Chapter 611 – Shrine Rewards

After Serena was done speaking, the Fallen Angel suddenly vanished.
At the same time, the volcanic hell that surrounded Shi Feng transformed into a golden Shrine with an altar before him.
Three Rainbow Treasure Chests were stacked up one upon another on the altar, and placed on top of these Treasure Chests was a thick and heavy black leather book.

“Victory at last!” Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief.

Serena was just too powerful.

Whether it was in terms of techniques or Basic Attributes, he was far inferior to the Fallen Angel.

Shi Feng and his doppelganger had sent out over a hundred attacks within the three seconds of Instant Strike’s duration.
Yet, Shi Feng had only managed to land a hit on Serena at the very last second.
The Fallen Angel’s strength was simply terrifying.

Most likely, even Kite would not be a match for Serena, who had suppressed her strength to Tier 1.

If Serena had suppressed her strength to Tier 2 instead of Tier 1, he would not have stood a chance against her at all.

Although Shi Feng had only managed to get through the test after immense difficulty, his harvest was similarly huge.

During his three seconds of frantic attacking, Shi Feng had thoroughly experienced Serena’s perfect sword defense technique firsthand.
He had seen for himself the sword technique of an NPC standing at the peak of God’s Domain.
This was not something just any player would get to enjoy, as normally, they would have killed with a single hit.

After Shi Feng reviewed his memories of the previous battle a few times, he walked up to the altar and carefully picked up the black leather book.

As soon as he did so, he felt a hard stare.

Moreover, this feeling was not just limited to one person staring at him.
Instead, he felt the gazes of a vast number of people.
Every one of these gazes felt cold and violent.
It was as if his body had submerged in a chilling, icy hell.

“Sure enough, the Bible of Darkness is not an ordinary item.” Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes and appraised the black leather book.

[Bible of Darkness] (Fragmented Legendary Item)

The Bible of Darkness had been destroyed during the Great Destruction.
However, the Power of Darkness contained within the Bible is extreme.
If one can gather the other fragments, they can restore the Bible’s power, gaining dominance over all Demonic Creatures and become the Lord of Demons.

“It’s actually a Fragmented Legendary item? I heard that the Bible of Darkness Fantasy Extinguisher had was an Epic item.
Was the one he obtained a replica?” Shi Feng muttered, feeling rather surprised as he looked at the quality of the Bible of Darkness in his hands.

However, after giving it some thought, Shi Feng felt it was possible.

With how powerful Serena was, Fantasy Extinguisher should not have been able to injure the Fallen Angel at all with the strength he had at that time.
It was highly possible that he had chosen the first option instead.

Meanwhile, Fantasy Extinguisher had managed to become a peerless expert in the Black Dragon Empire thanks to the Bible of Darkness.

With the help of the Bible of Darkness, Fantasy Extinguisher managed not only to become exceedingly powerful himself but also to increase the strength of his Guild significantly.
Only afterward did Blue Frost and the others from District One shine brightly.

Back then, countless Guilds had looked at Fantasy Extinguisher enviously.

There was nothing remarkable about owning a single Epic item.
However, the Bible of Darkness was no ordinary Epic item, as it held the power to increase the overall strength of a Guild.

The Bible of Darkness was capable of strengthening players with the Power of Darkness.
Not only could players receive a huge boost in Attributes, but they could also obtain an Enhanced Skill corresponding to their classes.

This was the reason why the Fantasy Shrine had managed to form the invincible Black Demon Legion in the past, allowing the Guild to become one of the tyrants of the Black Dragon Empire.
Back then, even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Blood Legion had not been a match for the Black Demon Legion.

If Fantasy Extinguisher had gained such achievements by relying on a replica, what would have happened if he had obtained the real Bible of Darkness? Most likely, the entire Black Dragon Empire would have fallen into the Fantasy Shrine’s hands. Shi Feng inwardly grew excited as he looked at the Bible of Darkness in his hands.

He had finally completed one of the steps required to become an overlord in God’s Domain.

Whether it was the Magic Weapon Abyssal Blade or the Fragmented Legendary ranked Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, both were items that focused on increasing his personal strength.
They were of little use in raising the overall strength of his Guild.
However, the Bible of Darkness was different.
It was an item focused on increasing the overall strength of many players.

