Chapter 270 – Ennobled

Outside one of the Three Great Dungeons, the 
Land of Death, there were many Guilds that had established a base of operations to facilitate raiding the Dungeon.

Meanwhile, inside Dark Star’s base of operations… 

“The Arclight Shield is already in our hands now, so the MT problem has been dealt with.
The next thing we need to do is to snatch the First Clear of the Land of Death right in front of everyone,” Lone Tyrant said in high spirits.

Lone Tyrant had spent a lot of effort in order to acquire the Arclight Shield.
In order to quickly collect the required 30 Gold Coins, he had played the role of the gullible fool and purchased them at an overpriced value of 700,000 Credits.
However, now that the actual item was in his hands, Dark Star would officially become the second Guild in White River City to start raiding the Hard Mode of 
one of the Three Great Dungeons.

Previously, the main reason why Dark Star had been surpassed by Ouroboros was  the insufficient strength of their MT.
Now, however, the situation was different.
With their newly acquired Arclight Shield, 
Dark Star would be competing with Ouroboros on a level playing field.

As for the other Guilds, Dark Star had no reason to be fearful of them.

Even if Zero Wing already had their own Arclight Shields, they were only a recently established Guild.
They did not possess the backing required to raid the Three Great Dungeons.

At this moment, however, a System Announcement rang out…

White River City Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for becoming the first team to conquer the Hell Mode Demon’s Castle.
All players within the team will be rewarded with 40 Reputation Points in White River City, 10 Reputation Points in Star-Moon Kingdom, 300,000 EXP, and 10 Silver Coins.

White River City Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for becoming the fastest team to conquer the Hell Mode Demon’s Castle.
All players within the team will be rewarded with 40 Reputation Points in White River City, 10 Reputation Points in Star-Moon Kingdom, 300,000 EXP and one Tier 2 Gemstone of random Attribute.

The announcement was repeated three times.

Lone Tyrant was dumbfounded by this announcement.

He was very clear about what sort of Dungeon the Demon’s Castle was.
If not for the fact that the First Clear of the Three Great Dungeons was too important to them, Dark Star would have long since started raiding the Demon’s Castle.

However, Zero Wing had gotten the drop on them and secretly taken the First Clear of the Demon’s Castle.
Moreover, it was the First Clear of the Hell Mode Demon’s Castle…

Currently, Ouroboros was the only Guild in White River City that could successfully raid a 20-man Hard Mode Dungeon.
that capability was limited to the Level 10 low-difficulty Dungeons, and not a Level 15 high-difficulty Dungeon.

“How did they do it? Aren’t they just a recently established Guild?” Lone Tyrant could not make sense of the situation.
“Did that Ye Feng help them in secret? Even so, they still shouldn’t be able to clear it.
That’s a 20-man Dungeon; there is a limit to one person’s strength.”

“Boss, do you want us to go investigate?” an Assassin asked.

“No need.
The Three Great Dungeons takes priority.
Zero Wing has only obtained the First Clear of the Demon’s Castle.
By the time we obtain the First Clear of the Land of Death, Zero Wing would only serve as a foil to make Dark Star look even better.” Lone Tyrant shook his head, a contemptuous smile on his face.

Although Lone Tyrant acted dismissively towards Zero Wing’s achievement, the other Guilds in White River City did not.
In addition, the independent players in White River City were also greatly astonished by Zero Wing’s achievement.

Before, not everyone felt that Zero Wing really deserved to be ranked as one of the top six Guilds of White River City.
After all, the only real achievement of the Guild was its monopoly of the top eight positions on the Ranking List; nothing else about the Guild was worth mentioning.
Now that they had obtained the First Clear of the Hell Mode Demon’s Castle, it showed that Dungeon-raiding was no longer a weakness of Zero Wing.

This situation had caused many gaming experts who were previously hesitant about joining Zero Wing to change their minds.

The reason being, Zero Wing was the second Guild in White River City to have successfully cleared a 20-man Hell Mode Dungeon.
Moreover, the Dungeon they had cleared was a Level 15 Dungeon, the highest-leveled Dungeon that players could currently enter.
This showed that their strength had surpassed the other Guilds by a large margin.

