Chapter 469 – Gathering of the Powerful


Shi Feng was very loud, and every player on the second floor of the restaurant had heard his words loud and clear.

“One thousand Gold!”

Many of the Guild representatives in the restaurant with similar ideas as Swallow Nine immediately sucked in a cold breath.

To any Guild in God’s Domain, 1,000 Gold was not a small sum.
Super Guilds were no exception.

Guilds supported a majority of the layers in Blackwing City.
Although they were all very rich, their maximum trade volumes would not exceed 100 Gold.
Meanwhile, Shi Feng casually demanded a price of 1,000 Gold.
Moreover, this was only the bottom line.
If they did not have 1,000 Gold in their bags, he wouldn’t even consider a trade.

How arrogant! 

He was simply too arrogant!

However, despite Shi Feng’s arrogance, not a single person present had chosen to turn around and leave.
On the contrary, they promptly contacted their respective Guilds, ordering the preparation of 1,000 Gold.

“One thousand Gold?”

“You’re insane! Do you know the significance of 1,000 Gold at this stage of the game?”

“What? That expert in the Dark-Gold Set Equipment stated that he would only consider a trade with someone possessing 1,000 Gold?”

The various Guilds were shocked upon receiving this news.
However, that shock soon turned into rage, as these Guilds felt that Shi Feng was only toying with them.

One thousand Gold!

Currently, Gold Coins were still scarce.
Although the prices of Coins had decreased significantly, even 10 million Credits was not enough to purchase 1,000 Gold.
Moreover, not even a Dark-Gold Set Equipment was worth 1,000 Gold.

“What? Don’t have it?” Shi Feng smirked at Swallow Nine and the others.
Impatiently, he said, “Since you don’t have it, please leave.
Stop disturbing my peace.”

“No, please wait a moment.
It is true that I do not have that much money on me right now.
However, someone will send the money over quickly,” Swallow Nine said as he calmed his pounding heart.
He had to admit that Shi Feng had given him a fright.
However, the more arrogantly Shi Feng behaved, the more Swallow Nine believed that Shi Feng had something valuable to offer.

Experts of this level had very high self-esteem, and an arrogant attitude was normal.
However, one thing was certain: such experts would not fabricate false rumors.

If Shi Feng dared to make such ridiculous statements, then he definitely had the capital to do so.

Although Swallow Nine did not know what that capital was, he knew that it would not be insignificant.

“Tch, truly annoying.”

Shi Feng frowned at Swallow Nine’s words.
Paying no more attention to the middle-aged man, Shi Feng called up the official forums and began to browse.

Everything was going according to plan.

Moreover, shortly after he had stated his price of 1,000 Gold, a post about him had set the official forums of God’s Domain on fire.


There was even a post mentioning the 1,000 Gold trade qualification he had demanded.
Many people had begun to discuss the situation.
They all felt that Shi Feng was a lunatic and was too arrogant.
Some had even begun to doubt his equipment.
Quickly, this news had attracted the attention of even more Guilds.

After a dozen minutes or so, the restaurant Shi Feng occupied exploded with activity.
Players filled the restaurant, and every one of them represented a Guild.
The majority of the Guilds present were first-rate Guilds, with the lowest being second-rate Guilds.
Two additional Super Guilds had even arrived.

One of the new Super Guilds to arrive was Sanctuary, while the other was King’s Return.
These two Super Guilds were powerhouses similar to the Ninth Heaven Pavilion.

Currently, the representatives of so many famous Guilds, including three Super Guilds, had gathered in this one high-class restaurant.
This was something that had never happened in the past.

And all of this was due to the sudden appearance of a mysterious expert…

Of the three Super Guild representatives, two were men, and the last was a woman.
Among them, Swallow Nine represented the Ninth Heaven Pavilion, a polished woman named Flourishing Colors represented Sanctuary, and King’s Return was represented by a crude and brawny-looking man named Thunder Tiger.
Flourishing Colors was a Level 26 Summoner, whereas Thunder Tiger was a Level 26 Berserker.

It was clear that the three Super Guild representatives knew each other, as the moment the three met, they began to chat as if they were old friends.

