Chapter 346 – Great Wizard



As Shi Feng activated Fantasy World, a faint barrier of light formed around his body.


[Fantasy World]

Immunity to all Magic Damage and 10% of Magic Damage received will be converted to healing to recover player’s HP for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 3 minutes


At this moment, the players surrounding Shi Feng had not yet noticed the Mechanical Slayer preparing its attack.
They still foolishly charged at Shi Feng.

Before anyone could react… 

Cracks started appearing on the stone-paved road as the land trembled.
In the next moment, countless blades of air shot up from the cracks.

Regardless of whether it was a player or an NPC, all those struck by the air blades died.

After the turbulent storm ended, the street outside the Teleportation Hall was beyond recognition. At this moment, this small section of the city had become a ruin… 

The players observing the battle from a distance fell silent.

This was the first time they had ever seen such frightening, destructive power.
With a single attack, the Mechanical Slayer killed thousands of players.
A large empty patch suddenly appeared on the previously crowded street.
Even the Level 150 guards had not survived the attack.
How were they, players, supposed to deal with such a monster?

Powerlessness bloomed in the hearts of the players who were originally intent on killing the Slayer.


At this moment, the Guild Leaders of the various Guilds who had ordered their members to encircle Shi Feng no longer possessed the calm they had before.
Only regret and anger filled them right now.

The Mechanical Slayer’s Storm Domain had instantly obliterated thousands of their members.

Moreover, a majority of these members were elite players.

As unrated Guilds, they did not possess many elites.
At most, each Guild would have 600 to 700 elite players.
Hence, even the death of a few dozen elite players was a huge blow.
Now, however, each of these unrated Guilds had lost over a hundred elites.
That single attack had dealt a fatal blow.

“Guild Leader Black Flame’s tactic was awesome!” Turtledove giggled as she observed the carnage from afar.
“Let’s see if those Guilds dare to bully others in the future.”

Standing beside Turtledove, Shadow Sword nodded in agreement.

Although this matter appeared simple, in reality, it was extremely difficult to carry out such a feat.

While directing the Mechanical Slayer’s attacks, Shi Feng also had to dodge the attacks from other players constantly.
Shi Feng also had to know where he could and could not run.
If Shi Feng did not have a perfect grasp of his surroundings, even the slightest mistake would result in his death. 

Following the disappearance of the Storm Domain, the momentary calm also shattered.

When the Mechanical Slayer discovered that some people were still alive, especially Shi Feng, it was humiliated.

Suddenly, the Mechanical Slayer jerked its serrated greatsword from the ground.
The Mechanical Slayer then started spinning, transforming into a bladed tornado.
This was one of the Mechanical Slayer’s skills, Bladestorm.
The tornado possessed a powerful suction, easily pulling players into its attack.
Moreover, the tornado’s Movement Speed was very fast.

It can affect my movement even when I’m 30 yards away.
If I stand closer, even I might get sucked in. Shi Feng hurriedly took out a Speed Scroll from his bag and used it.
He then charged towards the gathering of the various Guilds.

Meanwhile, a Level 150 Tier 2 Guard General standing only half a dozen yards away from the tornado was immediately yanked into it, a series of damages over -10,000 points appearing above the Guard General’s head.
In only a moment, the Guard General died under the Mechanical Slayer’s Bladestorm.

The frightening damage caused everyone to break out in cold sweat.

Now, all thoughts of killing this Mutant vanished from the minds of these witnesses.
Currently, they only had a single thought.


Suddenly, many players who stood closest to the Mechanical Slayer began to flee in a panic.
Naturally, the members of the various Guilds were no exception.

When these Guild players saw Shi Feng running towards them, each and every one of them immediately turned and fled, having completely forgotten about attacking Shi Feng.

There were no fools here.
Nobody wanted to gift themselves to death.

This chase scene occupied the streets of White River City.
Many players who had just arrived were dumbfounded.

They had often seen a group of players chasing another group of players.

But now? 

Tens of thousands of players were actually running from a single player.
Moreover, these players looked as if they had just seen a ghost.

This was truly the first time they had seen such a miracle.

“Aren’t those guys members of the third-rate Guild, Angel’s Crown? Why are they running away?” a Ranger who had just arrived asked in wonder.

