Chapter 301 – Fangs


The reinforcements form Ouroboros definitely won’t make it now.

Zero Wing’s forces had also been blocked at the outer perimeter of the Silverleaf Forest.

According to Shi Feng’s understanding, Dark Star currently had over 3,000 members searching inside the Silverleaf Forest, including practically all of Dark Star’s elites.
The 6,000 or so players blockading the outer perimeter were merely cannon fodder.

If this stalemate continued, World Dominators might succeed in carrying out a pincer attack with Dark Star, annihilating Zero Wing’s forces.

“Aqua, would it be possible to break through on your side?” Shi Feng contacted Aqua Rose and asked.

“With the current numbers we have at hand, definitely not.
However, I’ve already mentioned this matter in the Guild channel and have sent for more members to hurry over.
We should be able to gather another 3,000 members in half an hour.
The level and 
quality of equipment of our Guild members are much higher than Dark Star’s, so as long as we can join with these 3,000 members, we can break through their blockade,” Aqua Rose said confidently.
She had faith in their Guild’s 
combat prowess.

Although Zero Wing had far fewer members than Dark Star, with Dark Star having well over 30,000 members, there wasn’t much of a difference in the number of elite players each Guild possessed.

Of Dark Star’s 30,000 members, more than 10,000 were newbies around Level 10.
Meanwhile, the elites that managed to reach Level 16 only numbered around 6,000.
On the other hand, despite recruiting only a small amount of players, their member count only hovering slightly above 5,000, there were actually over 4,000 elites in Zero Wing who were over Level 16.

If other Guilds discovered this fact, they would be shocked.
This was also why Aqua Rose had maintained an optimistic view of Zero Wing’s future.

As long as Zero Wing could assemble these remaining 3,000 members, they could easily deal with Dark Star’s 6,000 extras.

However, it would be impossible for them to engage in an all-out war against Dark Star.
After all, there was still a big gap in the total number of elites each Guild possessed.
On top of that, Dark Star still had over 10,000 extras.
Even if their combat prowess was weak, they could still overwhelm and kill Zero Wing’s elites using the advantage of numbers.

“I understand.
World Dominators is currently hindering Gentle Snow’s group.
You should stop trying to break through into the Silverleaf Forest from your side.
Instead, turn around and begin a pincer attack on World Dominators.
Let’s take this chance to kick them out of White River City,” Shi Feng issued his commands after some thought.

However, Shi Feng’s words had shocked Aqua Rose into a daze.

“Guild Leader, we’re here to save people.
Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to start a war with World Dominators right now?” Aqua Rose asked worriedly.

World Dominators was a first-rate Guild.
Although the main force of World Dominators was not based in White River City, they still should not be taken lightly.
Just like Ouroboros, even though their main force was based outside of White River City, they were still the top Guild in White River City.
Moreover, wasn’t World Dominators similarly one of the top six Guilds in White River City?

If Zero Wing headed over and attacked the members of World Dominators right now, it would be a declaration of war.

Dealing with Dark Star was already a huge headache.
If they had to face another one of the top six Guilds in White River City, how could Zero Wing continue mingling in White River City?

“It’ll be alright; just go.
Remember, the moment you arrive, immediately use a Guild War Order to seal the location.
Don’t allow anyone from World Dominators to use a Return Scroll to leave that area and make sure you kill every single one of those bastards.
Teach them that there is a price to pay if they wish to take advantage of Zero Wing,” Shi Feng growled murderously.

Although Shi Feng advocated a low-profile and secretive development, that did not mean that he would receive enemies with a smile, even when said enemy banged on their front door.

Whether it was Dark Star or World Dominators, if they really thought Zero Wing was a sickly animal that they could easily bully, they should get ready to pay a heavy price.

“But what do we do about Fire Dance and the others? There are still more than 50 players with them, and they are all the cream of the crop of our Guild.
Now that they are all Red Names, if they die, our Guild will suffer tremendous losses.” Although Aqua Rose could discern Shi Feng’s rage and killing intent from the tone of his voice, she still tried to dissuade him.

“I’ll save Fire Dance and the others.” Shi Feng answered with absolute confidence.

Aqua Rose sighed at Shi Feng’s answer.
However, she no longer chose to pursue the matter, and instead, she said, “Fine, but as the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, don’t you think you should say a few words to your fellow Guild members as well? You haven’t expressed your intentions since Dark Star declared war against us.
Although nobody in the Guild has said anything about it, considering the weight of this incident and the declaration of war against World Dominators, how can you stay silent?”

After the war with Dark Star began, both murderous intentions and excitement swept through everyone in Zero Wing.
Many in the Guild had expressed their eagerness for vengeance, speaking in the Guild channel about how they were going to teach the bastards from Dark Star a lesson and show Dark Star know how amazing Zero Wing was. 

However, as the intensity of the battle between both Guilds grew, and the number of deaths increased, the atmosphere in Zero Wing became heavy.
Even though they had fought for so long, they still hadn’t managed to break past Dark Star’s blockade around the Silverleaf Forest.
The number of dead Zero Wing elites inside the Silverleaf Forest also grew as time passed.
Hence, it was inevitable that Zero Wing’s momentum would falter.

At this point, most of the Zero Wing members had already lost their motivation to continue fighting, not to mention carrying out a pincer attack on World Dominators.

Shi Feng, of course, was aware of Aqua Rose’s concerns.
However, compared to just speaking through the Guild channel, Shi Feng had taken more decisive action and directly uploaded a post to the official forums.

Dark Star, today you’ve dared to send tens of thousands of players to hunt the hundreds of players of Zero Wing.
My Zero Wing Guild will return this slight one hundredfold! Even if we’re down to our very last breath, we will massacre your 30,000 members as payback!

The name of Black Flame, the Chief Forger of Star-Moon Kingdom, had long since spread throughout the Star-Moon Kingdom.
Moreover, Zero Wing was also the first Guild to own a Guild Residence.

The moment this post uploaded, it immediately garnered the attention of the residents of Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Crap! Are they 
starting an all-out war?”

“I show my support for Zero Wing! Zero Wing is as amazing as expected! Even though there are only several hundred, Dark Star actually had to send tens of thousands of players to hunt them!”

“Does anybody know the final result?”

“I heard that Zero Wing had lost over 300 members to Dark Star already, and there are still a few dozen being hunted down.
On the other hand, Dark Star has already lost over a thousand members.
Right now, every player in White River City is discussing this matter.”

“Amazing! With just several hundred players on their side, even when faced with more than ten thousand players, they 
can still kill over a thousand players! Dozens are still alive, too! I also want to join Zero Wing and become an expert!”

”I despise Dark Star! If they can, they should duel Zero Wing fairly! What’s so great about using numbers to bully someone?”

“I am one of the members of Zero Wing that had been surrounded and killed. 

You guys should have seen how amazing our Guild’s Sister Dance and Brother Black fought! Sister Dance weaved across thousands of players, killing over a hundred Dark Star members in a row! Brother Black’s spells instantly vaporized hundreds of Dark Star members the moment it landed! I have a video recording of the battle, so come to Zero Wing’s forum section if you want to have a look at it!”

After Shi Feng uploaded his post, the entire forum exploded in a storm of comments.
The players that had only recently started playing God’s Domain also started paying attention to Zero Wing as a result of this commotion, especially after seeing the battlefield 
containing thousands of players.

In comparison, the battle scenes they usually saw in movies were boring.
The scene where countless stars crashed onto the battlefield, destroying the land and instantly turning hundreds of players into ash
, especially stunned them.
They couldn’t help 
their boiling blood after watching this scene.

After watching this video, many players started considering joining Zero Wing.

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