Chapter 497 – Initial Mastery


The instant Lei Bao sent out his fearsome punch, Shi Feng hurriedly leaned back like an agile monkey; he did not attempt to block Lei Bao’s fist at all.

When Lei Bao’s fist was only centimeters away from its target, Shi Feng abruptly contracted his abdomen, narrowly avoiding the attack.

Lei Bao’s punch carried with it a fearsome shockwave.
Even through a layer of clothing, Shi Feng could feel his abdomen receiving part of the shockwave.
If that violent force landed directly on his body, the consequences would be unimaginable…


The members of the audience were stupefied once again.

“Tiger Roaring? How is this possible?” Seated in the VIP room on the second floor, Chen Wu saw Lei Bao’s punch, and his eyes glowed brightly and his heart thumped madly.
The ecstatic expression on his face made it seem as if he had just seen a peerless beauty.

“Tiger Roaring?” The spectators beside Chen Wu echoed his words in confusion.
However, seeing Chen Wu’s excited look, they could guess that it was a very powerful technique.

Chen Wu nodded.
With great excitement, he explained, “Only when a person has managed to merge both their internal and external power can they produce that kind of sound.
One could say that it is the proof that one has trained their body to its limits.
Normally, only experts at the grandmaster level are capable of such a feat.
I never imagined that Master Lei Bao had actually managed to achieve it so soon.
With this, it won’t be long before Master Lei Bao breaks through his limits and becomes a generation’s grandmaster!”

Countless martial arts masters had trained themselves desperately, yet still failed at combining their internal and external forces.
On the other hand, before even reaching the age of thirty, Lei Bao had already succeeded in pushing his body to its limits.
Now, he could utilize internal force freely, applying it to his every action.
He fit the term “martial arts prodigy” to a T.

Even if Shi Feng knew how to use internal force, when faced with Lei Bao, someone who had pushed his body to its limits, he had zero chance of victory.

While Chen Wu explained, the roars of tigers filled the arena.

Lei Bao’s every move was incomparably fierce, alternating between Collapsing Punch and Cannon Punch one after another.
Speed, accuracy, and ruthlessness, he made full use of all three of these aspects.
Afterimages of Lei Bao’s fists filled the ring.
Step by step, his violent attacks pressed Shi Feng harder and harder.
If Shi Feng stopped evading these attacks, only a tragic end awaited him.
Hence, Shi Feng had no choice but to keep retreating.

Although Lei Bao held an absolute advantage in this fight, Shi Feng had yet to receive a single blow even until now.

So strong!

With each step Shi Feng retreated, he could clearly feel the power behind Lei Bao’s punches growing ever so slightly; likewise, his fists were also speeding up.
If not for Shi Feng’s brain activity increasing, significantly improving his five senses and his control over his own body, Lei Bao would have defeated him in just a few moves.
Even so, Shi Feng could only last a few more moves right now.
He would still end up defeated soon.

It was no wonder Lei Bao was so confident that he could defeat him in ten moves.

In the next moment, Lei Bao’s body tilted forward slightly as he sent a Half-step Punch at Shi Feng’s face.
At this point, he had already cornered Shi Feng; there were no more paths of retreat available to him.

Suddenly, Shi Feng’s body swayed as he took the initiative to welcome this punch.

Is he trying to get himself killed?! Lei Bao was dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, outside the ring, everyone in the spectator stands thought they could foresee the ending scene of this competition.
Many already envisioned the instant Shi Feng’s head exploded into tiny little pieces.
Some of the more timid women, who could not bear to watch this gruesome scene, had immediately shut their eyes.


“It’s over!” Chen Wu could not help but exclaim.

Lei Bao’s punch could dent even a sturdy steel plate.
Yet, Shi Feng was actually using his head to meet Lei Bao’s fist…

The instant Shi Feng’s head was about to collide with Lei Bao’s iron fist…

Whether it was Shi Feng’s breathing or heartbeat, both seemed to have stopped completely.

Before Lei Bao could react, he discovered that his fist had actually brushed past Shi Feng’s face, only scratching the young man’s cheek and leaving behind a small bloodstain.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s fist had somehow landed on Lei Bao’s abdomen already.

