Chapter 495 – Strength of a Thousand Kilos

Xu Wenqing’s memory of Shi Feng was still fresh in his mind.

Previously, not only had Shi Feng defeated the university’s number one fighter, Zhang Luowei, but he had also earned high praise from Chen Wu.
Xu Wenqing had not expected Shi Feng to actually appear at this place right now.

“It can’t be, right?” Chen Wu was similarly stunned upon seeing Shi Feng.

As he recalled, Shi Feng was very amazing but had yet to reach the level of using internal force.
At this moment, however, Shi Feng was actually participating in this competition.
It was truly shocking.

When both sides stood in the arena, Lei Bao and Shi Feng contrasted sharply.

Lei Bao wore a black vest that placed his bronze muscles on full display.
His muscles were not bloated, but instead were sleek like a cheetah’s, giving others the feeling that his muscles were packed full of power.
His disheveled hair coupled with his bestial aura and aquiline gaze made him seem exactly like a wild, ferocious beast.
People would not dare to get even half a step closer to him.

On the other hand, Shi Feng looked just like your average university student.
He possessed neither a sharp, swordlike aura nor a tall, robust body.
He gave others the impression that he was completely harmless to both humans and animals, that there was no need for even the slightest bit of vigilance towards him.

The battle between the two was a competition without any suspense.
It was just like a fight between a ferocious lion and a cute little rabbit.
There was absolutely no point to this battle at all.

Suddenly, it was as if cold water was poured over the hot passion of the audience members.

“Wasn’t this a match between two masters? Why is there an ordinary university student here?”

“That’s right, even if Big Dipper is trying to promote Master Lei Bao, can’t they at least invite a slightly decent expert? What’s the point of inviting a youth that hasn’t even grown all his hair yet? Even I can take care of that little brat with ease.”

The audience promptly burst into a heated discussion; they all felt that Big Dipper’s Chairman, Xiao Yu, was lacking sincerity.

However, seated at a corner of the spectator stands, Zhang Luowei and Lan Hailong were both stunned when they saw this scene.

“How could he be a martial arts master?” Zhang Luowei looked with eyes full of disbelief at Shi Feng standing in the arena.

Even until now, he still took to heart the defeat Shi Feng had dealt him.
During this period, he had trained constantly and had even sought meticulous guidance from Chen Wu, all in order to have his revenge on Shi Feng.
Yet, now that Shi Feng had appeared before him once again, the man had actually become a martial arts master already.

However, when Zhang Luowei looked at Shi Feng’s opponent, Lei Bao, a smile appeared on his face.

He had heard plenty about Lei Bao’s deeds from Chen Wu.

Lei Bao was a fierce man who did not know how to show mercy.
All those who had met with him in official matches had suffered heavy injuries at the very minimum, and some were even crippled.
Hence, nobody was willing to compete with Lei Bao.
When those in the world of martial arts heard the name of Lei Bao, even top-tier masters would try to avoid him as much as possible; nobody wished to destroy their own future by competing with Lei Bao.

Originally, Zhang Luowei had thought it was some daring expert who had come to compete with Lei Bao this time around.
Now, however, it would seem that Shi Feng was just a hotheaded youth after all.

Yet, before the anyone could voice out their complaints, the host of the competition immediately hyped up the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, before the start of this competition, the two masters will do a small warm-up, allowing everyone to clearly see just how powerful the two masters are.
Now, let’s welcome our two masters to showcase their strengths.”

As the host was saying so, some staff members pushed out a punching power testing machine into the arena.
The punching machine was the latest model, and it was intended to test Lei Bao’s and Shi Feng’s punching power.

The first to take the test was Shi Feng.

Shi Feng was very interested in regard to this test.
He wanted to know just how much he had improved during this period of time.

Standing before the punching machine, Shi Feng took a proper stance before abruptly sending a punch forward.
After piercing through the air, his fist made a loud boom when it landed on the target.
The punching machine shook from the impact.

Immediately, the numbers on the punching machine began rising madly.

In just a moment, the numbers had broken past the 200kg mark.

A short moment later, the numbers rose to 320kg; this value was already within the standard of professional fighters.

In the end, the punching machine displayed a value of 401kg.
This result was almost comparable to those of well-known fighters of Jin Hai City.
However, it was still significantly lower than that of the city’s top professional fighter, Chen Wu.

“This Shi Feng is amazing.
With this kind of punching power, it is no wonder Zhang Luowei was not his match.” Xu Wenqing laughed with satisfaction as he stroked his white beard.
“If he already possesses such strength at such a young age, he might be able to catch up to you, Master Chen Wu, in just a few more years.”

Chen Wu’s punching power record could be said to be the record for the entire Jin Hai City.

Chen Wu’s punching power was 453kg, a value that made ordinary people stare in admiration.
With just a single punch, Chen Wu could bend even a thick metal board.

Let alone the fleshy human body, Chen Wu could even turn a durable maglev car into a pile of scrap metal in a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was just in his early twenties, so he still had great potential for growth.
He would have no problems surpassing Chen Wu’s punching power record.

“Old Man Xu, you jest.
This is but the result Little Brother Shi Feng has achieved using only his physical strength.
If he used internal force, he would have surpassed my record.
Moreover, I have also heard that Little Brother Shi Feng has long since beaten my record.
It seems the newest record right now is 576kg.” Chen Wu laughed bitterly.

“Yes, that’s right.
This record was indeed set by Master Shi Feng.” Xiao Yu nodded.
“It seems that Master Shi Feng did not use his full power because he wishes to conserve his strength.”

“Internal force places a heavy burden on the body.
Since he needs to face off against Master Lei Bao in a moment, he naturally has to conserve his physical strength,” Chen Wu explained.

Nobody present knew just how demanding internal force was on a person’s body.
Even internal force experts would not casually use it.
Otherwise, they would be lying on the floor, unconscious, in just a few moves.
Hence, only a fool would use internal force in this test right now.

Seated in the back row of the VIP room, Zhao Ruoxi was very elated upon seeing Shi Feng’s test result.
Only she knew how much Shi Feng had improved.

Previously, Shi Feng’s test results without using internal force were less than 300kg.
After not seeing him for a period of time, Shi Feng’s punching power had actually exceeded the 400kg threshold.
If Chen Wu were to find out about this improvement, he would definitely jump up in shock.

However, as the occupants of the VIP room were conversing with each other, Lei Bao started his test.


Letting out a shout, Lei Bao transformed his palm into a fist, a boom resounding as he struck towards the punching machine.

The instant Lei Bao’s fist landed on the target, the spiraling force borne by the fist pierced the target.
Lei Bao’s fist ended up landing directly on the steel plate behind the target.


The durable steel plate was dented right away, and even the entire punching machine itself was knocked backwards.

Meanwhile, cracks also started appearing on the marble floor beneath Lei Bao’s feet, as if it had been struck by a sledgehammer.

Ding… Ding… Ding…

The punching machine rang continuously.

Most people in the spectator stands might be unfamiliar with this sound.
However, for those who frequently trained and tested themselves, this was a sound that garnered their reverence.

Because this sound was none other than the prompt for a record being broken.

At this moment, however, nobody in the spectator stands was reacting to the sounds produced by the punching machine, because everyone was completely stunned by Lei Bao’s destructive punch.

“Is he even human?!” Zhao Ruoxi’s alluring eyes widened, her attention fully focused on the value displayed by the punching power testing machine.

Six hundred fifty-six kilograms!

This record was far above the one Shi Feng had set.

“Sure enough, Lei Bao really is a martial arts prodigy.
Even the strength he has achieved through training is incomparable to that of ordinary people,” Chen Wu said, shocked.

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