Chapter 360 – Deviated Path

When Shi Feng thought of his sudden change, he lost his enthusiasm to train.
He then threw on 
a blue tracksuit and left his new apartment.
He hailed
 for a cab and headed towards the Big Dipper Training Center.

As the most famous training center in the city, the Big Dipper Training Center was located in the center of Jin Hai.
The Training Center was about the size of three stadiums.
The training facilities were all top class within the country.
Moreover, they also employed many top class doctors and dietitians, as well as first-rate instructors.

After arriving at the 
Big Dipper Training Center, Shi Feng immediately noticed multiple large luxurious buses parked in front of the building.

Handsome young men and beautiful young women alighted from the buses, one after another.
They were all high school students, and at this moment, they all had excited expressions plastered on their faces.
These high school students then orderly entered the building under the lead of a Big Dipper receptionist.

“Is Big Dipper holding a tour for students?” Shi Feng was slightly surprised.
It was the first time he had seen such an occurrence.

Even in the past, he had never heard of Big Dipper allowing students to tour its facilities.

Ordinary people could not gain easy access to the Big Dipper Training Center.
Only members were allowed entry into the building.
If one were not a member they were not even allowed through the entrance of the training center itself.

Meanwhile, becoming a member of Big Dipper was no easy task.
Without having a certain status
 in society or obtaining a referral from someone influential, it was impossible to become a member.
If Zhou Yuhu had not entered the top ten in Jin Hai University’s fighting competition, he would not have obtained a Big Dipper 
membership card.

Now that hundreds of high school students suddenly entered the training center, no matter how one looked at it, something must have changed.

However, this was no concern to Shi Feng.
He had only come here for a physical check-up.
 Fortunately, the Big Dipper Training Center possessed inspection equipment and other facilities that even the hospitals envied.
Following which, Shi Feng had also followed the crowd into the building.

“Excuse me, sir, only members can enter,” a robust security guard said as he blocked Shi Feng’s path.

“Here is my 
membership card,” Shi Feng swiped his Big Dipper member card at the electronic lock.
The red display on the machine promptly changed to green, signifying that Shi Feng was allowed to pass.

The tempered glass doors then parted.

Seeing that there were no problems, the bodyguard promptly turned and left.

The fifteenth floor of the Big Dipper Training Center contained equipment for testing punching power, grip strength, speed, reaction, and much more.
At this moment, many people crowded around the equipment.

Shortly after arriving on the fifteenth floor, Shi Feng discovered a familiar figure
 currently testing her reaction time.

“Why is she here?” Shi Feng was very surprised.

It was none other than his female class monitor, Zhao Ruoxi.

At this moment, Zhao Ruoxi had her hair pulled back into a ponytail.
She wore a black sports vest and a pair of 
tight capris.
Zhao Ruoxi’s perfect figure, which she normally hid, was vividly displayed at this moment, and she looked completely different from when she was at school.

The reaction machine would fire varying amounts of special rubber bullets at the examinee.
One could test their reaction time by dodging these special rubber bullets.

Faced with the flying bullets, Zhao Ruoxi danced like an elegant butterfly and effortlessly dodged the rubber bullets, one after another.
Many of the men present were mesmerized by her fluid movements, and they only wished they could approach and strike up a conversation with her.

However, this wasn’t unusual.
Zhao Ruoxi was already an alluring beauty.
In addition to her elegant and noble demeanor, ordinary girls were simply no match for her.

When the test ended, and Zhao Ruoxi exited the reaction testing room, many were startled.

The result displayed on the testing machine was actually “Intermediate Perfection.”

“Who is this beauty?”

“She can’t possibly be a professional fighter, right?”

Many people inside the hall started a discussion among themselves.
At this moment, even the handsome men who had intended to talk to Zhao Ruoxi hesitated.

As frequent customers of the Big Dipper Training Center, they had an acute understanding of that result’s significance.

The reaction test was categorized into four ranks: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Special.
Meanwhile, every rank had the sub-categories of Unqualified, Qualified, Excellent, and Perfection.

In the city, even professional fighters could only obtain Intermediate Qualified on the reaction test, while only well-known fighters could achieve Intermediate Perfection.

“Huh? Shi Feng, why are you here?” Zhao Ruoxi immediately discovered Shi Feng a short distance away and walked over to him quickly.

“I just came here to test myself.
What about you? Why are you here? If the others in the class to find out about this, they will be shocked to think that the normally gentle and elegant class monitor actually has such a side to her,” Shi Feng said, a grin plastered across his face.

When Zhao Ruoxi realized that Shi Feng has watched as she tested, not knowing why, her cheeks burned slightly and a small shred of happiness filled her heart.
Immediately after, she waved her little fist at Shi Feng, softly saying, “You are not allowed to tell anybody about this.
If you do,
 I’ll get very angry, and you’ll have to suffer dire consequences.

“Class Monitor, since you have ordered it, I will naturally keep my lips sealed,” Shi Feng laughed, failing to detect 
the minor changes to Zhao Ruoxi’s expression.
He only felt that Zhao Ruoxi was far more approachable 
than he previously thought.

“That’s more like it.
At least you have some conscience left in you,” Zhao Ruoxi 
nodded with satisfaction.
“The testing machines here are somewhat complicated to operate.
Seeing as this is your first time coming to this place, as your reward for helping me keep my secret, I’ll introduce to you how the machines work.”

Originally, Shi Feng had intended to tell her that he already knew how to operate these machines.
After all, he had frequently visited the Big Dipper Training Center after becoming the Guild Leader of Shadow in his previous life.
However, to avoid suspicion, Shi Feng had no choice but to nod in agreement.

Following which, Zhao Ruoxi led Shi Feng, touring the facility and introducing to him the various testing machines.
Many of the men in the hall looked at each other in confusion, their hearts filled with envy and hatred for Shi Feng.
They could not understand why a frail and ordinary looking person like Shi Feng deserved such treatment from a great beauty like Zhao Ruoxi.
At this moment, they wanted to pull Zhao Ruoxi over, telling her to ditch Shi Feng and let them escort her instead.

However, despite having sensed the jealous stares directed towards Shi Feng, Zhao Ruoxi still gladly pulled him along, introducing to him the various testing apparatuses one.

Just as Zhao Ruoxi was about to teach Shi Feng how he could operate these testing machines, a few Big Dipper staff members suddenly led a large group of high schoolers into the hall.

“This floor is Big Dipper’s testing hall.
All of you are the elites that Big Dipper has selected.
In a moment, all of you will be tested here, and we will record your results to help determine what kind of privileges you will have in the future.
So, all of you must give it your best when testing,” one of the staff members leading these high schoolers explained slowly.

The high schoolers started rubbing their fists and palms together in excitement when they heard the staff member’s explanation.
Many of them wished they could break Big Dipper’s previous records.

“Big Dipper actually chose these high school students as elites? What is happening, exactly?” Shi Feng had overheard the staff member’s words.
Watching this situation, it would seem that the Big Dipper Training Center intended to cultivate their own group of elite fighters.
However, Shi Feng simply could not understand why.
After all, Big Dipper was only a training center.
Why would they suddenly wish to cultivate their own fighters?

In the past, Shi Feng had never heard of such a thing.
In this life, however, it was happening before his eyes.
Shi Feng had a  bad feeling about this.
History was already gradually deviating from the path
 he recognized.

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