Chapter 253 – Five Demon Generals

“Good! Very good!” Although Xu Wenqing was smiling, the tone he spoke with was as chilling as the winter cold.

At this moment, even an idiot could tell that Xu Wenqing was furious.

Due to the conversation being held over the phone, nobody but Xu Wenqing himself could hear what his bodyguard had said.
However, based on the words Xu Wenqing had spoken, the people around him
 knew that someone had done something to badly anger Xu Wenqing.

Where a matter such as chasing away an invited guest was concerned, neither Chen Wu nor Zhao Jianhua had such courage to do so, as doing so was equivalent to giving Xu Wenqing a slap across his face.
Everyone valued their prestige.
Since this person had dared give Xu Wenqing a slap, then this person shouldn’t expect Xu Wenqing to welcome it with a smile.

At this moment, Zhao Jianhua, Chen Wu, and everyone else started feeling pity for the person that angered Xu Wenqing.

This was practically beard
ing the lion in its den[1], a truly suicidal action.

However, they were also very curious about the person that dared to chase away an invited guest.
They wanted to know just who this daring person was.

“He Youcai, come over here.” Xu Wenqing looked at He Youcai, who was cluelessly standing at one side.

Confused, He Youcai thought Xu Wenqing had some orders for him to carry out, failing to notice that Xu Wenqing’s chilling intent was directed at him.

“Go downstairs and invite that person up here.
If he isn’t willing to come up, then you don’t have to come back, either,” Xu Wenqing said coldly.

“Headmaster, this…” He Youcai was utterly confused about 
the meaning of Xu Wenqing’s words.

“You’ll naturally understand after you go downstairs.” Xu Wenqing sent a glance at the bodyguard beside him.
The bodyguard intuitive
ly understood Xu Wenqing’s intentions, and he immediately grabbed He Youcai and dragged him towards the elevator.

“Headmaster Xu, there must be a misunderstanding somewhere! I really didn’t do something like that!” He Youcai shouted in a panic, the fat on his body jiggling.

Even if he was given a hundred lives, he would never dare kick out an invited guest.
He was merely a student of Jin Hai University, and nobody among the invited guests was someone he could afford to offend.

If he had to name someone that he had really driven away, then the only person that came to mind would be… Shi Feng.

However, Shi Feng was simply a student that was not worth mentioning.
He was not an invited guest at all.
No matter how He Youcai looked at this situation, Shi Feng would not be related to it in any way.

“This brat sure has guts,” Zhao Jianhua said in an ambiguous tone.
It was unknown whether he was actually praising He Youcai, or disparaging him.
However, everyone else was in full agreement with Zhao Jianhua’s words.

The bystanders could clearly tell that this incident was caused by He Youcai.

This incident had truly given them a shock.
He Youcai was merely a Student Council President—an insignificant existence—yet he had actually dared to recklessly abuse the little power he was given.
If He Youcai did not deal with this matter perfectly, then his best option to save himself was to pack up and leave Jin Hai City.
Otherwise, only a tragic end awaited him.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s recruitment location had already become the most eye-catching sight on this street.
Before he knew it, Shi Feng had recruited many new
 people for his Guild.
Some well-known Workshops in Jin Hai City were even included among them.
The members of these Workshops 
were all relatively skilled.
However, since they didn’t have a top-tier expert leading them, they had a difficult time obtaining good equipment in God’s Domain.

The reason being, a majority of the high-quality equipment could only be obtained from a Dungeon, while a minority came from Field Bosses.
However, to a Guildless Workshop, Field Bosses were simply an unattainable dream.

This situation resulted in the Workshops having a hard time making money in God’s Domain.
Hence, many of these Workshops wished to join a Guild, a powerful Guild, in particular.
If they had a top-tier expert guiding them, Dungeon diving would become a much easier endeavor.
Moreover, compared to groping in the dark by themselves, they could improve themselves with much greater efficiency by learning techniques from the said expert.

Meanwhile, the Zero Wing Guild was undeniably the best option available in Jin Hai City for these Guildless Workshops.

Currently, none of the Guilds in Jin Hai City had officially become a rated Guild.