Lei Bao only felt a huge thrust on and pain in his abdomen.
Although he wanted to use the power in his muscles to dispel this force, he suddenly discovered that he actually could not, even in the slightest.
Like a steel needle, this force penetrated directly into his body.
In the next moment, his entire person went flying across the ring.
When his body landed heavily on the floor, he immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood.
At this point, he could no longer continue fighting.

For a time, everyone in the assembly hall was completely flabbergasted.

Originally, this competition’s outcome should have been Lei Bao’s victory.
Yet, such a sudden reversal had actually happened.
Nobody in the audience had even managed to get a clear view of what had happened.

They had only seen Lei Bao’s fist penetrating Shi Feng’s head.
In the next moment, Shi Feng’s fist was already on Lei Bao’s abdomen, and in the end, Shi Feng was the victor of this competition.

“Master Chen Wu, you are an expert yourself.
Can you tell us what exactly happened just now?” Xu Wenqing was extremely curious about this situation.

Everyone else seated near Chen Wu promptly turned to look at the martial arts master as well, hoping to obtain an answer from him.

After some time passed…

“I have no idea, either,” Chen Wu said as he shook his head.

The two’s exchange had simply been too fast.
Their speeds were already beyond what he could respond to.
Hence, not even he knew what Shi Feng had done exactly.
He only knew that Lei Bao’s lethal punch had not landed on Shi Feng.

However, who was Lei Bao?

Back then, the situation had already reached the point of no return.
Even if Lei Bao did not wish to kill Shi Feng, he could do nothing to change the sudden development.

Yet, Shi Feng had actually managed to evade Lei Bao’s punch.

Even more inconceivably, Chen Wu had not even seen when Shi Feng punched.
Even Lei Bao had failed to react to the attack in time.


At this moment, Lei Bao managed to pull himself back to his feet, and his eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at Shi Feng who was currently standing proudly and calmly in the ring.

Others might not have seen what had happened before, but when Lei Bao carefully tried recalling it, he immediately came to a realization.

However, Lei Bao simply could not bring himself to believe that…

A student barely in his twenties had actually broken past his body’s limits and taken that first step ahead of him.
Although it was only for an instant, Lei Bao had seen it very clearly.

Midway through Shi Feng’s charge, Shi Feng’s body had actually accelerated once more.
At the moment of life and death, Shi Feng had actually managed to evade his fist and, in turn, landed a punch on him.


While the audience had their heads in the clouds, trying to recall the scene where Shi Feng defeated Lei Bao, Zhang Luowei and Lan Hailong, seated in the spectator stands, were both frozen with fear.

Their hearts were also filled with immense regret.
For a moment, they looked like they had aged more than a dozen years.

After this battle, everybody would know about Shi Feng.
His future would also be limitless.
As of this moment, he was already a big shot of Jin Hai City.

Meanwhile, Zhang Luowei, as Shi Feng’s fellow student, had actually tried to take action against Shi Feng.
Looking back at his past actions, he had simply been seeking his own death.


As for Lan Hailong, if he had known before that Shi Feng was actually so powerful, he would have long since given his all to recruit Shi Feng.
He definitely would not have feuded with Shi Feng over a measly Ling Feilong.

At this point, both Zhang Luowei and Lan Hailong entertained thoughts of getting rid of Ling Feilong.

If not for that damnable Ling Feilong’s little tricks, they would have long since climbed onto Shi Feng’s massive boat and ridden along his waves of success, instead of being enemies with Shi Feng as they were right now.

“Luowei, tomorrow, you and I will both go and meet with Shi Feng.
If we do not dispel the rage in his heart, our future will be grim,” Lan Hailong whispered helplessly.

Fortunately, we only have a minor dispute with Shi Feng.
The main problem is Ling Feilong.
After we return, we must make a clean break with him.
It would be best if we taught Ling Feilong a lesson as well.
Perhaps this might even make Shi Feng forget about all the earlier unpleasantries.” Although Zhang Luowei was extremely reluctant, he still nodded his head heavily in reply to Lan Hailong’s words.

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