Chapter 446 – Silver Flame

Everyone promptly agreed with Fire Dance’s opposition.

They acknowledged that Shi Feng possessed frightening combat power.
He was so powerful that he even suppressed the Rare Lord ranked Crimson Shadow Wolf in a direct confrontation.
They, too, had previously thought Shi Feng might be able to oppress even a Great Lord by force, and that by the time they arrived at the Ruined Shrine in White Fog Canyon’s core, they would have a chance of defeating the Level 25 Great Lord there.

After all, a Great Lord’s loot was simply too tempting.
It was especially true for a Level 25 Great Lord, as the Level 25 equipment it dropped was precisely what the core strength of the various Guilds needed right now.
If they could obtain an Epic item, both the Guild’s strength and morale would improve significantly.

However, now that they stood before Anubis’s Gatekeeper, they suddenly felt very tiny.

A Great Lord and a High Lord were from different worlds entirely.

Escaping a Great Lord’s wrath would be a miracle, much less defeating it.

Admittedly, a treasure hidden behind a Great Lord would be precious.
However, if Shi Feng tried to snatch the golden stone tablet, there was more than a 99% chance that he would be throwing his life away.
This was simply not a worthwhile tradeoff.

Moreover, heavens knew if the teleportation array would still work after Shi Feng stole the stone tablet.

On the off chance that it didn’t work, they would all die here…

“Guild Leader, why don’t we come back after we’ve grown stronger.
It’s not worth risking your life for an unknown treasure,” Aqua Rose advised.

“You guys leave first.
I’ll try it by myself.
If it really isn’t possible, then we’ll come back in the future,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

Although what Aqua Rose had said was logical, none of them knew the significance of the golden stone tablet under a Great Lord’s protection.

In his decade of adventuring in God’s Domain, the treasures he encountered that had been guarded by Great Lords were at least Epic rank.
Obtaining an Epic item was definitely worth dying once.
If he came back for it in the future, there was a possibility of someone else claiming the golden stone tablet.
After all, the Land of the Fallen Star was not particularly hidden.

When everyone heard Shi Feng’s determination, they had no choice but to obediently head towards the teleportation array and prepare to leave the Land of the Fallen Star.

However, just as Aqua Rose was about to activate the teleportation array, her hands suddenly froze as cold sweat began to drip down her forehead.

Even the others at the teleportation array with her wore grim expressions.
It was as if they were preparing to welcome a great enemy.

That cold and intense killing intent felt like they had been dunked in ice-cold water, and they suddenly struggled to breathe.

“Guild Leader, if we activate the teleportation array, the Gatekeeper will attack,” Fire Dance whispered as she glanced at Anubis’s Gatekeeper hovering in the air.

“We really have no options,” Shi Feng laughed bitterly.

He currently had Omniscient Eyes active, so he felt the Gatekeeper’s chilling gaze as well.
As soon as Aqua Rose activated the teleportation array, Anubis’s Gatekeeper would strike.

It usually took close to 20 seconds to activate a teleportation array.
If the person activating the array moved during this period, it would automatically shut down.

Twenty seconds.

That was enough time for a Level 30 Great Lord to kill hundreds of players, much less a measly party of six.

As this place was unique, they could not use Return Scrolls to leave, either.

In other words, if they wanted to leave, they needed to survive the Gatekeeper for 20 seconds.
Either that, or they could level here until they died or simply die now and lose some EXP, Skill Proficiency, and a piece of equipment.

If they did not wish to lose any equipment, they could remove everything they currently wore.
That way, none of their equipment would drop.
At worst, there was an extremely small chance of an item dropping from their bags.

“It looks like I can only give it a try!”

No matter how Shi Feng considered the situation, he could not think of a decent solution.
He was also unable to utilize the terrain to his advantage.
Although the passage they came from was narrow, Anubis’s Gatekeeper wasn’t so large that it could not follow him.

Now, the only way the team could leave safely was if he lured the Gatekeeper away.
Otherwise, with the strength of a Great Lord and his extremely wide splash range, no one would survive.

“Fire Dance, get ready to activate the teleportation array.
If the Great Lord’s splash damage affects you, use Vanish or Wind Steps to block it.
As long as you do not move, the teleportation array will not shut down.

“I’ll kite the Gatekeeper first.
Focus on your timing, you guys.”

With that, Shi Feng activated Windwalk and dashed towards the golden stone tablet.

Anubis’s Gatekeeper immediately shifted his sight to Shi Feng.

When Shi Feng was only 10 yards away from the stone tablet, the Gatekeeper suddenly vanished from above the altar before immediately reappearing in front of the golden stone tablet.

“Instantaneous Movement!” Aqua Rose gaped at the Gatekeeper, disbelief filling her gaze.

A Great Lord that knew Instantaneous Movement…could any player escape its slaughter?

“Such a powerful aura.” Fire Dance’s expression turned grim.

Anubis’s Gatekeeper had initially been 90 yards from the party.
Now that the Gatekeeper was less than 40 yards away from everyone, its ferocity was on full display.

“Trespassers of the Holy Land, die!” the Gatekeeper revealed his fury as he glared at Shi Feng.
Suddenly, the Gatekeeper raised his right hand.
In the next moment, a pitch-black spear as tall as Shi Feng appeared in the Gatekeeper’s hand.
The Great Lord then swung the spear towards Shi Feng.


A spear of light sliced through the air and arrived before Shi Feng.

Not taking any risks, Shi Feng crossed his swords and used Parry to block the attack.

The instant the spear of light collided with the two swords, the impact forced Shi Feng’s hands apart and sent him flying over 20 yards away.

The group standing at the teleportation array was stunned.

Every Zero Wing member present was familiar with Shi Feng’s Strength.

Even in his normal state, he could contend with a Lord of the same level.
Yet, now, just a touch from the spear of light, which was far weaker than the Gatekeeper’s black spear, had thrown Shi Feng so far.

Just how frightening was the Gatekeeper?!

“As expected of a Great Lord.
Even though I have the combat power of a Tier 2 class, it is not nearly enough.” Shi Feng smirked as he looked at his thoroughly numb hands.

If not for the fact that Parry could negate the Gatekeeper’s damage, he would have lost at least three to four thousand HP.

However, Shi Feng had only received the Gatekeeper’s attack because he wished to test its Strength and evaluate the Great Lord’s combat power.

Now, Shi Feng had a general grasp of the Anubis’s Gatekeeper’s combat power.

Tier 3 intermediate combat power!

The Great Lord would be able to beat a Tier 3 player like a dog.

However, even after striking Shi Feng, the Gatekeeper showed no signs of stopping as it turned towards Fire Dance and the others.

“Trespassers of the Holy Land, die!”

Emitting a low growl, the Gatekeeper stretched out its left hand.
Suddenly, a silver flame condensed in his palm.

In the blink of an eye, the originally fist-sized flame grew into a large fire the size of a house, and even Shi Feng, who stood over 20 yards away, felt a stinging pain from the temperature.

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