In the past, if Shadow had not spent a humongous sum of money to annex a large number of Workshops and recruited some new members with great potential, it would have had no way to quickly become a third-rate Guild.
In such a situation, Shadow would have also fallen in the competition over White River City, as this was the 
brutality of God’s Domain.

The Five Demon Generals have yet to show up even now.
Could they be uninterested in joining Zero Wing? 
Shi Feng had already interviewed several hundreds of people.
However, not a single one of the Five Demon Generals were actually among those hundreds of people.

In the past, the Five Demon Generals were the most powerful experts in Shadow.
If their growth had not been limited by Shadow, 
they might have been promoted to a Tier 4 class or above.

These five people also played an indispensable role in aiding Shadow in obtaining the ten City States.

One could even say that Shi Feng’s main goal in attending this Fellowship Party was to recruit these five people.

Don’t tell me they’re afraid of taking the interview? Shi Feng felt that there was a very high possibility of such a thing happening.
After all, the current Five Demon Generals were obscure existences right now, 
nobodies in God’s Domain. If they concluded that they would not be accepted into Zero Wing, they would naturally avoid taking the interview altogether, saving themselves the humiliation when they got rejected.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng felt troubled.

It was very possible for these five people to be inside the Fellowship Party right now.
Yet, he had no way of entering the actual event venue.
So, how should he go about recruiting those five?

Just as Shi Feng was feeling distressed over this matter, He Youcai came walking over.

“Why is it you?” He Youcai was immediately dumbfounded when he discovered the person he had been sent to invite actually turned out to be Shi Feng.

In He Youcai’s opinion, Shi Feng was simply an ordinary student.
His and 
Xu Wenqing’s statuses were worlds apart from each other, and it was impossible for Xu Wenqing to actually send a personal invitation to Shi Feng.
Yet, the impossible had actually happened now…

Meanwhile, Shi Feng couldn’t help but shift his gaze to He Youcai.
Suddenly, he asked with a smile, “President He, what brings you here? Don’t tell me you wish to chase me away from this street as well?”

“This is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! Fellow student Shi Feng, how could I possibly dare to chase you away? All of this is simply a misunderstanding! Previously, due to an error
 to the system, your information was not properly registered.
However, everything is fine now.
Fellow student Shi Feng, you can now participate in the Fellowship Party as well!” He Youcai said with a fawning smile.

“President He, I am a very cowardly person.
Previously, you
 yourself, President He, had said that, as long as I dare set even a single foot in the hotel, you would immediately chase me out.
I truly do not dare provoke
 a personage such as you.
I also feel quite comfortable staying 
If you don’t have any other matters, then, please return to your event.
I am still very busy right now.” Shi Feng smiled, shifting his attention away from He Youcai.

Hearing Shi Feng’s words, He Youcai’s face instantly paled.
Even an idiot could make out the meaning behind Shi Feng’s words.

You chased me away without any hesitation before.
Yet, now, you wish to invite me back? Do you think it’s possible that I will agree?

He Youcai really wished to say it’s possible.

He Youcai was merely a Student Council President.
Now that Xu Wenqing had already spoken, if He Youcai did not deal with this matter properly, his future would be over. Moreover, with Xu Wenqing’s horrific reach, He Youcai did not even dare to think about having a future.

Noticing Xu Wenqing’s bodyguard coldly looking at him, He Youcai’s body shuddered with fear.
Immediately, he did something that shocked even Shi Feng himself.

He Youcai immediately knelt before Shi Feng, hugging Shi Feng’s thigh as he cried like a little girl, saying, “Fellow student Shi Feng… No! Brother Feng! I was the one in the wrong! I have eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai! I am deserving of death! How could I have been so blind to actually listen to the words of that bastard, Ling Feilong! Brother Feng, I apologize to you! Please! If it can help cool your temper, please beat me up as much as you wish! As long as Brother Feng is willing to go upstairs with me!”

Shi Feng wasn’t the only one shocked by He Youcai’s actions.
Even the bystanders were dumbfounded by this scene.

Did he really think he was invincible just because he was shameless?!

TL Notes:

[1] bearding the lion in its den: browse/beard-the-lion

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