Just as the players in White River City were fervently discussing this matter, Shi Feng’s team started distributing their spoils of war.

Originally, aside from the Hell Mode Bosses of the Three Great Dungeons, Dark Knight Gaia could be considered as the strongest Boss below Level 20.
After receiving the frightening enhancement from Shi Feng’s quest, Dark Knight Gaia had become even stronger than the final Boss of the Hell Mode of the Three Great Dungeons.
Hence, the loot he dropped would naturally 
be excellent.

Dark Knight Gaia had dropped a total of 27 items: nine weapons and equipment, one Forging Design, one Tailoring Design, one Potion Recipe, one Cooking Recipe, three precious production materials, ten Magic Crystals, and one Demon’s Heart.
The last item was also Shi Feng’s quest item this time around.

Among the nine weapons and equipment, five were of Dark-Gold rank, and all of them were items that could level up from Level 15 all the way up to Level 20.
Of the five items, one was a staff for Clerics, and one was a cloth-armor chest piece for Clerics.
Both items were given to Violet Cloud.
Meanwhile, Blackie received a hat for Cursemancers, Aqua Rose received 
shoulder guards for Elementalists, and Ye Wumian received arm guards for Shield Warriors.

The remaining four weapons and equipment were of Fine-Gold rank.
The leather-armor chest piece and shoulder guards were both given to Fire Dance.
There was also a longbow for Rangers, which was given to Sentimental Memories, one of the Five Demon Generals.
Lastly, the Berserker, Water Buffalo, received a greatsword.

After having distributed all the equipment, the team’s battle power greatly increased once again.

With such equipment, no other team in White River City could even hope to compare to them.

As for the other items, Shi Feng promptly kept them for himself.

We’ve got a good harvest this time. Shi Feng felt exhilarated when he looked at the designs and recipes in his bag.

In the hands of others, these items would only be worth a small sum of money.
In his hands, however, these items would be money-making machines.

Most importantly, the Forging Design he obtained was meant to produce the Gemstone Buckle.
This item could allow players to equip an additional Gemstone onto equipment that 
were of Bronze rank or above.
Meanwhile, players could apply up to three Gemstone Buckles on their characters, meaning they could 
have up to three additional Gemstones. 

The value of this item was no less than the Advanced Whetstone.

As for the other recipes and designs, they were relatively valuable as well.
Only, they were not as valuable as the Gemstone Buckle.

After leaving the Demon’s Castle, Shi Feng allowed everyone to go ahead with their own agendas while he headed to the City Hall of White River City.

When Shi Feng arrived at
 the reception room of the City Hall, the Tier 4 Wizard Weissman was still as leisurely as he was before.
Weissman currently stood by the window, 
a peaceful expression on his face as he observed the plaza outside the City Hall.

“Young man, you’re here.
I’ve already heard about your 
achievementfrom that little girl, Sharlyn.” Before Shi Feng had even entered the room, Weissman had already detected his presence.
At this time, Weissman moved away from the window and walked towards Shi Feng.
He then nodded his head, a smile on his face as he said, “Not bad! Truly not bad at all! I never imagined a day would come 
when this old man would misjudge somebody! Hahaha!”

“Not only have you slain Gaia, you have also saved the entire White River City.
I don’t even know how I should reward you for your efforts.

“How about this? With the power vested in me, from this day onwards, you are a Viscount of White River City!

“With your strength, I believe you should be able to protect that place.
Take this Blacksteel’s Contract here and head over to 
that place, then.”

System: Unique Quest “Demon’s Heart” completed. 

Quest rewards: Position of Viscount in White River City, Blacksteel’s Contract, 500,000 EXP, 50 Free Mastery Points, and 2 Gold Coins.

Shi Feng was momentarily dumbfounded by the unexpected rewards.
These rewards were simply too bountiful, especially the position of Viscount.
In the entire White River City, perhaps only Shi Feng would understand the importance of this position.

“Right, I nearly forgot 
to mention, that little girl, Sharlyn, said she has some matters that she needs to speak with you about.
She is at the
 Stargazing Tower right now.
If you have nothing else to do
, you should go see that little girl.
You don’t want to miss out on a rare opportunity,” 
Weissman said, giving Shi Feng a meaningful smile.

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