“You think Angel’s Crown is the only Guild running away? Don’t you see that there are members belonging to dozens of Guilds running with their tails between their legs?” a Druid who knew more about the situation commented from the side.

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, that really does seem to be the case.
Just what is going on here?” The Ranger was confused further after he realized the scope of the situation.

Normally, the members of these Guilds were extremely arrogant and overbearing.
These Guilds dominated the densely populated monster areas, and if independent players like them had an opinion about it, these Guild players would kill them without hesitation.
For a time now, many independent players harbored a great hatred for these Guild players, though none of them had actually dared to voice that hatred.

Now, a miracle had actually occurred.
It turned out that even the mighty and arrogant Guild players had times where they were afraid.

In particular, the members of Dark Star could also be seen among the crowd of fleeing players.
Dark Star was one of the top six Guilds of White River City. Why were its members running away as well?

“Don’t you recognize the player chasing them?” the Druid pointed towards Shi Feng who was at the far end of the sea of fleeing players.

“That person looks somewhat familiar.
Wait, isn’t that Black Flame, the Guild Leader of Zero Wing?!”

“That’s right.
Black Flame is the one chasing these Guilds.
I heard that Dark Star allied itself with many other Guilds and sent their members to blockade the Teleportation Hall in an attempt to prevent players of other cities from joining Zero Wing.
After Black Flame discovered their plot…
well, this is the result.”

Listening to the Druid’s explanation, shock filled the Ranger’s heart.

A single player was actually capable of facing dozens of Guilds. Was Black Flame even still considered a player?

The other players standing near the Druid and Ranger pair who had been clueless about the situation were also stupefied by this revelation.

Although they had long since knew that Black Flame was strong, they had not known exactly how strong! He was actually capable of forcing tens of thousands of players to run for their lives frantically.

Were they even playing the same VR game?

“Guild Leader Black Flame, why don’t we talk out our differences peacefully? Dark Star forced us to join their scheme! We really have no intentions of becoming enemies with Zero Wing!”

“That’s right, Guild Leader Black Flame! We have our own difficulties as well! If you stop chasing us, we are willing to offer you an apology and compensate you for all your losses!”

“Please forgive us! We won’t cause Zero Wing trouble ever again!”

The fleeing Guild Leaders started yelling their offers of reconciliation.
At this moment, they were truly afraid.

In order to deal with the Mechanical Slayer, they had ordered most of their Guild members to rush to the battle If they all died here, the damage it would cause their Guilds would be unimaginable.
It was highly possible that they would never recover from this loss and would be forced to dissolve their Guilds.

“Since you all have spoken, I’ll forgive you,” Shi Feng smiled.
“However, all of you need to die once first.”

“Black Flame! We are sincerely trying to apologize!” Judgment Hand, the Guild Leader of Angel’s Crown, bellowed.

“Guild Leader Judgment Hand must be joking. I, too, am sincere; I want you to die once,” Shi Feng smiled faintly as he increased his speed once more.


Shi Feng’s speed was much faster than the elite members of the various Guilds.
In just a moment, he had caught up with the fleeing crowd.

As Shi Feng dove into the crowd, the Mechanical Slayer was like a meat grinder as it pulled one player after another with its powerful suction force, instantly turning these players into scattered light particles.

In a short moment, the various Guilds had already lost over a thousand players.

With the passage of time, the number of deaths soared.
Even though there was a constant stream of NPC guards arriving at the scene of the battle, none of them could hinder the Mechanical Slayer.
Instead, they all became a delicious meal for the Mutant.
Before a minute had passed since Shi Feng caught up with the fleeing crowd, the death count had exceeded 10,000.
Among them, Dark Star’s losses were the greatest, as Shi Feng’s main target was the members of Dark Star.

This horrifying scene caused all observers to grow cold.

If these tens of thousands of players had not scattered and escaped from the very beginning, the number of deaths would be several times higher by now. 

However, after more than half of the Guild players and over a thousand NPC guards had died, a man in white robes suddenly appeared in the sky.

This man’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of many people, including Shi Feng’s.

This man was no ordinary NPC.

He was the Magistrate of White River City, Weissman, a Tier 4 Great Wizard[1].

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