Chapter 277 – A God’s Grave


While Shi Feng was still in a daze, Fire Dance and Aqua Rose caught up with him, having recovered 
from their exhaustion.

“Guild Leader, did you find anything?” Fire Dance 
asked out of curiosity when she saw Shi Feng lost in thought.

Aqua Rose, on the other hand, did not notice any difference
 in Shi Feng’s demeanor, because the moment she arrived before the monolith, her attention was completely caught by something else.
As an Elementalist, she was much more sensitive to magic power than players of other classes.

The frightening magic power radiating from the monolith was definitely the purest form of magic power Aqua Rose had ever felt, as if it was the master of all Elemental Mana.

When Aqua Rose noticed the figure inside the monolith, she, too, froze on the spot.

“How is it possible?” Aqua Rose could not believe what she saw.
She rubbed her eyes, thinking they were playing tricks on her.

Aqua Rose’s reaction baffled Fire Dance.

“What has gotten into the two of you?” Fire Dance looked at Aqua Rose, then at Shi Feng, confused by their reactions.

“You’ll understand after taking a look inside the monolith,” Shi Feng said slowly, pointing towards the figure in the monolith.

Fire Dance then transferred her gaze to the monolith.

“How could she be here?” Fire Dance asked in shock.

Fire Dance knew the figure in the monolith.
Moreover, she had met this person only recently.

This person was none other than Sharlyn, the Divine Official who faced off against the two Fallen Angels back at the Demon’s Castle.
To be precise, the woman within the monolith looked exactly the same as Sharlyn.
Even the saintly aura she emitted was similar to Sharlyn’s.
If Fire Dance had to point to a difference between the two women, then it would be the pressure this woman gave off.

This was no longer an oppression due to strength.
Instead, this pressure was the instinctive reverence for a primordial life form, just like the reverence mortals had towards Gods.

“Could she possibly be a God?” Fire Dance suddenly had this thought when she looked at the woman who looked like Sharlyn.

Shi Feng’s thoughts were running along similar lines to Fire Dance’s.

However, Shi Feng could say with certainty that the woman inside the monolith was definitely a Tier 6 God, because in the past he had personally experienced this overbearing pressure, which could only be exuded by a God.

If the woman in the monolith was simply a Tier 6 God, Shi Feng would not have found the matter too shocking.
After all, during his decade of playing God’s Domain, he had personally met with plenty of Tier 6 players and NPCs.
The thing that truly startled him was the fact that the woman before him looked identical to Sharlyn.

Back at the Purple Sun Mansion, he had already experienced this kind of pressure.
He had simply forgotten where he had felt it before.
Now he knew why that pressure felt so familiar.

After all, he had felt a similar pressure from Sharlyn.
Only, the pressure Sharlyn gave off was not as powerful as the one he felt at the Purple Sun Mansion, hence he failed to recognize it.

Not only did the two women look exactly the same, even the pressure they emitted felt similar.
The only real difference between the two were their actual strengths.

If Shi Feng was told that the woman before him was Sharlyn, he would definitely not believe it.
After all, Sharlyn was only a Tier 3 Divine Official.
She was still miles away from becoming a Tier 6 God.
Yet, if he was told that Sharlyn had no connection to this woman before him, then he likewise would not believe it.

Although the woman inside the monolith was clearly no longer alive, at the end of the day, she was still a God.
As long as her body did not receive any intentional damage, it would not undergo any decay.

As of now, Shi Feng finally realized that the Forgotten Lands was merely the grave of a God.
However, he was still curious about who had actually created this masterpiece.
This great personage had actually made such a complex magic array that utilized a God’s body as its power source.
The materials used to create the magic array even included the extremely valuable Seven Luminaries Crystal.
Just what kind of thing was this great personage trying to seal?

Even if it was for the purpose of sealing a God, there should not be a need for so much resources… 

“It seems there is a deep connection between Sharlyn and this place.” Shi Feng had long since felt that Sharlyn’s origins were not simple.
The fact that she was a Tier 3 NPC was already amazing in and of itself.
Sharlyn was also capable of handing out an Epic Quest to Shi Feng.
Now, there was even a God that looked exactly the same as Sharlyn. 
Even Shi Feng could not fathom Sharlyn’s true identity.

Unless he went and asked Sharlyn herself…

Shi Feng was extremely curious about this matter.
He vowed to himself to visit Sharlyn, who was at the Stargazing Tower at Blackwing City, after this entire ordeal was over.

