Chapter 556 – Might of a Sword Master

“He actually died, just like that…”

“That’s Martial Dragon! How could someone possibly kill him with one hit?! When did that frightening NPC appear?!”

For a time, the upper managers of the various Guilds spectating the battle were stupefied.


Martial Dragon’s abrupt death stopped the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members’ rising momentum cold.

As the Commander of the War Dragon Legion, Martial Dragon had never died, not even once, ever since he entered God’s Domain.
Not even Hell Mode Team Dungeons could end his life.

The elites of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and the members of the War Dragon Legion all admired Martial Dragon greatly, using him as their role model.

One could say that Martial Dragon was the symbol of the War Dragon Legion, as well as the legion’s backbone.

Now that their backbone suddenly disappeared, even the members of the War Dragon Legion were dumbfounded.

They had never once thought that Martial Dragon would die.
As if adding insult to injury, he was a casualty in a war of annihilation against a small Guild.

“That damnable Black Flame! He actually has another hidden trump card!” A chilling light flashed across Nine Dragons Emperor’s eyes as he glared at Shi Feng.
“However, even if you have the help of a Level 40 Tier 2 NPC, you will all still perish today! Uncle Chen, head into the battlefield with Blood Dragon! Do not let Black Flame get away at all costs! The same goes for that Tier 2 NPC!”

Martial Dragon was renowned throughout the entire virtual gaming world.
He was practically synonymous with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and was also the proof of the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion’s strength.

Yet, now, Martial Dragon had actually been killed in a war with a minor Guild like Zero Wing.

If news of this matter were to spread, the damage to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s reputation would be severe.

At this moment, the only way to redeem the Pavilion’s reputation was to thoroughly consign Zero Wing to history and have everyone know what the consequences were for angering the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

Presently, Zero Wing had only a small number of members left alive.
On the other hand, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion suffered only minimal losses among its main experts.
Although a Tier 2 NPC was mighty, fortunately, it was just a Level 40 NPC—roughly equivalent to a Level 40 Lord.
With the number of experts in the War Dragon Legion, they could easily defeat a Level 40 Lord.

“Understood!” The old man addressed as Uncle Chen bowed and departed.

From an outsider’s point of view, this Uncle Chen was only a butler of Nine Dragons Emperor.
However, every upper manager in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion knew that this old man with a head full of white hair was not just Nine Dragons Emperor’s butler.
He was the third person to command the War Dragon Legion, Dust Dragon.
However, this detail was something in the annals of history.

Currently, most people had long since forgotten that this elderly man named Uncle Chen was the almighty Dust Dragon of the past.

When the War Dragon Legion received the command, they immediately went into a frenzy.
They no longer bothered targeting the elites of Zero Wing.
Instead, hundreds of them encircled Shi Feng and Kite.

Every one of these hundreds of experts was Level 27 or above, and they all wore top-tier equipment.
Moreover, at this Level, most players had at least some equipment with the Ignore Levels Attribute.
In other words, members of the War Dragon Legion would not have to worry about level suppression when fighting Kite, a Level 40 NPC.

Normally, the War Dragon Legion members could trounce a Level 40 Field Lord with just a single 20-man team.
Meanwhile, hundreds of them were present right now.
Blood Dragon, a Branch Leader of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, and Dust Dragon, a former Commander of the War Dragon Legion, were even leading the legionnaires personally.
Even if the enemy was a Level 40 High Lord, they could still defeat it.

“Hahaha! Black Flame is doomed for sure this time! Rather than dealing a blow to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s momentum, he has instead angered the Pavilion even more!” Feng Xuanyang could not help but chortle when he saw this scene.

“Not only is he surrounded by so many top-tier experts, but he also can’t use any of his Skills.
If we Seven Ghosts were in such a situation, we would still face annihilation even if all of us worked together,” Third Ghost commented.

Everyone had originally been fearful of Martial Dragon already.
Now that they saw this scene…

They finally realized just how powerful the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was.

“The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s true strength is simply too powerful.
It really isn’t something we first-rate Guilds can hope to contend with.
It seems that I’ll have to make some changes to our future development plans.”

Galaxy Past felt helpless as he looked at the tightly packed members of the War Dragon Legion.

