Chapter 326 – Recklessly Wasting Resources


While Shi Feng and Absolute Heaven were occupied with their bet, a bloody storm swept through Creek Town.

Originally, over a thousand Red Names had resided in Creek Town.
However, after being slaughtered by the forty NPC guards and Zero Wing’s 
100-man team, less than 200 Red Names remained.
No longer did these Red Names possess the arrogance they had before.
Instead, they all ran and scattered in all directions.

Before the start of Zero Wing’s crusade, these Red Names had always been the ones killing and plundering the equipment of other players.
Not only could they earn a fortune by doing so, but they could also enjoy watching the frightened and unwilling expressions of the players they killed.
Those times were simply blissful, and their continued success only encouraged them to travel further down the path of being a Red Name.

Now, however, these Red Names had finally learned what it felt like to be on the other side of the blade and what it felt like to be a powerless weakling.

Although many among these Red Names were experts and elite players, in the end, their techniques were simply insufficient to make up for the huge difference in strength between both sides.
After all, no matter how fierce an ant was, it would never be a match against a mighty lion.

“Since Zero Wing doesn’t plan to let us live, we should fight to the bitter end!” a Cursemancer appealed to the other Red Names when he realized that they could no longer escape.

Some of the Red Names considered the Cursemancer’s suggestion rational, and many of them decided to cooperate with each other to retaliate against Zero Wing.
However, just as they turned around…. 

One of the Tier 1 Elementalist guards launched a Flame Explosion, instantly killing the Cursemancer who had attempted to rally his allies.

Following closely, one Tier 1 Berserker guard used Flame Charge and arrived before four Red Names.
The Berserker then used Whirlwind Slash, killing all four in a single attack.
After the players died, a pile of equipment littered the ground around the four players’ lifeless bodies.

Seeing this, the Red Names who had originally thought of staying behind immediately changed their minds.
Without hesitation, they all turned and fled towards 
the Blood Hand Association’s NPCs who Zero Wing had previously lured away.

Although they had the option of retreating from the town, desert surrounded Creek Town.
They would simply become easy targets without any cover.
Only by reuniting with the Blood Hand Association’s NPCs would they have a chance for survival.

If they died right now, they would lose several days’ worth of effort.
Even if they had already familiarized themselves with the combat style of God’s Domain, they would still need around four days to recover the lost levels.
Not to mention, they would also lose a majority of the equipment they owned.
These consequences frightened them greatly.

Hence, these Red Names ran desperately towards the Blood Hand Association’s NPCs.

Unfortunately, the Tier 1 NPC guards Shi Feng had hired had very high Movement Speeds.
Aside from Assassins, none of the other Red Names could outrun these Tier 1 NPCs.
Moreover, faced with these Level 50 NPCs, the Stealth of these Level 20 Assassins was completely useless.
They only had a higher chance of escaping due to their high Movement Speeds.

“Big Sis Aqua, we have really hit it big this time! The items these Red Names have dropped are all Bronze rank and above, with a majority being Mysterious-Iron rank! If we sell all of these weapons and equipment for Credits, we can buy a large house at the city center!” Snow Goose exclaimed as she picked up the items dropped by the Red Names alongside the NPC guards.

“You little money-grubber! If we sell these items for Credits, we’ll only suffer a loss.
God’s Domain has only recently begun, so both equipment and Coins are currently scarce.
The various large Guilds also face a shortage of equipment.
Zero Wing is only getting by because our current member count is low.
By the time the construction of the Guild Residence is complete, and we start recruiting members again, the stockpile of items we have in the Guild Warehouse would run out in the blink of an eye.
Now that we have obtained so much equipment, it just so happens that we can use it to meet our urgent needs,” Aqua Rose chuckled as she flicked a finger on Snow Goose’s forehead.

At this moment, a change occurred on one of the high slopes outside of Creek Town.

A crimson pillar of light shot into the sky, attracting everyone’s attention.

Not only was the pillar of light extremely eye-catching, but everyone could also feel a great threat coming from it.

The source of this pillar was none other than Absolute Heaven’s shabby-looking Magic Scroll.

This is not good.
This is the Tier 3 Magic Scroll, Phantom Beast’s Descent. 
Shi Feng recognized the Magic Scroll instantly.

The might of a Tier 3 Magic Scroll could not be underestimated.
Even when Shi Feng was at his prime, he would still 
have suffered greatly if struck by the skill contained within a Tier 3 Magic Scroll, let alone the current him who was not even a Tier 1 class.

Fortunately, the skill contained within Phantom Beast’s Descent Magic Scroll was not a pure attack-type skill.
Instead, it was a summoning skill.
The Phantom Beast’s Descent was capable of summoning a powerful Phantom Beast to fight alongside its summoner.

Suddenly, a black magic array in the shape of a seven-pointed star appeared in the sky.
Just as Shi Feng was about to kill Absolute Heaven, 
the magic array fired a black ray of light towards Shi Feng.

Shi Feng dared not be careless.
Immediately, he activated Defensive Blade.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After three consecutive bombardments, a large crater occupied the originally flat slope.

If Shi Feng had not activated Defensive Blade, 
becoming immune to nine ranged attacks or four melee attacks, he might have died.

In the center of the crater, a giant tiger sat quietly beside Absolute Heaven.
This tiger
’s body resembled a galaxy of stars.
The tiger focused its silver eyes on Shi Feng as it gnashed its teeth.
It released an aura that was even more powerful than a Lord ranked monster.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, the agreement we had before said that, as long as I can escape from you, you promise to do one thing for me.
I wonder, 
is that agreement still valid if I kill you?” Absolute Heaven laughed.

However, you sure are willing to part with 
such a rarity.
Do you even know the value of a Tier 3 Magic Scroll?” Shi Feng 
glanced at the Phantom Beast the Assassin had summoned, inwardly pitying the loss of such a precious item.

Tier 0 players could not display the true might of a Tier 3 Magic Scroll.
This was especially true for a Summoning Scroll.
a Tier 1 player used such a Scroll, the summoned Phantom Beast could easily decide the outcome of a war involving tens of thousands of players.
If used by a Tier 2 player, the Phantom Beast would have no problems eradicating a large-scale town.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, many Guilds had willingly spent thousands of Gold Coins to purchase such a Magic Scroll.

At this moment, however, Absolute Heaven had used such a precious Magic Scroll on this small battle.
This was simply a reckless waste.

“Of course, I know.
However, you
 are too fast.
I know that I won’t reach Creek Town if this continues.
Compared to dying, I’d rather use it.” Absolute Heaven 
had mourned the use of the Scroll as well.
However, he no longer wished to experience the humiliation of 
dying once again.
“Since I’ve already used this Magic Scroll, you can rest in peace now, Guild Leader Black Flame.

“Go! Get rid of him!” Absolute Heaven commanded the Phantom Beast as he pointed 
at Shi Feng.

[Nebula Tiger] (High Lord Rank)

Level 30

HP 1,800,000/1,800,000

The strength of a Phantom Beast summoned from a Summoning Scroll was determined by the summoner’s level and tier.
Absolute Heaven was currently Level 20, so the summoned beast would be Level 30, which was ten levels higher than himself.
If Absolute Heaven w
ere a Tier 1 class, then the Nebula Tiger would not be just a High Lord.
At the very least, it would be a Great Lord ranked monster. 
A Great Lord ranked monster could only be described using the wordhorrifying. Hundreds of players of the same level would be no more than ants in front of a Great Lord. When such a monster was under the control of a player, it would become even more frightening and powerful.

This was also why Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls were so precious.
A controllable Great Lord ranked monster could easily decide the outcome of a war involving tens of thousands of players.

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