Chapter 520 – Expert Hidden in the Dark

Overwhelming Smile’s 100-man team currently grinded a Dragonmen Nest in shifts.

In the Dragon Ridge, Dragonmen Nests were considered treasure lands.
One could find various treasure chests inside these Nests.
Moreover, at least one Boss guarded every Nest.
These Bosses were usually Chieftain and Lord rank, but rarely the latter.
Nests were also high-resource areas, and they were suitable locations for elite teams to level up and upgrade their equipment.

This 100-man team from Overwhelming Smile had not noticed Shi Feng’s slow approach at all.

However, when Shi Feng was roughly 100 yards away from the team, he suddenly stopped.

“Why is he here?”

Shi Feng was confused when he saw the thinly-built man standing at the forefront of Overwhelming Smile’s team.

Shi Feng’s equipment and Attributes far surpassed current players of God’s Domain.
Moreover, with a powerful identification skill like the Omniscient Eyes, his vision was naturally superior to ordinary players.
Even during at night, his vision was not significantly affected.

Meanwhile, the thinly-built man he saw was none other than War Wolf, a true top-tier expert he had met several times before.
At this moment, War Wolf was already a Level 27 Tier 1 Shield Warrior.
His equipment had also undergone major changes.
Currently, he wore nothing but Level 25 Dark-Gold ranked items, and his HP was close to 7,000.
Compared to Zero Wing’s Chief MT, Cola, War Wolf was only slightly inferior.
However, the most significant change about the man would have to be the Guild Emblem on his chest.

Shi Feng had once attempted to recruit War Wolf to Zero Wing.
However, the latter had expressed his dislike of being bound by a Guild, so Shi Feng had given up.
Yet, now, not only had War Wolf joined a Guild, but the Guild he had joined was also Overwhelming Smile…

How could this not shock Shi Feng?

No wonder Overwhelming Smile’s Dungeon raiding progress in Maple City is so fast.
It turns out that they have his help.
Shi Feng came to a realization.
He had personally witnessed how skilled War Wolf was.
With the help of the Tier 1 Shield Warrior, Overwhelming Smile would not need long to clear a Team Dungeon.

However, Shi Feng could not figure out just how Overwhelming Smile had managed to persuade War Wolf.

On this 100-man elite team, aside from War Wolf, Shi Feng could also see several more experts.
These people were clearly different from the elite members of Overwhelming Smile.
A decisive aura surrounded their bodies, and in terms of attacking and dodging, they were obviously a cut above Overwhelming Smile’s elite members.

Several of these experts had even reached the level of a true expert.
No matter which Guild they joined, they would be their Guild’s top combatants.
Regarding combat techniques and experience, none of these people were less than Ouroboros’s Soaring Snake.

Overwhelming Smile really knows how to hide its secrets.
Fortunately, I discovered this ahead of time.
If these people gradually accumulate their power in the dark, they will become a vicious threat to Zero Wing in the future.
After watching for some time, Shi Feng discovered that there were seven true experts in this 100-man team; including War Wolf, there were eight.

Not even Zero Wing possessed so many true experts.

Although the seven others were inferior to War Wolf, they were most likely stronger than; Cola and the Five Demon Generals only Flying Shadow of the Five Demon Generals was close to being a match for these seven experts.
If it really came down to a battle, if Flying Shadow did not possess the advantage in Attributes, he would not last against any of these experts.
The only ones who could contend with these seven people were Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, and Violet Cloud…

Of course, regarding growth potential, Cola alone was already far above these seven people, not to mention Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud who had the potential to reach God-tier.

In God’s Domain, every peerless expert capable of reaching God-tier was an extraordinary existence.
Experts who had only touched on the Refinement Realm stood no chance against them.

Furthermore, these experts’ combat techniques resembled War Wolf’s.
It was clear that they had only achieved the skill they had today after training with War Wolf for many years.
Meanwhile, Cola, Fire Dance, Flying Shadow, and the others were only ordinary people.
In the past, they had to rely on themselves and undergo countless trials and errors to attain what they had.

The number of experts in God’s Domain is limitless.
I really can’t afford to take things lightly.
After seeing these experts, Shi Feng suddenly felt that he was too negligent.