Top-tier experts were individuals that large Guilds would only rarely encounter.
Yet, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion actually managed to dispatch a thousand of them.

With such power, who could possibly oppose the Pavilion?

Galaxy Past had even visualized the Star Alliance being in Zero Wing’s place right now.

In the end, he concluded that the Star Alliance would not fare any better than Zero Wing.
In other words, not to mention the Phoenix Pavilion of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, just the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion alone was enough to annihilate the Star Alliance.

The gap between a first-rate Guild and a super-first-rate Guild was simply hopeless…

“Guild Leader, look! Black Flame has begun taking action!” Purple Eye, who was standing beside Galaxy Past, recalled him to the battle at hand.

Zero Wing’s destruction was inevitable.
The only thing worth watching now was seeing how many experts of the War Dragon Legion Black Flame would manage to kill.

As for escaping?

That was practically impossible.
As the Guild Leader, if Black Flame abandoned his own Guild Residence to escape, he would only turn himself into a laughingstock.
His only option now was to fight till the bitter end.

Either he survived by forcing his enemies to retreat, or he perished along with his Guild Residence.
There was no third option.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng, along with Kite, dashed directly towards the oncoming army of experts.
They did not bother taking a roundabout route to conduct guerrilla warfare.

“Has this Black Flame lost his mind?” Galaxy Past watched Shi Feng’s movement patterns with utter bewilderment.

When the enemy had the advantage in numbers, one would normally apply hit-and-run tactics to avoid letting their enemies completely surround them.
Applying such guerrilla tactics would yield tremendous results especially when one’s combat power was significantly superior to the enemies’.

However, Shi Feng had actually taken the initiative to charge into the enemy’s encirclement.
He was simply trying to get himself killed!

“Since you wish to die, let me grant you that wish!”

Blood Dragon revealed a sinister sneer.
Back when the Curse Scrolls were used, he had been outside the effective radius of Dark God’s Descent.
Hence, when Blood Dragon was only thirty yards away from Shi Feng, he immediately activated Charge.
He then raised his sword, activating Heavy Chop as he swung the weapon at Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, Dust Dragon, who was a short distance away, had similarly used Charge.
He had timed his Skill perfectly so that he would arrive just a moment later than Blood Dragon, preventing Shi Feng from blocking both of their attacks.

In God’s Domain, although a person might seem old, their bodies in the game remained strong.
Hence, there was not much of a difference between Dust Dragon’s current combat power and his combat power back when he was still in his prime.
On the contrary, his combat experience far surpassed the ordinary person’s.
He was like a living fossil of the virtual gaming world.
He had long since reached the realm of perfection in the control and usage of techniques.

“Looking to die?” Shi Feng could not help but smile when he looked at the two people swiftly approaching him.

Kite was no ordinary NPC.
He was a Dark-Gold ranked Personal Guard, and he could easily beat up a player of the same Level and Tier.

When Kite was still a Tier 1 Swordsman, he was already capable of contending against a High Lord of the same Level.

Contending against higher Levels might be a different story, but with his strength back to that of a Tier 2 Sword Master, he could even go toe-to-toe with a Level 40 Great Lord now.

What did a Level 40 Great Lord hint at?

The Final Boss of a Level 20, 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeon was only a Level 20 Great Lord.
But there had yet to be a single person daring enough to go challenge such a monster even until now.

Out in the fields, a Level 40 Great Lord would annihilate a 1,000-man team of Level 40 players, not to mention a 100-man team.

Meanwhile, the War Dragon Legion consisted of only several hundred players.
Moreover, none of them was even close to reaching Level 40 yet.
They also did not possess any Level 40 top-tier equipment.
Yet, they still dared to come charging over…

Their recklessness left Shi Feng speechless.

If he truly had to describe them, he would say that they were “remarkably courageous”!

The moment Blood Dragon and Dust Dragon came rushing over, Kite moved in front of Shi Feng.
The Sword Master then swung his sword down at the two aggressors.
Instantly, dozens of wind blades struck both Blood Dragon and Dust Dragon from all sides.
In the blink of an eye, both Berserkers were lying on the ground, already dead.

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