Chapter 341 – It has Come

As long as one was from White River City, they would definitely recognize Black Flame.

“It’s Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame!”

“Why is he here?”

“No wonder he’s so strong.”

The various Guild players present started panicking.

If Shi Feng were simply an expert from another city, at most, they would feel a little nervous.
After all, no matter how powerful Shi Feng was, he could not contend with the entire city.
However, Black Flame was different.
Not only did the man possess astonishing strength, but he also had a powerful Guild backing him up.


Drunken Maniac retreated as he gaped at Shi Feng, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

He had simply been sent here by his Guild Leader, Lone Tyrant, to harass some independent players.
He would never have imagined that he would come across the famous, yet mysterious, Black Flame of White River City.

Not long ago, Black Flame had killed Lone Tyrant while surrounded by an army of thousands.
Meanwhile, he only had a few hundred men.
Moreover, in terms of combat power, he was far inferior to Lone Tyrant.
So, how was he going to survive?

Guild Leader, you’ve really brought a calamity down on me this time. Drunken Maniac laughed bitterly in his heart.

As for escape, although Drunken Maniac was arrogant, he was not a fool.
Shi Feng could have killed him with his previous strike.
Yet, Shi Feng had not done so.


It was because, to Shi Feng, taking his life would be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

“I really did not expect Guild Leader Black Flame to pay us a visit! Although I know that I am certainly not strong enough to challenge you, if Guild Leader Black Flame wishes to kill me, I will not resist.
However, I stand here today as not just the representative of Dark Star, but also the many Guilds in White River City.
Guild Leader Black Flame, you should know that by killing me Zero Wing will show its opposition to the many Guilds present today.” Drunken Maniac did not wish to die.
Moreover, the support of so many Guilds standing by him emboldened and strengthened the Assassin.

However, although Drunken Maniac’s words sounded awe-inspiring
 and many Guilds stood by as back-up, Shi Feng’s footsteps did not stop.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, our Guilds have chosen Drunken Maniac as our representative here today.
If you kill him, your actions will offend our Guilds.
So, I hope Guild Leader Black Flame will think things through.”

“That’s right; that’s right.
Although Zero Wing is powerful in White River City, we are not that easily bullied.
Moreover, nobody will benefit from a life and death struggle.
Guild Leader Black Flame, you have to think it through carefully.”

“Guild Leader Black Flame, in my opinion, you should just let bygones be bygones.
ouldn’t it be better if both sides take a step back? Why must you push the situation to an impasse? Neither party will benefit from such a situation.”

“Zero Wing only has around 5,000 members.
However, our Guilds’ combined numbers exceed 100,000.
Even if experts are aplenty in Zero Wing, could each of these experts take on twenty people by themselves?”

After one person stood up Shi Feng, the other Guilds also started to voice their opinions.
Although these Guild players’ persuasion attempts seemed gentle, in reality, they were using another method to strike at Zero Wing.
If Shi Feng 
did not retaliate today, it would mean that Zero Wing’s invincible momentum had finally broken. To outsiders, it would look as if Black Flame had admitted defeat.
At that time, even without their Guilds hindering players from other cities from joining Zero Wing, th
ose players might give up on Zero Wing due to their disappointment in the Guild.

At this moment, Turtledove and Shadow Sword, who stood behind Shi Feng, still wore shocked expressions.

They never thought that the stranger who 
willingly lent them a hand when they were in trouble would actually be the Guild Leader of Zero Wing.

Meeting the mysterious Guild Leader of Zero Wing was more difficult than winning the lottery in reality.
After all, there was simply too many players in White River City.
Yet, they had actually encountered him.

However, resentment 
began to fill their hearts as they listened to the many Guilds.

“These people are just a bunch of trash,” Turtledove did not originally have a positive opinion of these Guilds.
Now, that opinion
 had only grown worse.

Shadow Sword nodded his head in agreement.
This was why he did not wish to join these Guilds. These Guilds only knew how to use underhanded tactics to reap the greatest benefits. To these Guilds, today’s enemies may be tomorrow’s friends.
In Shadow Sword’s eyes, these Guilds were simply despicable.

