Chapter 251 – Great Trees are Good for Shade


Zhao Ruoxi was silent for a long time after receiving Zhao Jianhua’s lecture.

Zhao Ruoxi never would have thought that her second uncle, who had always pampered her to the extreme, would say such words to her.
Moreover, he had described Shi Feng as such an ugly person. 
There was clearly a serious misunderstanding here; someone had definitely worked on him.

“Second Uncle, whom did you hear this from?” Zhao Ruoxi did not immediately refute Zhao Jianhua.
Instead, she wanted to find out just what was going on right now.

“It isn’t important who told me about it.
Ruoxi, in the future, you are not allowed to associate with people like Shi Feng anymore.
This is also elder brother’s wish.” Zhao Ruoxi had already been corrupted by Shi Feng, and nothing he said would actually change her mind.
Hence, he needed to take decisive measures to end their relationship once and for all.
Afterwards, he would approach Shi Feng and have him completely distance himself from Zhao Ruoxi.

Meanwhile, Zhao Ruoxi found herself stuck between laughter and tears.
She knew that her second uncle was saying these things for her own good.
However, she and Shi Feng clearly weren’t in the kind of relationship her second uncle thought they were in; they were merely classmates.
Yet, judging from her second uncle’s words, it sounded as if she and Shi Feng’s relationship had already reached the point where they were inseparable lovers joined together at the hip.
Zhao Ruoxi couldn’t help but laugh as she said, “Second Uncle, since when did you start providing cover for someone? Let me guess… this person must be Ling Feilong, right?”

“That’s right.
It is indeed Ling Feilong.” Since Zhao Ruoxi had already guessed correctly, Zhao Jianhua did not contradict her.
Instead, he straightforwardly argued, “Shi Feng is only a nobody.
On the other hand, I feel that this child, Feilong, is not bad.
Not only does he look good, he is also ambitious and possesses great skills in fighting.
Nowadays, the popularity of God’s Domain has already reached never-before-seen heights, and I hear that Feilong brat is even in the upper echelon of the Shadow Guild.
He also has a very good insight towards the future.
Yet, instead of choosing a youth with good potential like him, you chose to go with an incompetent person.
I am sure elder brother would stand together with me on this matter as well.”

“Second Uncle, you’re really misunderstanding things here! There isn’t anything between me and Shi Feng!” Zhao Ruoxi was utterly at a loss for words.
Rather, she felt furious about Ling Feilong’s actions.
However, she was inwardly rejoicing as well right now.
Thanks to Shi Feng’s appearance, she could finally see Ling Feilong’s true colors clearly.

“Misunderstand? Your second uncle possesses discerning eyes, and I very much understand your situation.
In any case, I will absolutely not allow that brat to enter this event.
I am still capable of that, at least.” Zhao Jianhua did not believe Zhao Ruoxi’s words. 
He knew how very sly Zhao Ruoxi had been since her childhood. In any case, he refused to be fooled in this matter.

Zhao Jianhua was not some shrewd businessman, nor was he part of the Zhao Group’s management.
Instead, he was a fighter that loved martial arts.
Only afterwards did he start handling the security department of the Zhao Group.
The real boss of the Zhao Group was Zhao Ruoxi’s father, Zhao Jianxuan. 

Hence, Zhao Jianhua had always liked future professional fighters like Ling Feilong.
After all, only a strong man could properly protect his own woman.
Yet, what was Shi Feng? Zhao Jianhua had had Shi Feng investigated, and he discovered that Shi Feng was only a weakling who was constantly bullied by others.
A person like Shi Feng was simply too unreliable.
Hence, Zhao Jianhua was adamant at ending Zhao Ruoxi’s relationship with Shi Feng this time.

While Zhao Jianhua and Zhao Ruoxi were having their discussion, Ling Feilong, who was outside the door, eavesdropping on their conversation, secretly felt delighted.

Although he could not directly defeat Shi Feng, he could still play Shi Feng to death using a roundabout approach.
In addition, he had also informed Zhao Jianxuan about this matter in advance.
With both Zhao Jianhua and Zhao Jianxuan vehemently opposing their relationship, even if Shi Feng had seduced and captivated Zhao Ruoxi’s heart completely, the two of them could never be together.
Hence, as long as he could develop himself in Shadow, becoming one of the core members of the Guild, Zhao Jianhua and Zhao Jianxuan would definitely support his pursuit of Zhao Ruoxi.

After obtaining the wealth of the Zhao Group, he could easily take control of the entire Shadow Guild.
At that time, what would Shi Feng amount to? What would Zhang Luowei amount to? What would Lan Hailong amount to?

“Youcai, you’ve done well this time.
I’ll put in a few good words for you when I meet up with Brother Zhang next time.
After you graduate, just come to Shadow,” Ling Feilong said with satisfaction, patting He Youcai, who stood beside him in a deferential manner.