With the Bible of Darkness in hand, he would be able to form a group of Black Demon Guards.
With his special training plan, he would be able to quickly establish a Black Demon Legion that surpassed even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Blood Legion.
At that time, who—in Star-Moon Kingdom—would be able to compete with him?

After some fantasizing, Shi Feng then stored the Bible of Darkness and shifted his gaze towards the three Rainbow Treasure Chests.

“I have really made a killing from the Epic Quest this time.
Not only did I get a Fragmented Legendary item, but I also obtained a Chapter of Shelter and a Magic Device Forging Design,” Shi Feng laughed.

He quickly tucked the contents of all three Rainbow Treasure Chests into his bag.

The first Rainbow Treasure Chest contained 188 Soul Crystals.
Though Shi Feng himself had no use for these things, he would be able to upgrade the Lions Bar to a 2-star Bar with this many Soul Crystals.
At that time, the production volume of the Hundred Berry Wine would increase to a level barely enough to supply the upper echelons of both District One and Zero Wing.

The second Rainbow Treasure Chest contained the Chapter of Shelter.

Before coming to the World Summit, Shi Feng had asked Blue Frost about Large Shelters in detail.

If a Small Shelter was akin to a small village, then a Medium Shelter was a small town, while a Large Shelter was a large town.

Why were so many Guild Forces madly accumulating resources and were adamant in upgrading a Shelter to a Large Shelter? It was because Larger Shelters possessed a certain degree of self-defense.

The number of players a Shelter could hold was not unlimited.
If players wished to become a resident of a Shelter, they had to register themselves with said Shelter.
Meanwhile, the number of players a Shelter could register was limited.
If there was no cap to registration, players within the Dark Den would have long since migrated to the best Shelters available to develop themselves.

It was also precisely this limitation that severely restricted the development speed of a Shelter.

A Small Shelter could register a maximum of 10,000 players, which was roughly equivalent to the member count of a small Guild.

Medium Shelters could register up to 30,000 players, which was roughly equivalent to the player population of a small town.
Aside from having a larger population, players could also construct some Specialty Buildings such as the Lions Bar in a Medium Shelter.
The overall strength of a Medium Shelter was significantly higher than a Small Shelter’s.

Meanwhile, when a Medium Shelter was upgraded to a Large Shelter, the number of players the Shelter could register would undergo a qualitative change, directly increasing to 100,000.
That number could practically rival the member count of a second-rate Guild.
Moreover, the functions of the Shelter would also increase notably.
The increase was not limited to just the Skill Books and Specialties supplied; players of the Shelter would also be able to tame Mounts.

Mounts could be said to be the lifeblood of players residing within the Dark Den.

With no Teleportation Magic Arrays in the Dark Den, players could only rely on their own two feet to travel to their desired destinations.
With a Mount, the mobility of players would improve significantly, and as a result, their strength would also rise much faster than before.

Hence, the various Guild Forces were desperately accumulating resources in order to create a Large Shelter of their own.
This was also why plenty of independent Shelters subordinated themselves to Guild Forces.
As long as they joined a Guild Force, they could head to the Large Shelter controlled by said Guild Force and purchase Mounts.
Otherwise, they would have to wait until their own Shelters were promoted into Large Shelters or try their luck in large-scale Team Dungeons.

Now that Shi Feng had the Chapter of Shelter, he could directly promote the Shelter of District One to a Large Shelter.
The players inside the Shelter could then begin to accumulate funds and resources.
As soon as they reached a sufficient Level, they would be able to purchase a Mount of their own.
Compared to the players of other Shelters, the players of District One would be able to save up on plenty of time.

“Although I’ve obtained the Chapter of Shelter, I still don’t have a way to return to the Shelter right now.
It seems that I can only wait until the Cooldown of the Position Teleportation Scroll ends before making another trip to District One’s Shelter.” Shi Feng suddenly recalled that he had arrived at the central area of the Dark Den through a teleportation gate.
As for the method of returning to the Evil Ghost Domain, he had no idea whatsoever.

With the items he came for in hand, Shi Feng did not continue idling around inside the Lord of Destruction’s Shrine.
He took out a Return Scroll and began chanting the incantation required to teleport back to White River City.

After twenty seconds passed, Shi Feng transformed into a streak of light and disappeared from the Shrine.

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