Chapter 625 – Team’s First Clear

After the Judgement of the Seven Stars suppressed the Bluefire Crow King, the blue flames it spewed posed no threat to anyone.
In addition, Shi Feng would always give a timely reminder before the Boss released its flames and .
Until now, the Crow King’s flames had not struck a single player.

However, when the Bluefire Crow King entered its third phase, the battle truly began.

They had all fought the Bluefire Crow King dozens of times now, but they always wiped at the Boss’s third phase.

Hence, now that the Bluefire Crow King entered this particular phase, they grew anxious.

If they were facing the Hard Mode Bluefire Crow King, they would not be worried at all.
After all, their team’s current combat power had reached a whole new level compared their last attempt.
It would be child’s play for them to conquer Hard Mode.
However, they were currently in the Hell Mode Ruins of the Crow God.
The Bluefire Crow King’s Skills would be far more powerful than before.

After the Crow King released an angry cry, eighteen Bluefire Crows descended from the sky.

Not only had the Hell Mode Bluefire Crow King entered its third phase at 70% HP, but the Bluefire Crows it summoned also started out at Chieftain rank right off the bat…

In Hard Mode, the Bluefire Crows only started out as Special Elites.
Every member of the main force was capable of soloing one on their own.
However, Chieftains were different.
There were less than ten players on the team capable of soloing Chieftain.

Moreover, the Chieftain ranked Bluefire Crows of Hell Mode each had 900,000 HP, 200,000 more than Hard Mode.
This raised the burden on the team’s DPS to devastating levels.

The Bluefire Crows activated their Growth Skill once every two minutes.
In other words, if they did not die in two minutes, they would become Lords.
At that time, they would be far more difficult to deal with.
However, the eighteen Chieftain ranked Bluefire Crows had a total of 16,200,000 HP…

“This Boss is bullshit.” Blackie’s expression turned grim.

If this were Hard Mode, the Stars of Light Skill he had saved would still be of some help.
However, against Chieftains with 900,000 HP, even Stars of Light would not do much against them.

“Everyone, activate the Power of Darkness!”

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, everyone did as he said, their Basic Attributes increasing by 30%.

As the lead MT, Cola’s HP instantly soared to slightly over 20,000.
The Shield Warrior Ye Wumian’s HP had also increased to more than 19,000.
Both of their damages and reaction speeds had also improved.

“Turtledove, pull the Bluefire Crows’ aggro.
All mages, get ready to cast your AOE Skills on my command,” Shi Feng said unhurriedly.

Immediately, Turtledove, a Guardian Knight with over 17,000 HP, charged into the group of Bluefire Crows and activated Iron Will.
All eighteen Bluefire Crows were caught within the Skill’s range and were forced to focus on Turtledove.

Following which, Turtledove activated Protection Blessing.

The Tier 1 Protection Blessing could reduce its target’s damage taken by 70%, 20% more than the Tier 0 version of the Skill.
The Skill’s duration was also slightly longer, lasting up to 20 seconds.

However, the Chieftain ranked Bluefire Crows were no trivial matter.
Every one of their beak attacks dealt nearly -500 damage to Turtledove.
Fortunately, although Turtledove had aggroed all eighteen Chieftains, only six could attack her at a single time.
In other words, the Guardian Knight took nearly -3,000 damage with each wave of attacks.
To Turtledove, who had over 17,000 HP, this damage was no threat.

Following which, Turtledove received one heal after another, each heal recovering one or two thousand HP for the Guardian Knight.
The healers could easily stabilize Turtledove’s HP.

However, Protection Blessing only lasted for 20 seconds.
Once the buff expired, she could not endure the simultaneous attack of six Bluefire Crows.


Shi Feng smiled.
After finding a good location, he activated Skywheel Sword.
As golden divine swords rained down from the sky, the eighteen Bluefire Crows were immediately trapped within the Skill’s effective area.

Immediately, damages of over -4,000 points appeared above the Crows’ heads.
Of course, Turtledove, who stood in the center of this onslaught, received damage from Skywheel Sword as well.
This was why AOE Skills were not suited for Dungeons.
However, thanks to Protection Blessing and Ironwill, the Guardian Knight only received slightly more than -700 damage from Shi Feng’s attack.

However, Shi Feng was far from satisfied.

“Blackie, cast Guardian of Light on Turtledove!” Shi Feng said.

