Chapter 375 – I ’d Like to Borrow Someone


“Now that I’ve got 21 Mana Stones, I only need the three Tier 4 NPCs.” Shi Feng thought about where he could find these NPCs as he collected the 21 Mana Stones and Philosopher’s Stone from the table.

There were only three Tier 4 powerhouses currently residing in White River City.
If Shi Feng wanted to gather all three of them… 

Even if Shi Feng were ten times stronger than he was now and became a Count of White River City, he would not possess the authority to gather all three of these NPCs to help him.

“I guess I can only try my luck in the capital city.” Star-Moon City possessed the most high-tiered NPCs in Star-Moon Kingdom, and it was where Shi Feng would most likely get the help of three Tier 4 NPCs.

Following which, Shi Feng left the Starstreak Trading Firm and ran towards the bank.

His personal warehouse in the bank was the safest location to store the Philosopher’s Stone.
The Philosopher’s Stone dropped upon death, and Shi Feng did not want to lose the treasure under any circumstances.

While walking down the middle of the street, Shi Feng could hear many players discussing Overwhelming Smile.

“Say, how do you think Overwhelming Smile became so powerful? They actually claimed the First Clear of a 50-man Team Dungeon so quickly.
I heard that their Guild didn’t have many experts.”

“Yeah, I’m confused, too.
Originally, I thought either Ouroboros or Zero Wing would be the first Guild to claim a First Clear.
After all, the Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow, leads the team herself.
Although Gentle Snow had neither accomplished any amazing feats nor is she a great expert ranked on the God’s Domain Experts List, everyone knows about her frightening battle records.
She’s probably no weaker than Black Flame.
Now, however, both of these amazing Guilds lost to a second-rate Guild like Overwhelming Smile.”

“I heard that the equipment dropped in a 50-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon is amazing.
The Attributes on the equipment are far superior than the equipment found in other Dungeons.
Now that Overwhelming Smile has equipment from Bone Ruin, they will have a much easier time raiding Level 20 large-scale Team Dungeons.”

“I heard that Overwhelming Smile has already become the overlord of Maple City.
Moreover, they are currently mass-recruiting players, and the benefits they offer are insanely good.
There is also proof posted online showing that someone recently invested one billion Credits for the Guild’s development.
Just thinking about that much money makes me drool.
I have never heard of any Guild receiving such a large investment.
I’m somewhat tempted to head over to Maple City to join them.”

Players on both sides of the street were talking about Overwhelming Smile.
Overwhelming Smile had destroyed the previous momentum Zero Wing had 

Shi Feng could only smile bitterly at this sudden shift.

He had to admit that Overwhelming Smile’s timing of obtaining the First Clear of a large-scale Team Dungeon was perfect.

Not only had Overwhelming Smile managed to spread their name throughout Star-Moon Kingdom, but it had also suppressed Zero Wing’s fame.

However, this was only natural.

Compared to individual strength, players were more concerned about Dungeons.
After all, Dungeons were the main source of equipment in God’s Domain.
It was especially true for high-quality equipment.

Just after Shi Feng returned the Philosopher’s Stone to his personal warehouse, the system notified him of a voice communication request.
It was Gentle Snow.

“Miss Snow, how are you?” Shi Feng greeted her warmly after answering the call.

Although the situation of Overwhelming Smile’s First Clear had impacted Zero Wing, the one most affected by this result should be Gentle Snow.
In order to claim the First Clear of the Land of Death, she had paid a huge price.
Other Guilds could not compete with the advantages she possessed.
Yet, just as she was about to harvest the fruit of her efforts, Overwhelming Smile stole the glory.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I wish to discuss something with you,” Gentle Snow’s tone was indifferent; only she understood her current state of mind.

“Miss Snow, please, speak your mind,” Shi Feng said, smiling.

“I’d like to borrow someone,” Gentle Snow said.

“Borrow someone?” Shi Feng was confused.
Ouroboros had many experts.
They should not lack personnel.

“That’s right.
I wish to borrow Ye Feng.” Gentle Snow nodded, resolving Shi Feng’s confusion.
“As for the price, I am willing to pay five million Credits.”

“Borrow Ye Feng?” Shi Feng nearly stumbled.
Just what was going through Gentle Snow’s mind?

Borrow Ye Feng? Didn’t that mean she was trying to borrow him?

Since when did he have such great charm to attract the attention of the Snow Goddess? Moreover, Gentle Snow even offered an astronomical price of five million to borrow him.

That was the equivalent of a famous gaming expert’s annual salary.
And she only wanted his help with a single matter…? 

Wasn’t Gentle Snow’s opinion of him a little too high?

“I know that this is somewhat abrupt.
Honestly, I initially considered asking you, Guild Leader Black Flame.
However, not only are you the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, but you are also very famous in Star-Moon Kingdom.
The implications for obtaining your help are too grave 
to ignore.
Hence, my only option is to ask for Ye Feng’s help, as he is only a member of Zero Wing.
However, I doubt he will help me without your explicit permission,” Gentle Snow explained.
If she had any other choice, she wouldn’t be asking.
However, now that Overwhelming Smile had claimed the first First Clear of a large-scale Team Dungeon, this was her only option.

Listening to Gentle Snow’s request, Shi Feng could guess that Gentle Snow needed experts.
However, these experts could not be too famous, and the more hidden they were from the public eye, the better.
Thus, she thought of the now-forgotten Ye Feng.

“Although I wish I could agree to your request, Ye Feng is currently busy an extremely important task.
I’m afraid he can’t help you right now, Miss Snow.
How about the other experts in Zero Wing?” Although Shi Feng wished to help Gentle Snow, his Class Change Quest took priority.

“Other experts?” Gentle Snow fell silent for a moment, considering the idea.
She then said, “It is possible if they are as skilled as Ye Feng.”

“I’m afraid they have yet to reach that level,” Shi Feng said definitely.

Setting aside techniques, if speaking purely in terms of weapons, equipment, and skills, nobody within the Guild could even come close to being a match to him.
In terms of techniques, though, Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, Violet Cloud, and Cola might catch up to him in the future.
It was especially true for Violet Cloud, who had improved leaps and bounds with each passing day.
If Shi Feng hadn’t had his decade’s worth of experience campaigning in God’s Domain, Violet Cloud would have left him in the dust by now.

“I’m afraid they won’t do if they are not as strong as Ye Feng,” Gentle Snow said, disappointed.
However, when she gave it more thought, how could great experts such as Ye Feng be easy to find? She then asked, “Guild Leader Black Flame, how long will it take for Ye Feng to complete his task?”

Normally, an ordinary Class Change Quest required two to three days to complete.
Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s Class Change Quest should be a lot more difficult.
At the very least, he would require three to five days.

“Around five days,” Shi Feng said, giving a conservative estimate.

“Five days, huh?” Gentle Snow’s brows wrinkled slightly.
After thinking for some time, she slowly asked, “Guild Leader Black Flame, will five days really be enough?”

“Mhm.” Shi Feng nodded.

Shi Feng could tell that Gentle Snow was carefully considering a very important decision.

“I’ll have to trouble Guild Leader Black Flame to pass on the message, then.
I’ll transfer five million Credits into your account immediately.” Gentle Snow sighed in relief upon hearing Shi Feng’s confident answer.
She then disconnected the call after thanking him.

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