The world’s population was massive.
Adding to the fact that this was an era of technology and humanity as a whole focused on physical fitness, there were countless capable people throughout the world.
Even though he had been the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild in the past, he had only seen a small fraction of God’s Domain.
He was just a frog at the bottom of a well.
There were still plenty of secrets about God’s Domain that a minor character like him was not qualified to see.

Take War Wolf for example.
In the past, Shi Feng had never once heard of the man before, yet the strength War Wolf displayed was already so powerful.
He definitely had a high chance of becoming a Tier 6 god-ranked expert in the future.
Meanwhile, this was only Star-Moon Kingdom.
There were hundreds of kingdoms and empires in God’s Domain, and kingdoms held the fewest experts.
One could just imagine how many experts and secrets there were in God’s Domain that he was still unaware of.

It seems that I’ll have to proceed with the experts training plan quickly.
Although Shi Feng had wanted to train Fire Dance and the others, pushing them into the Refinement Realm to become true top-tier experts as soon as possible, he was simply too busy to do so.
He also did not have the appropriate facilities or supplies.
Hence, he had told Fire Dance and the others to train by themselves for now.

Seeing that War Wolf and his team ventured deeper into the Dragonmen’s Nest, Shi Feng did not rush to take action.
Instead, he followed after the team secretly, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

It was not because Shi Feng was incapable of killing these players.
Rather, he hoped to take care of these experts in one go.
It was especially true for War Wolf.
Before, although War Wolf was not his friend, they had not been enemies, either.
Now that War Wolf had joined Overwhelming Smile, however, that meant that War Wolf stood against Zero Wing.
Naturally, Shi Feng could not let him go.

However, Shi Feng was only one man.
Facing a team of a hundred players, if these elites focused on escaping with their lives, how could Shi Feng possibly kill every one of them? Not to mention, there were eight top-tier experts in their midst.
Among them, there was also a thorny existence like War Wolf.
If War Wolf and the seven other experts cooperated to deal with him, even Shi Feng would face the threat of death.

Hence, Shi Feng was not in a hurry to attack.

First and foremost, a good hunter required patience.
A hunter also needed to have a firm grasp of timing.
The first ambush was particularly important.
Shi Feng had long since become familiar with ambushing his enemies.
Unfortunately, the terrain was simply too spacious.
Forests also covered the surrounding environment, making it easy for players to escape and hide their trails.
Naturally, Shi Feng could not act rashly and prematurely expose himself.

Moreover, time was on his side at the moment.
It was already night-time in God’s Domain, and players’ vision significantly weakened during this time of day.
If Shi Feng hid under the cover of darkness, it would be even more difficult to discover him.
In addition, Shi Feng was currently Level 30.
He was much higher-leveled than the monsters inside the Dragonmen’s Nest, so it would not be easy for monsters to detect him.

Time passed slowly, and Shi Feng followed War Wolf’s team as they pushed deeper into the Nest.

With nothing better to do, Shi Feng opened Twilight Treasure Chests whenever Divine Providence was ready.

After the Icarus’s Heart had evolved, the Luck Attribute it provided had significantly increased.
Upon activating Divine Providence, Shi Feng’s Luck could reach a maximum of 32 points; that was 7 points higher than before.
With each use of Divine Providence, Shi Feng could open up to nine treasure chests, and among these nine treasure chests, there was a very high probability of Shi Feng obtaining one or two pieces of Tier 1 Set Equipment.

After Shi Feng had tailed War Wolf’s team for close to four hours, he had completed the Hurricane Set Equipment, the Tier 1 Set Equipment for Swordsman.

As expected of a godly tool.
I’ve only gone through half of the treasure chests, and already, I’ve completed a set of Tier 1 Set Equipment.
If I can upgrade the Icarus’s Heart to Epic rank and open up the remaining Twilight Treasure Chests, I might complete the Tier 1 Set Equipment for all classes.
Shi Feng grew excited as he smiled at the brand-new Hurricane Set Equipment inside his bag.

As a Tier 1 Set Equipment for Swordsmen, the Hurricane Set was only inferior to an Epic Set Equipment.
It was far superior to the Level 20 Dark-Gold ranked Dragonclaw Set Equipment he currently wore.
Moreover, unlike the Dragonclaw Set, the Hurricane Set specifically catered to Swordsmen.

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