Chapter 365 – Ranked


Shi Feng’s conditions were quite harsh.

Manager Xiao’s brows pinched upon hearing them.
His expression turned somewhat grim, and he was at a loss on what to do.

If Shi Feng had only wanted some of Big Dipper’s shares, Manager Xiao could easily approve by himself.
The Chairman of Big Dipper would also happily agree with Manager Xiao’s decision.
However, it was a different story if Shi Feng wanted to become a member of the Board of Directors.

Manager Xiao did not have the authority to make that decision.

The Board of Directors controlled every aspect of Big Dipper. In other words, the Board of Directors held absolute authority.
Why would the allow an outsider to have access to such power?

Moreover, Shi Feng had also demanded permission to establish a training area that would be solely under his supervision.
This request was equivalent to cutting off a portion of Big Dipper and giving it to Shi Feng.
It was more incredulous than his first request.

If Shi Feng were a famous martial arts master, the Directors might even agree to his requests.
However, no one knew of Shi Feng.
There was practically no chance that the company would accede to his demands.

Sitting by the side, Zhao Ruoxi was similarly stunned by Shi Feng’s conditions, and she began to look at Shi Feng in a different light.

Is this really our classmate Shi FengThis question resounded in Zhao Ruoxi’s heart.

Shi Feng’s exorbitant demand surpassed even her greed.

Head Instructor was only a 
In reality, it was a very relaxing position, and normally, Shi Feng would not have much to do.
However, the 
Head Instructor of Big Dipper’s status was extremely high, and countless people coveted the position.
Even th
e famous fighters of Jin Hai City yearned for this position.
Unfortunately, Big Dipper had never found anyone worth consideration.
On the other hand, despite being offered such a coveted position, Shi Feng still demanded such a high price.
Zhao Ruoxi could not understand what Shi Feng was thinking.

In Zhao Ruoxi’s opinion, Shi Feng’s actions were somewhat excessive.
However, Zhao Ruoxi 
felt they were justified.
Shi Feng was not an unreasonable person.

Indeed, just 
as Zhao Ruoxi had guessed, Shi Feng was completely reasonable with his demands. His price was actually quite low. If not for his consideration of Zhao Ruoxi, his demands would have been more exorbitant than a position on the Board of Directors and a training area under his supervision.

Although Zero Wing’s strength was limited to White River City at the moment, after the looting war in White River City, Zero Wing had become famous throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom.
Moreover, Zero Wing had long since established a strong and sturdy foundation.
It already 
qualified to fight for the position of overlord of Star-Moon Kingdom. 

It was possible that only the higher-ups of first-rate Guilds knew what this signified.

There were hundreds of millions of players.
Moreover, this number increased which each passing day. Only a few million people lived in Jin Hai City.
t most, it was as large as White River City.
As for the 
authority Zero Wing commanded in White River City and the Big Dipper’s authority in Jin Hai City, it would not be an exaggeration to describe the difference between them as the difference between heaven and earth.

Moreover, as God’s Domain grew increasingly popular, the number of people Zero Wing could influence would also growThat influence could massively impact whichever training center it partnered with.

What about the training center itself?

To put it bluntly, it was simply a place for people to improve physically.
What sort of influence could it possibly have?

A casual remark made by a first-rate Guild could allow a training center to rise to prominence at any given minute.
rather than sharing the profits with others, wouldn’t it be better just to establish their own training centers?

“What is your opinion on this, Manager Xiao?” Shi Feng looked at Manager Xiao and asked.

“Mister Shi, your conditions are a little harsh. How about 5% of Big Dipper’s shares?” Manager Xiao could tell that Shi Feng was not some random knowledgeable person, and Shi Feng most definitely knew the value of an internal force expert.
Hence, after giving it some thought, he offered the highest possible 
benefit that he could authorize by himself.

5% of the shares of a successful company like Big Dipper is generous, my conditions are firmIt would truly be a pity if you cannot agree to them,” Shi Feng shook his head.

“This… Mister Shi, I do not have the authority to agree to the demands you’ve stated.
Can you give me some time
? I’ll report this to my superiors.
After they have reached a decision, I’ll give Mister Shi an answer.
How about it?” Shi Feng’s unwavering attitude frightened even Manager Xiao.
Originally, he had thought that a young man like Shi Feng would jump with joy when offered the position of Head Instructor and 5% of Big Dipper’s shares.
However, he had never expected anything like Shi Feng.

