Chapter 540 – Grand Gathering

While Shi Feng hunted and harvested members of Overwhelming Smile…

White River City had become the focal point of Star-Moon Kingdom.
Many upper managers from first-rate and second-rate Guilds had arrived in White River City.

“What’s going on? Why are so many Guilds in White River City? I’ve never seen many of them before.”

“I heard that they’ve come to partner with the Candlelight Trading Firm.
There are even Guilds from the surrounding kingdoms, including the Black Dragon Empire who have shown up, let alone Star-Moon Kingdom’s Guilds.”

“Weren’t others saying how empire players were much stronger than kingdom players? That doesn’t seem to be the case to me.
In the end, haven’t they still come over to our White River City for some advantage?”

“They’ve only come here because of the Candlelight Trading Firm.
Look at the other kingdoms.
Which one of them possesses a Shop that sells Intermediate Mana Armor Kits? Right now, nobody has any Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment for sale at all.
Meanwhile, the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits are even more powerful than Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment, and the Candlelight Trading Firm can produce it in large quantities.
Having it and not can make a huge difference to Dungeon-raiding progress and PvP fights.
Naturally, these Guilds realize how important such an item is.”

The players filling White River City’s streets and alleyways discussed the large number of Guilds gathering in White River City, and a sense of pride bloomed in their hearts.
No one would have thought that a Lifestyle Guild could possess so much influence.

“Damn! Why have so many people come here?!” At this moment, Feng Xuanyang watched the growing number of Guild representatives enter the Candlelight Trading Firm, wrathful flames burning in his eyes.

To collect the required 1,500 Gold, he had gone through a lot of trouble to sell the Light Stones; he also had to add in a large sum of his own Credits.
Meanwhile, it was obvious that the reason many Guilds had come here today was none other than to purchase the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits.

The Candlelight Trading Firm did not offer a large supply of Intermediate Mana Armor Kits.
It had been a huge challenge for him to buy 300 kits for himself.
Now that more competitors had appeared, his chances of fulfilling that quota had shrunk further.

Among the Guilds that had arrived, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion from the Black Dragon Empire was the most powerful.
It was the first-rate Guild that was the closest to becoming a Super Guild.
Unfortunately, the Pavilion was younger than those true Super Guilds, having been established later.
Otherwise, it would have joined the Super Guilds’ ranks by now.

Meanwhile, the force and financial prowess backing the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was no less than that of an organization like Underworld.
Currently, the Pavilion was the Black Dragon Empire’s number one Guild.
Other first-rate Guilds stood no chance against it.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had sent one of its two Pavilion Masters, the Dragon Pavilion Master, as its representative.
In the Guild, the Dragon Pavilion Master’s status was only below that of the Great Pavilion Master.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s management style was different from other Guilds.
Normally, a Guild’s management personnel consisted of the Guild Leader, Vice Leaders, Elders, and so on.
On the other hand, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could be split into two Pavilions: the Dragon Pavilion and the Phoenix Pavilion.
Each Pavilion was the equivalent of a single Guild, and both Pavilions developed themselves independent of each other.
Meanwhile, a Pavilion Master governed each Pavilion.
One could say that the Pavilion Masters were the equivalents of the Guild Leader of a Guild.
Moreover, the influence each Pavilion wielded equaled that of a top-tier first-rate Guild.
With both Pavilions merged, one could just imagine how powerful the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was.

The Great Pavilion Master managed the coordination between the two Pavilions.
This Great Pavilion Master was extremely mysterious and secretive.
Even until now, there had yet to be anyone who knew the Great Pavilion Master’s identity.
However, the fact that this person was capable of managing two first-rate Guilds at the same time showed how capable they were.

“Young Master Feng, we should be celebrating!” the slightly chubby man beside Feng Xuanyang said, smiling.

“Celebratory Alcohol, what are you trying to say?” Feng Xuanyang frowned, saying, “With so many competitors here right now, how will I possibly be able to buy 300 Intermediate Mana Armor Kits?”

