Chapter 378 – Immortal Crown

A city completely under his control!

This was a dream for Zero Wing.

Shi Feng had once led Shadow, a Guild that owned ten city-states, so he knew how valuable and how great the advantages were for owning his own city.

Although Zero Wing was developing well at the moment, its lack of a stable source of income for Credits was a major flaw.

Other first-rate and second-rate Guilds had support from wealthy corporations.
These corporations would provide funding to their partnered Guilds, allowing these Guilds to develop steadily without worrying about a shortage of Credits.

Although Shi Feng had many ways to earn Coins in God’s Domain, it was not easy to support a Guild with Coins alone.
Moreover, along with the Guild’s development and the influx of new members, its demand for Coins would increase as well.
Converting large sums of Coins into Credits was not a suitable long-term plan to develop a Guild.

However, it would be a different story if Shi Feng possessed a city of his own.

Why were large corporations willing to invest so many Credits into a Guild? Wasn’t it to earn money?

However, how were they going to earn money?

The answer was a player-established autonomous city.

If a Guild possessed an autonomous city, it could start seeking investors to rent out shops and such in its city.
Through these investors, the Guild could then earn a large amount of Credits and Coins, thereby solving the problems of the Guild’s future development.

Thus, Shi Feng was determined to obtain the rights to establish his own city.
Even if he had to pay a huge price in the process, he would.

After a moment of silence, Shi Feng answered, “Lady Sharlyn, I accept your conditions.”

I really did not choose the wrong person.
Since you’ve agreed, the contract between us will be established from this moment onward.” Sharlyn nodded and drew a silver rune in midair.
She then imprinted the rune on the back of Shi Feng’s hand and said, “This is a Spirit Seal, and it can be used to absorb Immortal Souls.
What I want you to do is to collect 10,000 Immortal Souls.”

“Collect Immortal Souls?” Shi Feng said, unable to suppress his shock.
“You want me to kill 10,000 heaven-blessed individuals?”

When NPCs spoke of heaven-blessed individuals, they were referring to players.
Players were immortal existences in God’s Domain, and they could resurrect infinitely at the cost of some levels and EXP.
This was all due to the souls of players being immortal.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng could only obtain the Immortal Soul from the corpse of a player.
Moreover, Shi Feng needed to meet a few requirements before he could absorb the Immortal Soul of another player.
First, he could not be 5 levels higher or lower than the target player.
Second, he needed to kill the target player personally.
Lastly, upon the target player’s death, the distance between Shi Feng and the player could not exceed 10 yards.
If he failed to meet any of these conditions, he would not absorb the player’s Immortal Soul.

For the NPCs of God’s Domain, absorbing the Immortal Souls of heaven-blessed individuals was taboo.
If Shi Feng were discovered doing so, no one, NPCs or players, would hold back from killing him. 

As to why players would try to kill Shi Feng as well, it was because any players who lost their Immortal Souls would be barred from logging into the game for a long time.
It was a punishment more severe than the penalty for death.
Hence, there was no leeway for Shi Feng if he were caught in the act.

“I never thought you would know about Immortal Souls.
That’s right.
I require you to kill heaven-blessed individuals and collect their Immortal Souls,” Sharlyn stated, slightly surprised that Shi Feng actually knew about Immortal Souls.
However, she had not planned to hide this fact, to begin with.
“I know that I am making things very difficult for you by requesting such a thing, but we cannot repair the Immortal Crown without Immortal Souls.

“The Immortal Crown was originally a Divine Artifact used to suppress all evil beings.
However, the crown was damaged the last time it was used to suppress the Endless Abyss.
Meanwhile, the Stargazing Tower has already collected the other materials required to repair the Immortal Crown, and right now, we are only missing Immortal Souls.
Initially, I called you here to help me collect Immortal Souls gradually.

“However, I had not expected the Endless Abyss to escape its confinement so soon.
The Endless Abyss is simply too powerful.
Without the Immortal Crown, we have no chance of resisting the invasion of the Endless Abyss.
Since you started this scourge, naturally, you will have to take responsibility for it.
In order to repair the Immortal Crown quickly, we need a large number of Immortal Souls.
However, I do not want others to know of this, so I have no choice but to ask you to complete this task by yourself.

“The magic array that keeps the Endless Abyss in place will not last long.
By my estimation, it will hold out for another three months.
In three months, we will have no choice but to face the Endless Abyss directly.
Hence, you must collect 10,000 Immortal Souls within that time.

“However, it won’t be easy, which is why I asked you to meet me here.
There are many Legacies within the Stargazing Tower.
As long as you can pass the test of one of those Legacies, you will have a much easier time collecting the Immortal Souls.”

System: You have accepted the Epic Hidden Quest “Immortal Crown.”

Quest details: You are required to collect 10,000 Immortal Souls within three months. If you fail to do so, your soul will be cursed and barred from logging into God’s Domain for one month.
In addition, 
your soul will enter a weakened state for three months, decreasing your Attributes by 90% during this period.

Shi Feng’s head started to ache after reading this quest notification.

To put it simply, failure meant hell!

Failing this quest would deal a heavy blow.
If he could not log into God’s Domain for a month, just how far would he fall behind? Also, even after he could log back into God’s Domain, with all of his Attributes decreased by 90%, how was he even supposed to play the game?

With your current level, you already qualify to accept an Advanced Legacy.
Will you 
the Advanced Legacy’s trial right now, or do you wish to challenge it after taking some time to prepare?” Sharlyn asked patiently as she watched Shi Feng.
“Oh, I should remind you that Advanced Legacies are extremely precious.
 with my status, I can only give you one chance.
You must be careful.
If you are not confident in succeeding, it is best to challenge it at another time.

The trial of an Advanced Legacy is no less difficult than an Epic Quest.

“If you think that an Advanced Legacy will be too difficult for you, I can offer an Intermediate Legacy.
Not only will the difficulty decrease, but you will also have three chances to complete it.”

Sharlyn explained the options patiently.
Shi Feng understood her intentions.

In God’s Domain, a class change was the equivalent of obtaining the Legacy of a higher tiered class.
Meanwhile, a majority of the players in God’s Domain would normally receive their Class Change Quest from the 
Class Association in their respective city. By doing so, players would be challenging Basic Legacies.

Intermediate Legacies were one rank above Basic Legacies.
Intermediate Legacies were relatively rare in God’s Domain, and normally, these Legacies allowed players to obtain a common hidden class.

Advanced Legacies were one rank higher.
Advanced Legacies were extremely rare, and players could take on a rare, hidden class.
Astromancer was one of these rare, hidden classes.

Peak Legacies were one rank higher than Advanced Legacies. In God’s Domain, Peak Legacies were like phoenix’s feathers.
Even the Stargazing Tower should
 not possess such a Legacy.

In Shi Feng’s decade of playing God’s Domain, he had only seen a few people obtain Peak Legacies.

After giving it some thought, Shi Feng said earnestly, “Lady Sharlyn, can I pass this chance to another person?”

To Shi Feng, an Advanced Legacy held little significance.
After all, he possessed the Sword in the Stone, a Legacy Item containing a Peak Legacy.
How could he give up on a Peak Legacy to accept an Advanced Legacy?

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