Although they were outsiders, they could easily tell what these Guilds were trying to do.

These Guilds were clearly in the wrong. Hindering players from joining Zero Wing was already an affront to Zero Wing’s reputation.
Now, they shamelessly accus
ed Shi Feng of bullying.

However, Shadow Sword could not help but admit that the current Zero Wing was not so powerful that it could afford to ignore the alliance of all these Guilds.

will he do?” Shadow Sword paid closer attention to Shi Feng’s every move.

If Shi Feng 
allowed this situation, although Zero Wing would retain its current strength, it would become a laughingstock.
Yet, if Shi Feng 
acted recklessly, he would have played directly into Dark Star’s hands and become these Guilds’ enemy.

However, Shi Feng’s next action completely surprised Shadow Sword.

Without saying a word, Shi Feng arrived before Drunken Maniac, a calm smile on his face.

“Guild Leader Black Flame is as wise as expected,” Drunken Maniac sighed in relief when he saw Shi Feng’s smile.
At least he 
would not die today.

In the next second, however, Drunken Maniac saw a 
silver shimmer flash before his eyes.
Suddenly, Drunken Maniac’s vision turned gray, his legs turning limp and his body falling to the ground.

“You… Why?” Drunken Maniac failed to understand.

Everyone else was similarly puzzled.
had Shi Feng dared to take action?

Did he not understand 
how serious the consequences were?

“It seems that you still don’t understand Zero Wing,” Shi Feng chuckled.
“Although our Guild isn’t very impressive, it also isn’t a Guild that stands by in silence while others are bullied.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
Since you struck first, what’s there to fuss about now that I’m striking back? Did you really think I would be so naive as to let you off?”

Although Shi Feng’s voice was soft, everyone present could hear his words as clear as day.
Every word was like a sledgehammer banging at their hearts.

Wow!” Turtledove was momentarily overwhelmed by the man before her.

This was her ideal Guild, a Guild that would not falter even when surrounded by enemies.

my trip was not wasted.
Now that I see him in person, I am even more certain that I must join Zero Wing.” Shadow Sword 
struggled to contain his excitement.

Although Shi Feng’s actions had delighted Shadow Sword and Turtledove, the various Guilds blockading the Teleportation Hall were not pleased in the least.

“Lunatic! He’s simply a lunatic!”

“He actually dared to kill Drunken Maniac right in front of us!”

“I hear that his entire body is filled with treasure.
Now that he’s a Red Name, we’ll be rich if we can kill him.
Even if his strength is absol
ute, with so many people on our side, he will not survive! At that time, we’ll gain double the profits!”

Although Shi Feng’s words had left the various Guild players shaken, now that he had dropped all pretense, they would not let him go.
After all, the fame and fortune they could gain by killing Shi Feng w
ere extremely abundant.

“Not good! These bastards 
intend to slaughter him!” Watching the Guild players slowly advance, Turtledove grew worried for Shi Feng.

Although Shi Feng had managed to kill Lone Tyrant within an army of thousands the last time, that did not mean Shi Feng was capable of exterminating an army of thousands.
Moreover, there was no place for Shi Feng to 
run since this place was so crowded.
If Shi Feng had to face several hundred players all at the same time, the result was obvious.
Only death would 
await him.

Considering the circumstances, Shadow Sword and Turtledove immediately stepped up to Shi Feng’s sides.
They were both prepared to enter battle with Shi Feng.

Just as the battle was about to start, the sound of an explosion came from the outside of the Teleportation Hall, the massive boom echoing throughout the entire building.

Before anybody realized what had happened, another series of explosions resounded.
Moreover, the sounds were getting louder and louder, 
so much so that everyone in the Teleportation Hall could feel the ground tremble.

certainly arrived quickly.” Shi Feng’s lips slightly curled up as he watched the clouds of dust rise from the streets.

Standing beside Shi Feng, both Shadow Sword and Turtledove grew curious as they looked at Shi Feng’s calm demeanor.
It was as if Shi Feng knew the cause of the explosions.

However, compared to the turmoil happening outside, they now faced with hundreds of players. How could Shi Feng possibly smile at a moment like this?

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