Chapter 531 – Frightening Talent

“I’ve already set this place as a Special Forging Room.
You will have a higher success rate than even in the Advanced Forging Rooms with any items you forge in here.
The effects are especially obvious when you forge complicated and high-quality items.”

Hearing Shi Feng’s explanation, Melancholic Smile and the others were so excited that they were speechless.

This surprise was simply too huge.

Players who had never produced a high-quality item before had no idea how difficult it was to produce one.
It was an extremely delicate job.
Not only was the success rate very low, but the slightest mistake would also result in the item’s destruction.

Naturally, practicing the forging process for a long time would help significantly.
However, high-quality materials were extremely rare.
They had no opportunity to experiment and familiarize themselves with the forging procedures.
They could rely on their experience and hope that, after repeatedly producing the item, they would become proficient with the design and reduce the amount of wasted materials.

With this Simulation Device, however, they could practice as much as they wanted to, constantly modifying and upgrading their techniques.
This would be of immeasurable help to them.

Moreover, after players became Forgers in God’s Domain, if they wished to become a Master Forger, they had to create their own items.
Otherwise, it would not be possible for one to become a Master Forger at all.
Hence, players normally began to accumulate experience of creating items when they became Basic Forgers.
By the time they became Advanced Forgers, they would attempt to create new items constantly.

However, with this Simulation Device, they could save a significant amount of time and effort.

Of course, this did not come without a price.
The Simulation Device needed energy to run, and Magic Crystals supplied that energy.
Fortunately, it was relatively easy to obtain Magic Crystals.
After all, they had a certain drop-rate from Dungeons.

“Guild Leader, you’re too awesome!” Indescribable joy filled Cream Cocoa when she stepped into the room.

Although Melancholic Smile and Roasted Ironheart were not as simple-minded and pure as Cream Cocoa, not revealing their thoughts so easily, they still could not help but approach the magic waterball when they entered the room.
They loved all of the tools in this room so much that they simply could not bear to part with them.
They would not trade this forging room away even if someone offered them a luxury car.

The value of this Special Forging Room far surpassed those luxury cars.
Moreover, one could not buy a Special Forging Room so easily.

In the Forging Association, the Advanced Forging Room was the best one could rent.
Special Forging Rooms were only available in 2-star Shops or above.

This was also why so many players in the past had dreamed of upgrading their Shops to 2-star status.

The fragrant aroma inside the Special Forging Room relaxed anyone who came into contact with it.
The environment inside the room could also be adjusted to suit the user.
Just the impact the forging room provided to one’s mental state was significant.
Using this room was practically a luxury.
Not to mention, the Flame and tools in an Advanced Forging Room could not compare to those in this room.

Although the Flame in the Special Forging Room could not match a Tier 2 Mysterious Flame, it was very close.
However, Shi Feng had already switched the Flame here to the Ice-Blue Devil Flame, further increasing the forging success rate.

“The Special Forging Rooms are extremely limited in number.
A 2-star Shop only has five rooms.
Among them, I have reserved three for you guys.
I’ve already given you the authority over these rooms, so you will only be able to enter your respective Special Forging Room.
As for the remaining two, I’ve set one as an Alchemy Room and the other as a Forging Room.
Melancholic, if you find anyone talented in alchemy or forging, you can let them use these two rooms.
However, you must first have them sign another contract.
The effects that Special Workshops provide are extraordinary.
It improves a player’s techniques; it is far more valuable than any mere forging design,” Shi Feng said sternly.

“Guild Leader, you can rest assured; I won’t allow any of those traitorous bastards near these Special Forging Rooms,” Melancholic Smile assured.

While it was difficult to obtain forging designs in God’s Domain, it was many times more difficult to train a highly skilled Lifestyle player.

This was precisely the function of these Special Training Rooms, so they would not use them to nurture traitors.

Afterward, Shi Feng let Melancholic Smile handle the remaining matters regarding the Candlelight Trading Firm and logged out of the game.

It was already daytime in the real world, with the sun shining brightly in the sky.

I played for so long and never noticed.
Shi Feng smiled bitterly when he looked at the time, discovering that it was already nearing 1 pm.

However, there was nothing Shi Feng could do about that.
Not only had he come across such a priceless opportunity to evolve the Icarus’s Heart, but he had also obtained a Shop Promotion Order.
He could not log out of the game even if he wanted to.

After Shi Feng ate and was about to rest, his quantum watch rang.

“Hello, Master Shi Feng.
I have completed the task you requested yesterday.
You can have people visit the training area at any time,” the female assistant, Liang Jing, reported respectfully through the video call.

Ever since the fight at Big Dipper, he had become popular in Jin Hai City.
Many of Jin Hai City’s powerful figures hoped to meet with Shi Feng.
Unfortunately, Shi Feng had rejected all of these requests.
He had not been trying to be arrogant by doing so; he just did not have the time to spare.

His future development was not aimed towards the world of fighting, but towards God’s Domain.
Naturally, he could not waste too much time and effort on physical competition.

Besides, these interpersonal relationships mattered little to Shi Feng.

If not for his victory over a top-tier master like Lei Bao, these people would not attempt to befriend him.
If he had not defeated Lei Bao, these people would not even care if he existed.

In other words, a person’s strength was the key to success.

As long as he continued to grow stronger, many more high-profile figures would seek his company.

Hence, Shi Feng had instructed Liang Jing to handle these affairs for him, and he had to admit that this female assistant was quite capable.
Not only had she managed to dismiss all those who wanted to meet him, but she had also done it in a way that satisfied everyone.

However, all these were only small matters.
What truly amazed Shi Feng was her integration of Big Dipper’s inner training area and the training system’s improvement.

Even Shi Feng admired Liang Jing’s capabilities.
She had actually accomplished all of this in such a short time.

No wonder Chairman Xiao had her as his Head Assistant.
Shi Feng read through the information Liang Jing had sent, shocked by what he saw.
This was the first time Shi Feng had seen such management abilities.
She was leaps and bounds above a manager like Blackie.

Management talent?

Shi Feng suddenly thought of another matter.

The Guild’s daily affairs have hampered Aqua’s progress of her combat techniques lately.
Moreover, I will also need someone to help integrate the Candlelight Trading Firm and Zero Wing.
Melancholic Smile has been busy dealing with this so far, not giving her much time to improve her own forging techniques either.
At this rate, the two of them will soon be buried in management work.
What if I have Liang Jing handle these affairs?
Shi Feng pondered as he gazed at Liang Jing’s image on the screen.

If he had someone who could liberate Aqua Rose and Melancholic Smile from their management duties, allowing them to display their original talent fully, it would benefit both Zero Wing and the Candlelight Trading Firm’s development.
Liang Jing was a very good option for this position.

However, Liang Jing was Xiao Yu’s subordinate.
Meanwhile, both Zero Wing and the Candlelight Trading Firm possessed many secrets.
It was an extreme risk to hand their management over to an outsider.
There was also the fact that Shi Feng had little to no knowledge of this female assistant.

While Shi Feng focused on Liang Jing, the latter also noticed Shi Feng’s odd gaze, and she could not help her discomfort.

He couldn’t be…

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