Chapter 609 – Instant Strike

While Shi Feng was continuously rehearsing the Tier 2 Taboo Skill Instant Strike, a great upheaval rocked the Evil Ghost Domain.

The entire District Five was destroyed overnight, and over half of the District’s players had disappeared.

To the players in the Evil Ghost Domain, this was an inconceivable situation.
Just what could actually wipe out the Evil Ghost Domain’s fifth-ranking Shelter?

Not a single Shelter in the Evil Ghost Domain would be capable of going up against such a frightening power.

Suddenly, a strong sense of crisis filled the air of the entire Evil Ghost Domain.

District One’s Shelter.

“Leader Frost, what are we supposed to do now?” Best Reincarnation, the leader of the Second Party, asked worriedly.
“Based on the information we discovered, it seems that the assault on District Five comprised of a large number of powerful monsters—all Level 40 and above.
There were actually numerous Lords participating in the monster assault as well.

“However, this is still not the scariest part.
When our players went to investigate the situation at District Five, they encountered some survivors from the Shelter.
According to the survivors, the ones responsible for annihilating their District Five were not actually those Lords.
Instead, it was the doing of a much more powerful monster.
However, as they had been too far from the monster at the time, they did not get a clear look at what that monster was.
They only know that that monster had annihilated hundreds of players with just a wave of its hand using black flames.
It instantly killed even District Five’s strongest player, Punishment Day.

“If we remain in this area, it is quite likely that we will encounter that monster as well.

“Although District One is a lot stronger than District Five, against that rank of monster, we simply stand no chance at all.”

Everyone present fell silent at Best Reincarnation’s words.

The enemy that obliterated District Five was just too terrifying.

It had not been easy for them to raise their Shelter to the rank it had today.
If it was destroyed, then their Shelter’s rank would also fall by one, dropping from a Medium Shelter to a Small Shelter.
If that happened, the advantage of the Hundred Berry Wine they had possessed all this time would vanish as well.
There was also no telling whether they would be able to obtain the Hundred Berry Wine again the next time they upgraded their Shelter to a Medium Shelter.

Yet, if they moved their Shelter to a low-level area, the distance they had to travel every day would be extremely long and time-consuming.
They would most likely have to spend the entire day running just to commute between their leveling spots and the Shelter.
This would greatly impact the development of the Shelter.

“Everyone, listen to me.
This is an opportunity for our District One,” Blue Frost said after pondering for some time, an excited smile on his face.


“What opportunity?”

Everyone could not understand what was going through Blue Frost’s mind.

“I believe that you guys have heard of this as well.
After the incident with District Five, many Shelters that previously refused to join a Guild Force began changing their minds one after another.
They are all trying to gain the protection of Shelters run by Guild Forces.
In the worst-case scenario, they can also migrate directly to the Large Shelters of the Guild Forces and develop themselves there,” Blue Frost said.
“Meanwhile, our District One has also joined Zero Wing.
However, unlike the other Shelters, the Guild we joined is very strong.

“You guys must have seen the Teleportation Magic Array Design for yourselves.
Brother Ye Feng has also stated that, so long as we manage to gather the necessary materials, he will construct a Teleportation Magic Array for our Shelter.
If we manage to annex the other Shelters right now, our position in Zero Wing will also rise.
I believe that nobody present wishes to remain as just the party leader of a Shelter, right?”

All the party leaders expressed their agreement with Blue Frost’s words.
The things Zero Wing had revealed so far were already enough to show just how powerful the Guild was, particularly the frightening combat power Shi Feng had displayed as well as the funds that he had transferred to them.
Zero Wing had even provided them with a training facility.
As long as they made contributions to Zero Wing and raised their positions within the Guild, they would be able to head to Jin Hai City’s Big Dipper Training Center and undergo special training for their combat techniques.

Every city had their own martial arts dojos and training centers.
If one wanted to improve their combat techniques, it was definitely better to have someone guiding them.

They had previously conducted some investigations in the real world regarding the Big Dipper Training Center.
The moment they checked, however, they were shocked.

The Big Dipper Training Center actually had a martial arts master overseeing it.
Currently, the Big Dipper was already a famous training center, and many professional fighters from the surrounding cities had gone there to train.
It was no longer a place that ordinary people could enter.

Moreover, the amount one had to pay in order to become a member there was also not something ordinary people could afford.