“This is but a trivial matter.
In the future, I will be relying on Brother Long for support,” He Youcai said with a smile.

Although He Youcai, a
s the Student Council President, was indeed an amazing character in Jin Hai University, after he graduated from the school, however, he would only amount to nothing.
Nobody in society would give a damn about him.
Aware of this reality, He Youcai had no choice but to agree to Ling Feilong’s request to remove Shi Feng’s registration for the Fellowship Party.
Furthermore, Zhou Jianhua himself had even instructed him not to allow Shi Feng entry into the event.
Since he could satisfy both parties with just an action, killing two birds with one stone, why wouldn’t he do so?

Only, neither He Youcai nor Ling Feilong knew that, at this moment, the hotel’s surroundings had become extremely lively.
Originally, the Jin Hai Fellowship Party was a well-known event throughout Jin Hai City.
Hence, many reporters and media outlets would show up to cover it
. There was also no lack of onlookers hanging around the event venue. 

However, the outside of the event venue was much livelier compared to previous years.
Instead of just a small crowd, there was a sea of people here. 
Young and old, tall and short, all kinds of people could be seen lining up on the streets.
Some of the uninformed passersby even thought an international celebrity had showed up at this place.
It made them wonder just what these people were lining up for.

“Little brother, what’s happening in front? Why are there so many people lining up here?”

“Huh? You don’t know? The Zero Wing Guild is recruiting members.”

“Zero Wing Guild? What’s that?”

“Of course it is Star-Moon Kingdom’s most amazing and mysterious Guild!”

“What’s Star-Moon Kingdom?”

“Crap! Have you even played God’s Domain before? You don’t even know that? Which hole did you crawl out from?”


The passersby mostly consisted of office workers, and they usually worked from 9am to 5pm.
Their lives were mostly taken up by their work, so how would they find the time to play a game? Naturally, they would not know anything about God’s Domain.
However, when these office workers looked at the hundreds of people lining up, many of them started feeling confused about the game called God’s Domain.
They wondered just what sort of game God’s Domain was, to actually have such a strong influence
 on so many people.

It was simply a Guild from a game recruiting members.
Yet, there were actually several hundred people applying to join.
Moreover, the numbers were still increasing without end.
In a short moment, the number of people applying might even break through to the thousands.
However, the most unfathomable thing was that even the reporters from television stations were running over to carry out a live broadcast on this situation.

Just what sort of situation was this?

“Isn’t it just membership recruitment for a Guild in a game? You can’t even earn a cent from playing a game, so what’s the point of wasting so much time lining up? What foolish people,” one of the passersby who was a white-collared elite mockingly laughed.

The instant this white-collar elite said those words, many of the people lining up immediately turned contemptuous gazes at him, as if they were looking at an idiot.

“What an idiot.
He doesn’t even know what membership recruitment by a Guild in God’s Domain means.
No doubt he’ll be in the rat race all his life.”

“What are you minding him for? How would he know that when a Guild is recruiting members in reality, they are also recruiting professional players for the Guild’s gaming workshop.
A white-collar elite like him would be earning four to five thousand Credits a month.
He would naturally look down on us part-timers who can only make two to three thousand Credits a month.”

“What are you saying? That’s the salary for an outer member of a Guild.
If we become official members, then we’ll have a minimum salary of 5,000 a month.
Meanwhile, elite members could get at least 10,000.
Zero Wing is also recruiting quite a lot of members this time.
They’re recruiting 300 outer members, 100 official members, and 20 elite members.
With so many available spots, we might even get a chance to join Zero Wing.”

“I guess you’re right.
I also hear that core members get a base salary of 50,000 Credits.
I wonder just how much the eight great experts of Zero Wing are earning each month.”

“I hear that their salaries are over 10 million.
Previously, there had been a financial corporation that offered them an astronomical amount of 8 million, yet, none of the eight experts had even reacted to it.
Zero Wing’s wealth is simply unimaginable.”

The players lining up started a discussion among themselves.
However, the white-collar elite was no longer as calm as he was before.
After all, he had only managed to obtain a monthly salary of 5,000 Credits after attending countless interviews and working for his current company for three years.
Yet, he was barely comparable to an official member of a gaming guild.
Moreover, these gamers were only working part-time during the night.
Suddenly, this office-worker had the urge to join the queue as well.

While Shi Feng was interviewing player after player on the street, his actions had also attracted the attention of the guests participating in the Fellowship Party.
It was especially true for the large-scale Workshops in Jin Hai City.
Some of the professional fighters that planned to start their career in God’s Domain also grew interested by this sight.

“Hahaha! Zero Wing has actually showed up at this place! Attending this Fellowship Party this time wasn’t a waste of my time at all!”

“Zero Wing Guild? Let’s hurry up and meet up with that person! This is a great chance for our Workshop! Who knows how many people and financial corporations are trying but failing to meet someone in the upper echelons of the Guild.
We are truly fortunate to be able to meet one at this event.”

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