Chapter 637 – Are The Million Ghosts Very Strong?

Facing ten sword images, even an ordinary expert would be surprised, failing to defend themselves.
However, instead of moving to block the attacks, Rainless Path activated Defensive Blade and charged towards the sword images.

Rainless Path then used the Tier 1 Swordsman Skill, Five Consecutive Slashes, on the Swordsman youth.

Five Consecutive Slashes was not a particularly powerful Skill among Tier 1 Swordsman Skills.
However, this Skill increased his Attack Speed more than any other in his arsenal.
When executing the Skill, the user would send out a total of five slashes, with each subsequent slash receiving a 20% Attack Speed and damage increase.
Hence, each subsequent slash was faster and more powerful than the prior one, making it extremely difficult to counter.

Both Rainless Path and the mysterious youth were Swordsmen, and both parties were Level 29.
Although they had extraordinary Attack Power, their Defenses were average.
However, in terms of Attributes, the youth was stronger.
The boy had over 7,300 HP, whereas Rainless Path only had over 6,800 HP.
If either Swordsman failed to defend his opponent’s attack, even if they did not die instantly, they would not have much HP remaining.

Facing Rainless Path’s suicidal attack, the Swordsman youth had no choice but to activate Defensive Blade.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

After sparks scattered, both Swordsmen pulled away from each other.
Though neither received any damage, their Defensive Blades had been exhausted.
For a short time, neither Swordsman could use the Lifesaving Skill again.

After a series of exchanges, neither side managed to grasp an advantage over each other.

Although the Swordsman youth had the advantage in Attributes, Rainless Path’s combat techniques were superior.
For a time, the Swordsmen were helpless against each other.

However, the same could not be said for the battles happening elsewhere.

Arrows and Spells flew through the air.
The Bronze Carriages added their own magic attacks into the mix, as well.
At the rear line, the healers of both sides concentrated on keeping their allies alive.
The bridge had transformed into a miniature battlefield.
Players could die at any time.
When the Red Rain Caravan’s guards were killed by Red Names, they would lose one Level and drop two or three pieces of equipment.
On the other hand, the ambushing Red Names suffered a more severe fate.
When they died, not only did they lose two or three Levels, but they also dropped the majority of their equipment.
There were even some Red Names who dropped every single piece of equipment they had upon death.

However, the black-robed players who had emerged were frighteningly strong.
Killing the Red Rain Caravan’s guards was like child’s play to these players.
In a short moment, these black-robed players had killed eight guards.

“How could this be?!” Red Rain suddenly felt a wave of despair.

They should not have had any problems dealing with the Thousand Mile Killers.
However, these twelve powerful experts had rendered even the Red Rain Caravan powerless.

Moreover, these twelve experts were members of The Million Ghosts, a Dark Guild.

Dark Guilds were different from ordinary Guilds in that they focused on slaughtering other players.
The members of Dark Guilds were all Red Names.
Meanwhile, The Million Ghosts was one of the famous Dark Guilds in the Black Dragon Empire.
The Dark Guild’s strength could rival even that of a first-rate Guild.
Only, the Guild had far fewer members than a first-rate Guild.

Red Rain had never imagined that The Million Ghosts would lay their hands on this place as well.

Rainless Path was similarly anxious.
After all, as his fight against the Swordsman youth drug on, more people in the Caravan would die.

“Hahaha! From today onwards, the trade route between Star-Moon Kingdom and the Black Dragon Empire belongs to The Million Ghosts! You people from Red Rain Caravan, when you return to Starfall City, make sure to tell all the Caravans in the city that anyone who crosses this bridge will have to pay a toll! Otherwise, they will share your fate!” Thousand Mile Bear arrogantly declared as he overlooked the battling crowd.

The Red Rain Caravan’s members could not help but despair at these words.

The Million Ghosts intended to use them as an example for the people of Starfall City.

“So, that’s the case.
However, are The Million Ghosts very strong?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling as he looked down on the Level 29 Berserker.

Dark Guilds would normally occupy some high-traffic routes, making a fortune in tolls.

However, Shi Feng had never imagined that The Million Ghosts Guild would discover the importance of trade routes and begin claiming them so quickly.

It was just like the how the Candlelight Trading Firm was charged an export fee when selling their products in other cities.
If they exported products to other countries, however, the fees were much higher, charging 30% of the item’s price.
Hence, once players established a Shop in other countries, they normally formed their own Caravans to transport their goods, saving a lot on travel expenses.

