Chapter 493 – Big Dipper Competition

After logging out of the game, Shi Feng exited his virtual gaming cabin and began today’s training plan.

Ever since his brain activity increased, it was as if Shi Feng had entered a whole new world in regard to his control over his own body.
During this period, he had continuously been adapting to the new changes.

A human’s body was subject to the brain’s control.

The brain controlled processes such as hormone production, cellular immunity, and physical power control.

As these processes involved a lot of information, the brain carried out these processes automatically.
Just like a computer, which ran its system programs in the background, the human brain had long since been set to deal with these processes automatically without requiring conscious effort from the brain.
This was a sort of self-protective mechanism for the human brain.

However, with the increase in brain activity and, simultaneously, brain usage rates, humans could actively control these processes instead of leaving the brain to passively control them.
If brain activity increased to a sufficient level, humans could even control their own body’s hormone production, fine-tuning their own bodies to increase their own lifespans, maintain a youthful appearance, and so on.

In particular, with a high enough brain activity, one could even control their brain’s subconscious inhibition of their body’s physical power.

If an ordinary person, who might originally have had a punching power of 100kg, was able to remove the inhibition their brain placed on their physical strength, then they could instantly multiply that power by over a dozen—or even several dozens of—times.

Like in the news, during times of emergency or danger, many people would suddenly display explosive power that they never possessed.
As for the reason why these people could display such power, it was because their brains had removed the limiter placed on their physical bodies.

However, it was exceptionally difficult to remove this limiter.
There were also many people who failed to remove it, despite encountering a dangerous situation.
Or even if they did manage to do so, it would be for only a very brief period of time.

Nevertheless, with the increase in brain activity, one could consciously remove the limiter placed on their physical power.

This was the case with Shi Feng right now.
The increase in his brain activity had boosted his brain usage rate.
Originally, Shi Feng was unable to control the limiter placed on his physical power.
Now, however, he could adjust it slightly.

As far as Shi Feng knew, many martial arts grandmasters in the past had undergone long periods of training, in addition to consistently increasing their brain activity, in order to grasp this technique.
Moreover, due to the popularity of God’s Domain, as well as the fact that the game played a significant role in developing a player’s brain, many people in the past had also been able to reach this step.

At this moment, Shi Feng’s goal was to reach this step.

During this period of training and learning, Shi Feng could sense that he had already touched the gateway.
If he could grasp this technique, then his combat power in God’s Domain would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

However, if he wished to grasp ahold of this power, he needed to increase his brain activity once more.
It was just that breaking through his own mental limit placed a heavy demand on his brain cells and required a large amount of energy.
Meanwhile, only with S-rank Nutrient Fluids could he solve these problems.

Although Shi Feng had the money, he could not purchase any S-rank Nutrient Fluids by himself.

Shi Feng really wished to have a sufficient number of virtual gaming cabins and S-rank Nutrient Fluids in order to immediately nurture Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, Cola, and Violet Cloud into true top-tier experts and have them set foot into the Refinement Realm.
At that time, Zero Wing’s strength would definitely soar, and it would no longer be an impossible task to capture the several cities surrounding White River City.

Just when Shi Feng had completed his morning training and was about to have his lunch, the quantum watch on his wrist rang.

“Mister Shi Feng, I am Mister Xiao Yu’s assistant.
Your competition today is scheduled at 5pm.
I have come to pick you up in advance; the car is already waiting downstairs,” the young and beautiful woman who appeared in the video call said, smiling.

“Alright, I’ll be there in a moment,” Shi Feng replied before disconnecting the call.

Meanwhile, on the ground floor of Shi Feng’s apartment, a maglev limousine was currently parked outside the building.
A man and a woman stood quietly beside the car, waiting.

The woman wore a black dress.
She had fine black eyelashes and a glamorous face with skin as white as snow.
Her long hair was draped over her shoulders.
Overall, she had a bright and beautiful appearance.
As for the man, he was tall and ferocious.
Wearing a black suit and a pair of sunglasses, he was like a ferocious beast, his entire body radiating a hostile aura that made others consciously distance themselves from him out of fear.

When the residents of the community saw this scene, they thought that a big shot had come visiting.

“This guy sure knows how to take his time.” The female assistant, Liang Jing, looked at her quantum watch.
In an impatient tone, she grumbled, “Just what does Chairman Xiao see in him to actually have us come fetch him?”

She was the Head Assistant for Big Dipper Training Center’s Chairman.
Yet, now, she was actually sent to escort a youth.

The man standing beside her right now was also no ordinary character.
He was called Lu Zhihong, and he was the personal bodyguard of Chairman Xiao.
Lu Zhihong’s strength was simply amazing; he could easily deal with seven or eight ordinary people simultaneously.
Even if he participated in the city’s fighting competition, he would have no problem obtaining a good ranking.

“At the moment, the company lacks the support of a martial arts master.
Chairman Xiao is naturally trying to create a grander scene,” Lu Zhihong replied indifferently.

“He’s just slightly over 20.
How could he possibly be a martial arts master?” Liang Jing had noted Shi Feng’s appearance through the video call just now.
No matter how she looked at it, she could not relate Shi Feng to those 30- to 40-year-old masters.
“I hear that his opponent this time is quite amazing.
Even Master Chen Wu has referred to that person as a fighting genius.
That person has even defeated several martial arts masters before.
I really cannot understand why Chairman Xiao still insisted on holding the competition this time around.
The result of this competition is so obvious; he could clearly just choose that person, instead.”

She had personally seen martial arts masters before.
Even from afar, every one of these masters gave off an imposing air that made others feel reverence for them.
However, Shi Feng did not possess such a feeling.
If not for Chairman Xiao personally confirming that Shi Feng was indeed a martial arts master, she really dared not believe that such a youthful master actually existed.

While Liang Jing and Lu Zhihong were conversing with each other, Shi Feng came downstairs.

When Liang Jing saw Shi Feng’s blue sports attire, however, she was immediately stupefied.
How was this a master? Whether in terms of temperament or power, he was clearly just an athletic youth! At this rate, he would simply be seeking his own death by challenging a martial arts master!

Contrary to Liang Jing’s reaction, however, the bodyguard standing beside her revealed a completely different expression.
Despite the faint smile Shi Feng had on his face, Lu Zhihong felt as if he was staring at a dormant beast.

Lu Zhihong could not sense anything from Shi Feng’s every action.

That was right.
He could not sense anything at all.

For a seasoned bodyguard like himself, there was nothing more dangerous than being unable to pick up anything from someone’s action.

It was as if someone were pointing a gun at his head, and he still thought the other person was joking.

If Shi Feng were to take action, Lu Zhihong felt that Shi Feng could easily defeat him in just a few moves.

Before the female assistant could even speak, the previously silent Lu Zhihong hurriedly opened the car door, respectfully saying, “Master Shi Feng, please, get in.
We will take you to the venue immediately.”

“Thanks.” Shi Feng smiled as he entered the car.

However, the female assistant, Liang Jing, was stupefied.

What was this situation?

She had never seen Lu Zhihong act so respectfully to anyone before.
Not even Chairman Xiao received such a treatment.

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