Although their knowledge regarding first-rate Guilds was lacking, they knew full well just how precious a martial arts master was.
A martial arts master was the ultimate force of humans.
If they could receive pointers from a martial arts master, their combat techniques in God’s Domain would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing would allow them to undergo special training directly at the Big Dipper.
The Guild’s financial prowess and influence had thoroughly shattered their perception of ordinary Gaming Guilds.

Although they had earned quite a lot of money from playing God’s Domain, they were still far from being able to afford establishments like the Big Dipper Training Center.

If they could climb their way up to Zero Wing’s upper management, they would not have to worry about earning enough to support themselves in the future.

“I’m sure everyone clearly understands what a Teleportation Magic Array represents.
What we need to do now is annex the other Shelters and obtain the materials required for the Teleportation Magic Array as soon as possible.
Even if we retreat from this area, we can simply rely on the teleportation array to return here in the future.”

After listening to Blue Frost’s explanation, everyone nodded in agreement one after another.

Previously, they had found it simply too difficult to gain control over the other Shelters in the Evil Ghost Domain.
However, that changed after the incident with District Five.
If they had a teleportation array, the amount of money and resources they could earn would be endless.

Hence, the various party leaders began arranging workforces to collect the materials required for the Teleportation Magic Array.
At the same time, they also tried persuading the other Shelters to subordinate themselves to District One’s Shelter.
That way, the members of these Shelters would get to use the teleportation array of District One.

Inside the Darkness Shrine, Shi Feng had already been rehearsing Instant Strike for five hours continuously now.

After just five hours of practice, it was as if Shi Feng was a veteran who had been practicing Instant Strike for many years.
His movements when executing the Taboo Skill were practically the same as the holographic video provided by the Skill Book.

I’m still off by a little.
Sure enough, a Tier 2 Taboo Skill is not that easy to master.

Although Shi Feng had already given his all to trying to raise his Completion Rate, his best record was 95%.
Right now, he could not increase it by even an additional percent.

Moreover, he had only managed to achieve this result because of the Abyssal Blade and the Hundred Berry Wine.
Otherwise, he would have taken several days to reach a 95% Skill Completion Rate with Instant Strike.

He did not have much time left to practice.
Each bottle of Hundred Berry Wine lasted only one hour—and he had just three more bottles on hand.
They would not last him till the very end.

“Human, you should give up.
The might of a Tier 2 Taboo Skill is simply too immense.
It is not that I am trying to look down on you.
However, if you wish to grasp a Tier 2 Taboo Skill, you will need another ten days of hard work at the very least.” Serena could discern Shi Feng’s current progress in a single glance.
“Presently, you have already grasped the motions of the Taboo Skill completely.
Unfortunately, your comprehension of the Skill is lacking.
With the remaining five hours you have, you would be fortunate to raise your Completion Rate by even just another 1%.”

“Lacking comprehension?” Shi Feng thought so as well.
It was just like when he had achieved a 101% Completion Rate with Chop.
That feeling had gone by in a flash, and he could not grab hold of it even if he wanted to.



Does the comprehension Serena is speaking of refer to compatibility?

Shi Feng did not give it too much thought.
He did not have much time left—not enough to wait out the 10-day Cooldown to challenge the World Summit again.
He then took out all the Hundred Berry Wine in his bag and consumed all three bottles in rapid succession.
Even with Shi Feng’s willpower and mental power, he still grew dizzy.

The Hundred Berry Wine was just like the Black Steel Beer.
The more one drank, the better the effect.
Correspondingly, however, the side effects also grew stronger.
It was best if players drank just one bottle at a time to maintain a clear mind, as players could steadily improve their Completion Rates and look for any shortcomings in their movements throughout the beverage’s effective duration.
Consuming too many bottles at once could result in players losing themselves to the alcohol.

Now, Shi Feng downed three bottles in one go.
His compatibility rate instantly soared.

This feeling is really great.

At this moment, Shi Feng felt as if he had become one with his sword.
When he drew the Abyssal Blade and executed Instant Strike, each and every one of his movements felt light and natural.
There was no excess power in any of his actions at all.

Then, Shi Feng’s initially smooth movements suddenly changed.
The afterimages of the Abyssal Blade, which were originally created due to Shi Feng’s overly fast speed, suddenly vanished.
The Abyssal Blade in Shi Feng’s hand also became clear and visible.
In the next moment, faint blue electric arcs manifested around Shi Feng’s body, filling the air with crackling sounds.
The places these electric arcs touched also charred.

System: Instant Strike Skill Completion Rate 100%.

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