The Candlelight Trading Firm already possessed Shops in a few cities within the Black Dragon Empire.
The Trading Firm similarly had a Shop in Starfall City.
However, as the level of current players was still somewhat low, Shi Feng had not planned to establish his own Caravan just yet.

Since The Million Ghosts was already eyeing trade routes, Shi Feng could not sit idle and do nothing.

“How dare you provoke The Million Ghosts!” a Level 29 black-robed Berserker charged towards Shi Feng, sending a Heavy Strike at Shi Feng’s head.

In response, Shi Feng remained motionless as he allowed the Berserker’s axe to descend on him.


Before anyone knew it, Fire Dance appeared beside a black-robed Berserker and used Sneak Attack, forcing the Berserker into a Fainted state for 3 seconds.
Immediately after, she used the most powerful Burst Skill an Assassin had, Absolute Strike.
When her Dagger penetrated the Berserker’s back, the attack threw the latter forward by ten yards.

System: Absolute Strike Completion Rate 85%, resulting in 100% of Skill’s effect.
Skill Proficiency +3.


The black-robed Berserker, who had less than 8,000 HP, dropped like a stone.

As the Berserker slammed heavily into the ground, he dropped three pieces of equipment.

Since the Berserker was a member of a Dark Guild, even though he was a Red Name and his name was nearly black, his punishment from the system would not be too severe.
Only, he would drop slightly more items than an ordinary player.
As for his lost levels, he would only lose one level like everyone else.

However, the black-robed Berserker’s death immediately silenced the battlefield.
Everyone’s attention shifted towards Fire Dance, who currently wore a Black Cloak that blurred her appearance.

“Who are you?” Thousand Mile Bear asked, his expression turning grave as he stared at Shi Feng.

The twelve experts The Million Ghosts had sent were all core members of the Dark Guild.
Every one of them was extremely powerful.
Meanwhile, the Berserker that Fire Dance had killed ranked fifth out of the twelve experts.
If such a person died from a single hit, even an idiot could tell that Shi Feng’s group was not ordinary.

Red Rain, who had begun to despair, also stared at Shi Feng’s party in disbelief.

So strong! Rainless Path could not help but shiver when he recalled Fire Dance killing the black-robed Berserker instantly.
When he placed himself in the Berserker’s shoes, he felt that he would not have even had time to activate Defensive Blade, dying instantly.
With such strength, Fire Dance could definitely rank at the very top of Starfall City.
She was not someone that he could hope to contend with.

At this moment, Shi Feng waved his hand and said, “Get rid of them! Teach The Million Ghosts that there are some things that they are not allowed to touch!”

Fire Dance and the others nodded as they dashed towards The Million Ghosts’ experts.

Although there was not much of a level difference between them, in terms of equipment, Fire Dance and the others were leaps and bounds above The Million Ghosts’ experts.
Not to mention the Dark Guild’s core members, even The Million Ghosts Guild Leader would not have equipment that could compare with a Tier 1 Set Equipment.

Cola charged at a Level 29 black-robed Assassin and used Divine Shield Strike.
The Divine Bluefire Shield transformed into a blue meteor that struck the Assassin and dealt -2,748 damage.
In response, the Assassin hurriedly spun to Cola’s back and used Backstab on the Guardian Knight.
However, shifting his feet slightly, Cola easily blocked the attack with the Bluefire Shield, receiving no damage.
Immediately after, Cola followed up with a Hammer of Sanctions and Punishment, finishing off the black-robed Assassin.
The entire battle was over in a flash.

If even an MT like Cola could defeat his opponent so swiftly, there was no need to mention the rest of Shi Feng’s party.

With a wave of her staff, Aqua Rose cast Flame Explosion and finished off one of the bandits instantly.
As for Fire Dance, she activated Wind Steps, and like Death’s scythe, she harvested her enemy ’s head easily.

After a short moment, only a few of the Thousand Mile Killers remained.
As for The Million Ghosts members, only four of the black-robed experts still stood.

Nobody would have thought that a party of players could actually render these Red Name experts utterly powerless.

“You guys are digging your own graves!” Thousand Mile Bear’s eyes bulged from his anger.
“The Million Ghosts will not let you off the hook! We’re retreating!”

Saying so, Thousand Mile Bear turned and fled.

However, activating Silent Steps, Shi Feng immediately appeared behind Thousand Mile Bear and sent a Chop at the Berserker.
Shi Feng’s sword drawing speed was astonishing, and all everyone saw was a silver flash.

In the next moment, Thousand Mile Bear’s body fell to the ground.
The Berserker could not believe that someone could actually execute such a fast attack.
It was so fast that he had no chance to react.
The only thing he could do was watch as his HP descend until it reached zero.

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