Chapter 613 – Peak of Star-Moon

The benefits Everlasting War had mentioned were quite tempting.

The Dark Arena was a place where the various international corporations around the world could secretly compete.

The resources and funding involved were on an entirely different level than ordinary arenas.
Even just 5% of the gambling rewards was sufficient to make someone a tycoon overnight.

Moreover, as one’s battle record in the Dark Arena grew, the bets on their matches also increased.
The income one could potentially earn through the Dark Arena could even tempt international fighters.
To virtual reality gaming experts, that was an astronomical number.

However, that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Based on what information Shi Feng had, in the past, any players who signed a contract with a battle team held extraordinary positions in the corporation that owned the team.
If it were a famous player such as Everlasting War, even the upper echelons of international corporations would treat them with respect.

The Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild did not even qualify to fawn over such players.
They were from entirely different worlds.

The third evolution of God’s Domain arrived too soon.
I did not expect these international corporations to discover the importance of expert players so quickly.
Shi Feng frowned, feeling disappointed.
It would have been great if these international corporations had only discovered this fact a few days after the selection tests.

However, since these international corporations had discovered the truth, he could not do anything to change it.

He was the Guild Leader of Zero Wing.
Moreover, in this life, he had sworn that he would not be controlled by others ever again.

“Brother Everlasting, since the higher-ups have made this decision, you will have to forgive me for not participating in the selection,” Shi Feng directly refused.

Although he could no doubt earn a lot of money, fame, and status in the Dark Arena, in the era of God’s Domain, a player could similarly obtain all of these things so long as they had the ability.

Since he could not earn a large sum of Credits through the Dark Arena, he just had to look for some other way.

As a reincarnator, he did not believe that he could not earn Credits from other avenues.

Particularly, from his trip to the Dark Den, he had obtained the Teleportation Magic Array Design and Magic Device Forging Design.
These two items were practically money-printing machines.
As long as he had enough raw materials, the money he could make would be astronomical.

Everlasting War was slightly stunned by Shi Feng’s reply.
He had not thought that Shi Feng would refuse his offer so decisively.
However, when he thought about Shi Feng’s skill, he hurriedly advised, “Brother Ye Feng, won’t you reconsider? At the end of the day, a Gaming Guild is only a Gaming Guild.
It is nothing compared to a major corporation that can affect the world’s economy.
With your skills, I guarantee that you’ll at least become vice-leader of the battle team.”

The team’s strength did not rely on a single person.
After all, each battle team could include up to ten members.
Naturally, the more experts there were in a team, the higher the team’s chances were of obtaining victory.

In Everlasting War’s opinion, Shi Feng could most likely rank within the top three within their battle team.

If they lost a top three expert, it would wound the battle team’s overall strength.

“Brother Everlasting, don’t waste your time trying to persuade me.
Moreover, I have many matters that I need to attend to.
Not being able to join is a good thing.
Anyways, I still have something to do, so I’ll talk to you another time.” Shi Feng disconnected the call.
He then entered the Library.

Meanwhile, Everlasting War could not help but sigh as he said, “Truly disappointing.”

“Disappointing? What’s there to be disappointed about? Isn’t he just a core member of a small Guild? How strong could he be? He must have realized how weak he actually is.
Do you know how many experts of God’s Domain and professional fighters are trying to join the Glorious Battle Team? Even if he shows up, he will never be selected.” A luxuriously dressed middle-aged woman standing across from Everlasting War disdainfully dismissed his concern.

Four bodyguards in black stood next to this woman.
All four radiated intimidating auras that were capable of making Everlasting War, someone who had once been a professional bodyguard, anxious.
Particularly, the rugged-looking man among these bodyguards was very famous in the bodyguard industry.
He was known as the Steel Guard, and even some international fighters were no match for him.

“Director Hua, Ye Feng is no ordinary expert.
If you can restore the recruitment conditions to what they were before and allow him to join the Glorious Battle Team, our chances of beating our next opponent, the Midday Wolves, will be much higher.
This will also greatly benefit the company,”  Everlasting War carefully suggested.

The changes in the battle team’s recruitment conditions were all due to this woman, Hua Qiushui, standing before him.
Although he did not understand why Hua Qiushui had suddenly changed the conditions, this last-minute adjustment troubled him, the leader of the battle team.
However, despite his annoyance, Hua Qiushui’s position was extraordinary.
A single word from her could easily leave him jobless.
Hence, he did not dare speak too boldly in front of her.

“Naturally, I have considered these changes carefully.
You only need to focus on how you’re going to defeat your next opponent.
He is merely a nameless expert.
Do you think that, just because we are missing one nameless expert, you’re going to lose against your next opponent?” Hua Qiushui questioned, her voice low and dangerous.
“He is just one less nameless expert participating in the selection.
There are plenty of God’s Domain experts coming to take the test.
Among them, many are well-known in the industry.
These people’s standards are far beyond his.
I think that Vice-Leader Journey Leave should administer the test this time around.
You should take this time to think of a strategy to deal with the Midday Wolves.”

Everlasting War’s words had clearly dissatisfied Hua Qiushui.
Without hesitation, she had stripped him of his duties for a few days.
Helpless, Everlasting War could only agree with the lady director.

Inside White River City’s Library:

After entering the Library, Shi Feng headed towards the building ’s top floor.

Two Level 180 Tier 2 White Robe Knights stood by the doors.
Normally, ordinary players would not dare approach the Star-Moon Hall.
However, Shi Feng had long since become a frequent visitor of this place.
Without hesitation, he walked past the Knights and opened the doors to the hall.

Sharlyn, who sat beside a table, looked at Shi Feng, mildly stating, “You’re here.”

Hearing Sharlyn’s intimate greeting, Shi Feng could not help but tense up.

Crap! I forgot to store the Coins in my bag! Seeing Sharlyn’s intimate smile, Shi Feng suddenly thought of the precious Coins he had in his bag.
This reaction was practically instinctual now.

Although Sharlyn was an NPC, she seemed more realistic than a real person.
Though she always appeared friendly, her actions said otherwise.

If not for a few tricks he hid up his sleeves, she would have bankrupted him long ago.

“Hahaha! Come over here; let me see what you’ve brought this time!” Sharlyn waved her hand at Shi Feng.
Suddenly, a huge force tugged at Shi Feng’s body, sending him flying towards Sharlyn.

Shi Feng was shocked at this sudden development.

After not meeting for some time, Sharlyn’s strength had increased once more.

Sharlyn, who had been a Tier 4 Great Divine Official, had now become a Level 200 Tier 5 Red Official.

At this point, Sharlyn was many times stronger than Weissman, White River City’s Magistrate.
She stood at the peak of Star-Moon Kingdom.

Although Shi Feng had long since known that Sharlyn was not an ordinary NPC and that her strength would increase significantly every time they met, her improvement speed was simply mind-blowing.
Even he, someone who had played God’s Domain for more than a decade, found it astonishing.

Just who is Sharlyn? Questions filled Shi Feng’s heart.

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