“Young Master Feng, hasn’t our initial goal been to defeat the Candlelight Trading Firm and establish our own trade empire in White River City?” Celebratory Alcohol slowly explained, “If only little fish and shrimp visit the firm, it would indeed be a good thing for the Candlelight Trading Firm.
However, those who have arrived are all tigers and leopards; this is not good news for the Trading Firm.

“Think about it; the people that have shown up are either here to purchase the Candlelight Trading Firm or seek a partnership.
However, who doesn’t want to monopolize the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits for themselves? It is especially true for the people from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.
In order to become a true Super Guild, the Pavilion has ignored all costs and recruited a large number of experts.
They even managed to recruit five of last year’s top ten newcomers to the virtual gaming world, not to mention experts who have already been famous for many years.

“Currently, the Intermediate Mana Armor Kit is the perfect item for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to advance itself.
Naturally, the Guild will not let go of this chance to obtain the kit for itself.
The other Guilds should feel the same.

“However, Young Master Feng, you have personally seen the personality of the Candlelight Trading Firm’s manager.
Even Miss Youlan was helpless against her.
One can just imagine what kind of response these newly arrived Guilds will receive.
At that time, things will definitely end on a sour note, and the Candlelight Trading Firm will make enemies of the various Guilds.
At that time, not only will we have the opportunity to complete the task given by the higher-ups, but we can also take the opportunity to deal with the Candlelight Trading Firm.”

When Celebratory Alcohol finished speaking, realization dawned upon Feng Xuanyang.

“You’re right! We’ll have a good show to watch this time!” Feng Xuanyang began laughing madly.

On the surface, although this seemed like a grand gathering, in reality, it was a festival of murder.

If the Candlelight Trading Firm offended the Guilds that had arrived, these Guilds would hold nothing back to suppress the Candlelight Trading Firm.
If Underworld added fuel to the fire, who would dare to supply the Candlelight Trading Firm? Who would dare sell their materials to the Candlelight Trading Firm? Any Guild or Workshop that did would lose any hope of succeeding in God’s Domain.
Even if the Candlelight Trading Firm were only a Lifestyle Guild and could not be dealt with like a Combat Guild, it could not survive without materials, forging designs, recipes, and other such items.
Sooner or later, the items that were highly sought after now would become obsolete.
At that time, the Candlelight Trading Firm would be finished.

“Big Sis Melancholic, there are so many Guilds in the first floor’s hall today that I nearly lost count.
There are over a hundred Guilds who registered to meet with us to discuss business.
Among them, there are over a dozen first-rate Guilds.
It also seems that they have come with bad intentions.
What should we do?” one of Melancholic Smile’s female assistants asked nervously.

No ordinary player would ever have dreamed such a scene.

Star-Moon Kingdom only had several first-rate Guilds.
Now, not only had every one of these first-rate Guilds arrived, but there were even first-rate and second-rate Guilds from other kingdoms and empires as well.

“I understand.
Have the NPCs welcome them for now.
I’ll try to think of a solution in the meantime.”

Melancholic Smile also struggled with the situation.
She had never expected that the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits would have such a huge influence.
They had attracted a pack of hungry wolves and beasts to their doorstep.

If she had known something like this would happen, she never would have suggested that Shi Feng sell the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits.
Even if they wanted to sell them, they should have only done so after the Candlelight Trading Firm had secured its position in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Now, however, they were surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Although Melancholic Smile really wished to solve this problem by herself, she could not come up with any ideas.
This situation was different than the previous one she had handled with the Guilds.
If she approached this forcefully, she would offend the major powers of several kingdoms and an empire.
To put it simply, she would be seeking her own death.

Helpless, Melancholic Smile had no choice but to contact Shi Feng.
She was truly out of options, and she could only hope that Shi Feng had something up his sleeve…

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