Shi Feng glanced at the second floor, discovering that the high-class restaurant seemed to represent God’s Domain’s current power.

As Swallow Nine, Flourishing Colors, and Thunder Tiger were representatives of Super Guilds, the three sat opposite of Shi Feng.
As for the representatives of first-rate Guilds, they hovered nearby.
As for the few second-rate Guilds, they sat near the staircase.
The hierarchy had been clearly established.

The three belonging to Super Guilds paid no attention to those belonging to first-rate Guilds, and those belonging to first-rate Guilds paid no attention to the second-rate Guilds.
The representatives present only spoke to those on the same level as themselves.
If Zero Wing attended this gathering, its representative would most likely have to stand at the restaurant’s entrance.

After half an hour, Swallow Nine finally spoke.

“I’ve put together my 1,000 Gold.
Please take a look,” Swallow Nine said as he smiled at Shi Feng.
He then placed his coin pouch on the table.

Although the coin pouch was only the size of a fist, this was only an illusion.
Regardless of how much money it contained, the coin pouch would retain the same size.
Moreover, a player’s coin pouch was bound to them, and nobody could steal it.
However, others could still check the amount inside with the owner’s permission.

“Brother Expert said that one would qualify to trade with you so long as they have 1,000 Gold.
I happen to have 1,000 Gold with me.
Please check it for yourself, Brother Expert.” Thunder Tiger similarly placed a coin pouch on the table.

“I have the same.” Flourishing Colors smiled faintly as she, too, revealed her coin pouch.

For a time, the various Guild representatives on the second floor promptly presented their coin pouches to Shi Feng, allowing him to inspect them.

As the crowd waited for Shi Feng’s inspection, instead of actually doing so, Shi Feng smiled and said, “That won’t be necessary.
I believe that the Guilds present should not be so poor as to not even possess 1,000 Gold.
Since all of you have 1,000 Gold on your persons now, you all qualify to trade with me.

“However, the items I wish to sell are limited.
Since there are so many people here, I’m sure none of you will oppose an auction, right?”

Suddenly, the crowd understood Shi Feng’s intentions.
This was a public auction.
If so, the items would definitely be sold far above market value.
Realizing the truth of the matter, everyone’s expressions darkened.

“Of course, you can also choose not to buy my items.
I won’t force those who are unwilling.” Shi Feng yawned.
Slowly, he said, “If anyone is not interested, you are welcome to leave.”

Yet, even after Shi Feng’s declaration, not a single representative turned to leave.
They all wanted to see the reason behind Shi Feng’s confidence.

“Since everyone agrees, I’ll begin with the first item, then,” Shi Feng said as he swept a glance over the crowd in the hall, nodding with satisfaction.
Everything was going according to plan.
What happened next would depend on how these people would compete.


Hearing Shi Feng begin the auction, the crowd grew tense.

Even Swallow Nine, Thunder Tiger, and Flourishing Colors, the representatives of three Super Guilds, focused on Shi Feng’s every move.

In the next moment, Shi Feng took out a piece of equipment from his bag.
Looking at the glow of the equipment, it seemed to be Fine-Gold rank, not Dark-Gold rank as everyone had expected.

Even so, Fine-Gold Equipment was quite valuable.
Currently, Fine-Gold Equipment was very rare.
Although some were available on the virtual trade center, most of those items had inferior Attributes.

Initially, everyone had thought Shi Feng would state the starting bid for the equipment, signaling the representatives to begin.
However, Shi Feng proceeded by revealing another piece of equipment.
Moreover, this item was also Fine-Gold ranked.

One piece… Two pieces… Three pieces…


Shi Feng displayed a total of six pieces of equipment.
Moreover, although these six pieces were all different, they possessed a single style.

“That… is… a Fine-Gold Set Equipment!”

The crowd was stupefied when they saw the Dragonscale Set Equipment on the table.
They even wondered if their eyes played tricks on them.

Though large Guilds had several pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment, not even the Super Guilds possessed a Fine-Gold Set Equipment.
Yet, an unknown expert like Shi Feng had one…

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