“Guild Leader, what are we supposed to do now? Destroy this monolith?” Aqua Rose asked.

The mana source of this magic array clearly originated from this monolith.
If they wished to release the seal on the Forgotten Lands, their only choice was to destroy the monolith.
However, it was unknown what sort of reaction they would incur if they did so.
There was a God inside the monolith, after all.

“Let’s give it a try.” Shi Feng had taken a look at the monolith’s surroundings just now.
However, he did not discover any mechanisms that would allow him to undo the magic array.

After Shi Feng nodded, Fire Dance immediately took action by slashing at the monolith with her two daggers.

However, the two Fine-Gold ranked daggers, which could easily cut through metal like a hot knife through butter, simply grazed the surface of the monolith, creating dazzling sparks in the process.
There was not even a mark left on the monolith.

“Hard.” Fire Dance’s hands went numb from the attack.
It felt as if her daggers had hit God-steel.

“I’ll try using magic.” Aqua Rose started chanting the incantation for Chain Explosion.

With the Elemental Mana so dense in this place, any spells used here would be greatly enhanced.

Originally, Chain Explosion would only summon five fireballs, each the size of a washbowl.
When Aqua Rose cast the spell now, however, the fireballs grew to the size of a small house.
When these fireballs bombarded the monolith, they were like meteors hurtling down from the sky.
Sparks flew in all directions as the fireballs crashed into the monolith.

After the flames subsided, Aqua Rose was greatly shocked by the result.

The monolith remained completely unscathed.
On the contrary, it even looked more brilliant and dazzling than before… 

Shi Feng wrinkled his brows at this sight.
If even Aqua Rose’s ultimate move could not deal any damage to the monolith, he would most likely end up with a similar result if he tried to attack the monolith.

“Since we can’t destroy the monolith, we’ll need to use some other method to destroy the magic array,” Shi Feng said.

The Main God System would not hand out a quest that players had no hope of actually completing.
If they couldn’t destroy the power source of the magic array nor the magic array itself, then there was only one other thing they could destroy.

The connection points!

“Aqua, help me look for the connection points of this magic array,” Shi Feng said.

“I see!” Aqua Rose immediately understood Shi Feng’s intention.

Fire Dance, however, remained clueless after the two’s brief conversation.
As an Assassin, she knew next to nothing about magic.
Hence, she could only stay by the monolith’s side as she watched her two friends hard at work.
Meanwhile, Shi Feng and Aqua Rose started searching the surroundings of the monolith for the veins that carried magic power to 
the five modules of the magic array.
Only by looking for veins could they locate the connection points.

Normally, the quickest way to destroy a magic array was to destroy its power core.
If that was not viable, then the two other remaining options would be to destroy the magic array itself and to destroy the connection points of the magic array.
Destroying the magic array itself was an extremely challenging task to pull off.
On the other hand, it was a very simple task to destroy the connection points.
Unfortunately, locating these connection points was also a very difficult task.

A connection point was a node that connected the magic array to its power source.
It acted similar to a circuit breaker in real life.
Only, instead of being used to prevent an overflow of electric current, the connection point served to limit the amount of mana flowing from the power source to the magic array.
If the connection point was damaged, then the mana supply would surge, and consequently, the magic array would destroy itself due to excessive mana input.

After searching for some time, Shi Feng finally found a connection point.
He promptly struck down with the Abyssal Blade, destroying the connection point.

However, this enormous and complex magic array did not possess only a single connection point.
They needed to search and destroy all the connection points of the magic array.

After several more hours passed, Aqua Rose found another connection point, which she quickly destroyed.
Even so, the magic array remained stable.

In this way, Shi Feng and Aqua Rose spent the entire day destroying more than twenty connection points.
Although the destruction of the connection points had a slight effect on the magic array, it was clear that the damage was within the parameters
 of the magic array’s design.

“Not good! Guild Leader, one of the connection points you previously destroyed is back to normal!” Having nothing better to do, Fire Dance had tagged along with Shi Feng, hoping to learn how she, too, could search for the connection points.
However, during her observations, she suddenly discovered that one of the connection points Shi Feng had previously destroyed had actually recovered.

“What did you say?” Shi Feng asked in disbelief.

Even the connection points could restore themselves? Shi Feng started to suspect that this was no longer an ordinary magic array but a magic array that had already cultivated into a demon.

Shi Feng had seen plenty of Tier 5 magic arrays in the past; he had even seen Tier 6 magic arrays before. However, he had never once heard of a magic array that was capable of repairing itself.

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