Chapter 269 – Violent Conclusion


Originally, everyone was still worried about how they should deal with the berserk Boss.
However, Shi Feng’s shocking transformation immediately attracted their attention.

Leaving aside Shi Feng’s new handsome and gorgeous appearance, just by standing there, he was already giving off an insurmountable pressure.

This was no longer an oppression due to strength.
this pressure was the instinctive reverence for a primordial life form.

“Just what is going on here?” Aqua Rose asked in shock.

It was a known fact that players could not transform their bodies.
Yet, Shi Feng had actually transformed in defiance of that notion.
Moreover, that frightening pressure he was giving off was much more terrifying when compared to the berserk Dark Knight Gaia.

Let alone the others, even Blackie and Lonely Snow, who knew about the Fragmented Legendary item, were greatly astonished by Shi Feng’s sudden transformation.

They never thought that a player could actually become so powerful after activating the Heavenly Dragon’s Power.

“I think the Guild Leader can kill me in a single hit now,” Lonely Snow said, a bitter smile on his face.

“Let alone you, even Cola might not survive a single hit from Brother Feng.” With the activation of the Heavenly Dragon’s Power, Shi Feng’s Strength received a severalfold increase, which meant that his Attack Power had increased as well.
When Blackie thought about how his most powerful skill, Stars of Light, already failed to match Shi Feng’s previous strength…

If Shi Feng used a skill, even Cola, who had over 7,000 HP, would be reduced to ash.

The Heavenly Dragon’s Power is strong, as expected, Shi Feng thought as he shook his fists.
He could feel boundless power coursing through his body.
In addition, after activating this skill, Shi Feng could feel his mind becoming much clearer than before, allowing him to reach a peak condition that he had never experienced.

Shi Feng’s Strength now exceeded 1,000 points.
His Attack Power was also over 2,300 points, while his HP was over 15,900.
In addition, his Defense had gone past 4,500 points—almost twice that of Cola’s.
Currently, he could easily be considered a mini Boss.

“Cola, leave tanking the Boss to me.” Shi Feng wanted to test his new body.
Moreover, it would be much more effective for him to tank the Boss instead of Cola right now.
Apart from having higher Attack, Defense, and HP, Shi Feng’s current dodging capabilities were miles ahead of Cola’s.

“Alright.” Although Cola was still shocked by Shi Feng’s transformation, he managed to muster a reply.

With more than 15,900 HP, nobody was a more reliable MT than Shi Feng.

After relieving Cola of his duties, Shi Feng immediately slashed a sword at Dark Knight Gaia.
Like a lightning bolt, Shi Feng’s sword smashed into Dark Knight Gaia’s body with the might of a thousand.
The attack dealt over -2,000 damage to the Boss, and the strength behind the attack forced the Boss to retreat three steps.
Each step the Boss retreated left behind a deep footprint on the hard tiled floor.

This was the benefit of increasing one’s Strength.
Compared to increasing just Attack Power, if players with physical damage classes increased their Strength, not only could they gain additional Attack Power, their increased Strength would also create a suppression effect during battle.
This effect would further raise the damage they dealt their enemies.
When attacking, players could also cause their enemies to lose their balance.
In a battle, if one could not maintain a proper stance, it would be very easy for 
problems to arise.
Hence, compared to purely increasing one’s Attack Power, it would be much more beneficial to increase one’s Strength instead.

This was a kind of invisible support, and many players only discovered the importance of Basic Attributes after playing the game for a long time.

Currently, Shi Feng’s battle with Dark Knight Gaia was in full swing, and the other melee classes had no chance to get close to the Boss at all.
The reason being, aside from MTs like Cola and Ye Wumian, the other melee classes could not even survive a single hit from Dark Knight Gaia.
In this situation, only the ranged players could continue attacking without worry.

Although Dark Knight Gaia had gone berserk, he was merely an insignificant being in the face of the Shi Feng who had the Heavenly Dragon’s Power activated.

The battle between the two of them was just like a battle between two Boss monsters.
Although Shi Feng’s HP was only a tiny fraction of Dark Knight Gaia’s 4,000,000 HP, in this battle, Shi Feng was the only one doing actual damage.
Whenever Dark Knight Gaia attacked Shi Feng, the latter would either dodge the attack or block it.
Dark Knight Gaia was unable to deal any real damage to Shi Feng.

Moreover, every time Shi Feng brandished his two swords, Dark Knight Gaia would be forced to retreat.
Each of Shi Feng’s attacks dealt over -2,000 damage, but more often than not, his attacks would achieve a critical hit and deal over -4,000 damage.
A critical Chop also dealt over -6,000 damage.

On the other hand, Dark Knight Gaia could only deal around -2,000 damage to Shi Feng with each attack.
With close to 16,000 HP, the healers could take their sweet time healing Shi Feng; they had no need to fear stealing the aggro of the Boss at all.
As a tank, Shi Feng was currently far stronger than the Guild’s number one MT, Cola.

