase of Coins, then the value of 106 Gold Coins might even reach 2 million Credits.

Two million Credits just for a Forging Design.
If a normal player were to learn about this, they would definitely consider Shi Feng insane, a spendthrift that had nowhere to spend his money.

However, Shi Feng felt that the Arclight Shield Forging Design was worth such an amount of money.
After all, the value of this Forging Design would only grow higher once it entered his hands.

“Damn! To actually run out of money at this crucial time!”

“We definitely can’t fall short at this final moment! Who else has money?!”

Overlord War Bear, the Berserker from World Dominators, started panicking.
His Guild Leader had already given him the command to obtain the Forging Design at all costs.
However, even after joining hands with another first-rate Guild and more than a dozen second-rate and third-rate Guilds, they still could not outbid a single Shi Feng.
War Bear was truly at a loss on what to do now.

He had even secretly contacted Shi Feng before.
As long as Shi Feng was willing to let World Dominators have the Forging Design, he was willing to compensate Shi Feng with a million Credits.
Yet, the price of the Forging Design still continued to increase higher and higher.
He was already nearing the brink of insanity right now.

“I can lend you a hand.
I have 18 Gold with me here.
This should be enough to suppress that Black Flame.” Joking Scholar walked over to War Bear at this moment.

“What conditions do you have? I advise you to give up if they are too outrageous.
I won’t hand over this Forging Design no matter what.”

“Of course I know this.
My conditions are simple; after World Dominators obtains the Forging Design, just give me the Arclight Shield that I deserve.
In addition, I also wish for you guys to take care of that Black Flame.
He is affiliated with the Star-Moon Kingdom, and I know World Dominators has quite a number of members there.
Dealing with Black Flame should be no problem for you all.” Aside from his hatred for Lone Tyrant, Joking Scholar’s remaining hatred was targeted at Black Flame.
Unfortunately, Joking Scholar did not know that both persons were actually one.

“Fine, I’ll agree to your conditions.
In truth, without needing your mention, World Dominators would similarly take care of him.” Overlord War Bear revealed a faint smile.

The two of them quickly reached an agreement.
Joking Scholar then traded all his Gold Coins over to Overlord War Bear.

Just as the auctioneer was about to slam the hammer for the second time, Overlord War Bear hurriedly shouted, “108 Gold!”

Shi Feng sent a glance at Joking Scholar and Overlord War Bear, a sneer on his face.
He couldn’t help but shake his head as he indifferently said, “115 Gold.”

“One hundred twenty-one Gold! I don’t believe that I can’t surpass you even after I bid everything I have!” Although Overlord War Bear did not know Shi Feng’s bottom line, the increment on his latest bid was much lower than usual; Shi Feng was definitely reaching his limit.
Hence, War Bear immediately added six Gold to the bid.
Shi Feng definitely could not take out so much money.
“Brat, you’re a hundred years too early if you think you can compete against me!”

“This is your bottom line?” Shi Feng calmly smiled.
“One hundred thirty-five Gold!”

He increased the bid by 14 Gold in a single go.
World Dominators would not be able to fill up this gap even if they included another second-rate Guild into their little alliance.
As for recruiting a first-rate Guild, that was an extremely difficult matter to achieve.

“One hundred thirty-five Gold! How could this be possible! I must be dreaming! How could he possibly have so much money?! Isn’t he just an independent player?!” Joking Scholar was immediately dumbfounded when he heard Shi Feng’s bid.

As for Overlord War Bear standing beside Joking Scholar, he was fervently contacting other Guilds to form an alliance. 
However, although he received a favorable reply from another first-rate Guild, the condition set by that Guild was for them to receive the Forging Design instead of World Dominators.
Naturally, Overlord War Bear refused this condition.
Yet the few additional third-rate Guilds he managed to recruit barely had any money on them.
Even after summing up all the additional Coins he received, Overlord War Bear did not have the right to shout out a bid at all.

“One hundred thirty-five Gold going once!”

“One hundred thirty-five Gold going twice!”


Even when the auctioneer’s hammer landed for the second time, not a single Guild present was able to place a new bid.
They watched blankly as the auction proceeded toward its end, powerless to do anything about it.

“One hundred thirty-five Gold going thrice!”

“Let us congratulate Mister Black Flame for obtaining this Arclight Shield Forging Design!”

Following which, a beautiful hostess brought the Forging Design to Shi Feng.
After Shi Feng paid the 135 Gold to the Auction House, the hostess similarly handed the Forging Design over to Shi Feng.

After officially receiving the Arclight Shield Forging Design, Shi Feng wondered just what sort of Attributes the shield itself possessed.
With such a thought in mind, Shi Feng tapped on the item and took a look at its description.
Immediately, his lips curled up slightly in a smile.

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