Manager Xiao refused to believe that Shi Feng was only a university student. Five percent of Big Dipper’s shares was a lot of money, enough to grant one a lifetime of luxury. However, Shi Feng had insisted on his original demands.
If Shi Feng w
ere not insane, then he was absolutely confident.

I’m not in a hurry for this matter.
I’ll wait for your reply,” Shi Feng smiled.
He had 
not expected to deal with Zero Wing’s training issues in a short amount of time.
He still had many things he needed to do in God’s Domain.
Zero Wing’s Workshop had also just 
opened, and he needed time to allow all these changes to settle in.

He had simply come here today to test his physical limits.

However, Shi Feng also had Zhao Ruoxi to thank.
If not for her, establishing a dialog with Big Dipper’s upper management would have been a struggle and taken some timeHis current progress had already surpassed his expectations.

Following which, Manager Xiao had consulted with Shi Feng on some matters relating to martial arts.
Although Zhao Ruoxi was indifferent to such topics, when she saw how her Uncle Xiao looked up to Shi Feng, she could not help but find the scene funny.
If she 
related this matter to her father, her father would definitely be shocked.

After roughly three hours
 of lengthy conversation, Manager Xiao’s admiration towards Shi Feng had grown by leaps and bounds.
If not for the lack of time, Manager Xiao would have 
continued the conversation for three days and three nights.

After Shi Feng left the Big Dipper Training Center, Zhao Ruoxi drove him back to his rented apartment.

Meanwhile, Manager Xiao immediately contacted Big Dipper’s Chairman, 
his elder brother, Xiao Yu.
Manager Xiao was prepared to 
discuss Shi Feng’s demands in detail.

As the sun set, a bright red luxury sports car stopped in front of 
Shi Feng’s apartment complex.

“Shi Feng, you must store these three bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids properly.
Unlike other Nutrient Fluids, S-ranks need to be 
kept below freezing.
their effects will gradually weaken, and after two or three days, they will lose their effects completely. Alsoyou can only consume them once every five days.
It would be detrimental to your body if you 
drink them more often.
You must keep this in mind
, alright?” Zhao Ruoxi said, carefully handing over the metal briefcase containing the S-rank Nutrient Fluids.
She reminded Shi Feng
 repeatedly, worried that he would carelessly waste the S-rank Nutrient Fluids as he had never consumed them before.

Although one million Credits was only a small matter to her, S-rank Nutrient Fluids 
were impossible to obtain even if one had the money. Shi Feng could not easily get more.
Big Dipper was only 
lucky enough procure a few bottles after much difficulty because of some of its connections.

“Mhm, I understand,” Shi Feng said, a bitter smile on his face. 
In reality, this was not his first time consuming an S-rank Nutrient FluidHoweverZhao Ruoxi did not know about that.

“I’ll take off, then. Don’t forget about my birthday party next month! I know where you live now, so if you’re not there, I won’t let you off lightly!” Zhao Ruoxi brandished her little fist through the car’s window.
She then sped away in her hovering
 red sports car.

At this moment, Shi Feng finally reacted.
It turned out that Zhao Ruoxi had actually sent him home with such 
Although he 
was almost never on time, he shouldn’t be that unreliable of a person, right…?

When Shi Feng turned around and was about to enter the apartment complex, he suddenly discovered someone squatting by the building’s entranceThat person stared at Shi Feng with a wretched smile on his face.

It was none other than Blackie.

“Brother Feng, you’re simply too amazing! I don’t see you for a few days, and already, you’ve managed to hook up with Class Monitor Zhao! You need to teach me some of your skills! If you don’t, I’ll tell Sister Fire Dance!” Blackie said, giving Shi Feng a meaningful smile.

“Scram! Don’t think that I don’t know how frequently you hook up with some of the beauties in the Guild!”  Shi Feng rolled his eyes at Blackie.
Although Blackie had 
attempted to behave himself ever since he joined Zero Wing Workshop, a man’s nature would not change easily.
Currently, h
e was already growing closer with one of the female mages in the Guild.
y are you here?”

“Okay, okay! I admit! I have important news that I need
ed to relay to you personally! After you hear it, don’t get too excited,” Blackie said excitedly.
Clearing his throat, he happily announced, “One hour ago, the Secret Pavilion published its latest Experts List.
Meanwhile, Brother Feng, your ID has been 
included! Right now, the entire Star-Moon Kingdom is going crazy!”

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