Guardian of Light was one of Mavis’s Guard’s Additional Skills.
When cast, the target of the Skill would become immune to all magic damage.
The physical damage they received would also reduce by 80%, and they would recover 5% HP every second for 20 seconds.
It was definitely a super Lifesaving Skill.

When Blackie waved his staff, a golden glow wrapped around Turtledove’s body.

Once she received the proper buffs, Shi Feng no longer held back as he activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power.
After his Strength increased by 100%, he activated the Aura of Fire’s Skill, Firestorm.

Just before the roaring flames devoured Turtledove, Shi Feng switched the Aura of Fire to the Aura of Water, casting Life Bloom on her.
Due to the Aura of Water increasing healing effects by 100%, Turtledove could recover up to 60% of her HP every second for 40 seconds.
With Turtledove’s HP, she was practically immortal for the moment.

Although Firestorm dealt over -40,000 damage to the Bluefire Crows every second, the spell was ineffective against Turtledove as she was immune to all magic damage.
Moreover, she had Life Bloom, which recovered over 10,000 HP for her every second, the healers’ attention, and the Clerics’ Truth Shield.
As a result, the damage the Bluefire Crows dealt was not even a scratch to her.
Even if she stood still and did nothing, her life would not be in any danger.

Everyone was immediately stupefied.

Watching the female Guardian Knight Turtledove fight the many Bluefire Crows amidst the raging inferno, it seemed as if these destructive flames were no different than a breeze, safe and harmless.
The more Turtledove fought, the more valiant she became.
At this moment, she seemed like a Goddess of War and Fire, demanding reverence.

“Everyone, use your AOE Skills!” Shi Feng commanded.

A moment later, the team’s mages cast their AOE Skills.
Although they were not as powerful as large-scale destruction spells, these AOE Skills still dealt several thousand damage to the Bluefire Crows.

Among them, Blackie’s Stars of Light caused massive amounts of damage to the Chieftains.
The first wave alone dealt over -4,000 damage to each Crow.
The damage of every subsequent wave increased by 10%, lasting for a total of 15 seconds.

Shi Feng also looked for opportunities to use Dragon Breath, Thundering Flame, Flame God’s Fury, Earth Splitter, Thunder Flame Explosion, and other AOE Skills.

Fifteen seconds later, the Bluefire Crows were in a half-crippled state, possessing less than 5% of their total HPs.
A few unlucky Bluefire Crows that had received one too many critical hits had even died during these past 15 seconds.

Of the eighteen Bluefire Crows that had been summoned, only eleven remained.

Shi Feng’s figure then swayed slightly as he sent several more strikes at these Bluefire Crows.
Adding in the team’s damage, they dealt with the remaining eleven Bluefire Crows in less than ten seconds.

Once the Bluefire Crows had been annihilated, it became much easier to deal with the Bluefire Crow King.
Moreover, now that Shi Feng had activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, his damage against the Great Lord doubled.

Within three minutes, the Bluefire Crow King only had slightly more than 1,000,000 HP remaining.

“It’s finally here.” Shi Feng smiled calmly.

The Bluefire Crow King had a total of four phases.
Everyone had thought that the most difficult phase was the third phase.
However, what everyone did not know was that the Crow King used its true trump card during its fourth phase.

The Bluefire Crow King would only enter its fourth phase when its HP fell below 1,000,000.
That was also when the entire raiding team would be the most tired and relaxed.
It would be at this moment that the Crow King would transform into a living inferno and become a Fire Crow.
During this phase, any enemies within 50 yards would receive -1,000 damage every second.
However, that was only in the case of Hard Mode.
In Hell Mode, players received -1,600 damage every second.
If the raiding team could not deal 1,000,000 damage to the Bluefire Crow King before every member died, they would team-wipe.

In the past, countless teams had repeatedly died at the fourth phase and had been unable to clear the Dungeon all because they had lacked a true ultimate Skill.

Just as the Bluefire Crow King’s HP was about to fall below the 1,000,000 threshold, Shi Feng activated Blade Liberation, increasing both his Strength and Agility by 90%.
He then activated Silent Steps and appeared behind the Bluefire Crow King, and both his body and the Abyssal Blade began to release a brilliant glow.

Divine Providence!

Flame Burst!

Slash after slash struck the Bluefire Crow King’s back.




After fifteen consecutive strikes, the Bluefire Crow King’s HP, which had been slightly over a million a moment ago, bottomed out.
The Crow King released a sorrowful cry before falling heavily to the ground.

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