After the 30-second berserk period was over…

Dark Knight Gaia’s body shrank back to its original size.
Even though he still had Blood Rage in effect, he no longer possessed the previous ferocity he had possessed in his berserk state.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Dragon’s Power had a duration of two minutes; there were still 90 seconds left before Shi Feng’s transformation ended.

Without the berserk effect, Dark Knight Gaia was like a 
venomous snake that lost its fangs.
He could only receive a one-sided beating from Shi Feng now.
Whenever Shi Feng slashed his sword, Dark Knight Gaia would have to retreat a handful of steps.
The gap between the two of them simply rendered one speechless.

“Throw in everything you’ve got.
We need to end the battle as quick as possible,” Shi Feng said in the team chat.

Upon Shi Feng’s reminder, the others who hadn’t dared to approach the Boss before immediately rushed up in a hurry.
As a result, the damage rate to the Boss instantly soared.

When Dark Knight Gaia’s HP fell to 15%, he used Blood Domain once more, summoning another group of Blood Fiends.
However, unlike the first group of Blood Fiends, these newly summoned monsters each had 30,000 HP.

“As expected, even his skills have changed.” Shi Feng had been afraid of something like this happening, hence why he wanted to end the battle as quickly as possible.

Since the quest had altered the raiding difficulty of the Dungeon, a change to the skills of the Boss would naturally occur.
Since there wasn’t much of a change in Dark Knight Gaia’s Blood Rage, then the only skill that remained was Blood Domain.

“Everyone, gather in the center!” Shi Feng immediately shouted.

When Blood Domain was previously used, the team had a wide-range AOE skill like the Stars of Light to depend on.
However, they had no such skill that could quickly deal with all the Blood Fiends this time.
Stars of Light had a 30-minute Cooldown, so there was no way of using it for the second time in this battle.
Hence, they could only hope to group up and concentrate their attacks on the monsters. 

Everyone in the team reacted fast.
Before three seconds had passed, all of them were already standing together.

Having the shape of a demonic beast, the blood-red monsters revealed malicious expressions upon being summoned.
After locking on to their respective targets, the Blood Fiends let out frenzied roars as they charged forward.

By the time the Blood Fiends started moving, Aqua Rose had already finished chanting an incantation.
First, she summoned an Ice Wall to block off all the Blood Fiends from closing in on their group.
The Ice Wall also placed an additional debuff on the Blood Fiends, slowing the monsters’ Movement Speeds.
Right after that, Aqua Rose shot an Ice Sphere at the group of monsters, reducing their Movement Speeds even further.
With the successive use of these two skills, the group of Blood Fiends now moved as slow as snails.

However, Aqua Rose was still not done with her spells.
She then followed up with a third spell called Blizzard.
Not only could this spell deal high amounts of damage, it also had a very good Movement Speed reduction effect…

Without staying idle, the other ranged players started throwing out attacks at the monsters as well.

Blackie had also taken this chance to use the most powerful AOE skill currently available to him.

Hell Flame!

Pillars of dark green flames shot up from the ground, repeatedly dealing over -2,000 damage to the group of Blood Fiends for five seconds.

However, such an amount of damage was still not enough to deal with the Blood Fiends.

Just as the Blood Fiends were about to close in on the team, Shi Feng suddenly appeared in front of everyone, block
ing the Blood Fiends’ path of advance.

“Die!” Shi Feng bellowed at the group of Blood Fiends.

Shi Feng used Thundering Flash, causing damages of -3,125, -4,321, and -6,040, and also inflicting the Damage Amplification effect to all of these Blood Fiends.
However, these monsters were still not dead.
Next, Shi Feng inhaled abruptly and executed Dragon Breath.

Before anyone noticed, countless wind blades transformed into streaks of silver light, piercing through everything that stood in Shi Feng’s path.
These Blood Fiends instantly turned into minced meat, and not even Dark Knight Gaia, who was charging at the team, was spared from this attack. 
Dark Knight Gaia was sent flying by the attack, and his body was embedded into the distant wall. However, an instant later, the wall behind him shattered, and Dark Knight Gaia was again sent flying for more than ten yards.
Dark Knight Gaia’s body was filled with bloody injuries now.
Meanwhile, Dark Knight Gaia had received over -15,000 damage from Dragon Breath.

The amount of violence this skill displayed was far above Blackie’s Hell Flame.

Without the threat of Blood Domain, the battle continued for only 30 more seconds before Dark Knight Gaia died in the middle of the hall, letting out an agonized roar as his life faded away.

Immediately, many people in the team leveled up.
Shi Feng had also risen from Level 17 to Level 18.

White River City Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for becoming the first team to conquer the Hell Mode Demon’s Castle.
All players within the team will be rewarded with 40 Reputation Points in White River City, 10 Reputation Points in Star-Moon Kingdom, 300,000 EXP, and 10 Silver Coins.

White River City Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for becoming the fastest team to conquer the Hell Mode Demon’s Castle.
All players within the team will be rewarded with 40 Reputation Points in White River City, 10 Reputation Points in Star-Moon Kingdom, 300,000 EXP and one Tier 2 Gemstone of random Attribute.

System: Hell Mode Demon’s Castle has been cleared for the first time.
Loot increased by 100%.

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