Chapter 66 – Phantom Kill

After this silver armored Mountain Beast Fighter rushed out, before Shi Feng could observe it, it had already thrown its incomparably heavy Mountain Splitting Ax.
The ax flew like a rocket, reaching Shi Feng in an instant.

Everything happened too quickly, too suddenly.
If it were an average player in this situation, their head would have parted with their body before they could even react.

However, Shi Feng was not 
an average player.
He pulled out the Abyssal Blade with great speed, and the moment before the ax could hack at his neck, he Parried this flying death ax.

The collision between the giant ax and the longsword did not produce any sparks, only the sound of an explosion.

Shi Feng’s entire person was sent flying back over ten yards.

Following which, the giant ax landed on the ground, deeply penetrating the earth.
Its landing caused the earth to start shaking.
It could be seen just how heavy this giant ax was.
Moreover, the silver-armored Mountain Beast Fighter who could simply throw this giant ax was even more terrifying.

Such strength did not exceed the normal Mountain Beast Fighters by just a level…

After landing, Shi Feng immediately used Observing Eyes on the new monster.

[Mountain Beast Warrior] (Special Elite)

Level 10

HP 3500/3500

Shi Feng immediately understood the Mountain Beast Warrior’s strength after taking a look at these numbers.
Without saying anything further, he turned tail and ran.

What a joke. Directly battling against a Level 10 Special Elite was literally suicide. When meeting a Special Elite in the Moonlight Forest, players didn’t have to consider whether or not they could kill it, rather whether or not they could run away.

The Mountain Beast Warrior was stronger than the Mountain Beast Fighter by more than a notch.
Not only regarding Strength, but its speed and flexibility were also greatly increased.
It would not be easily toyed with like the Mountain Beast Fighters.
If Shi Feng did not use Parry to defend against the ax, then, even if he had blocked the attack with the Abyssal Blade, he would still end up dead.
The gap between their strength was just too huge.

Although Shi Feng wished to escape, the Mountain Beast Warrior had no plans let this intruder go.
It used Charge to rush at Shi Feng, picking up its giant ax along the way.
The way it picked up the weapon was as if it were picking up a leaf, effortless.

Seeing that the Mountain Beast Warrior had used Charge, Shi Feng knew he could not shake it off.
He turned his body around in mid-air, pointing his sword at the Mountain Beast Warrior.

Abyssal Bind!

Within an instant, the Mountain Beast Warrior who was swiftly rushing at Shi Feng was restricted by pitch black chains.
It could not move even a muscle, only helplessly stare at Shi Feng.

Shi Feng did not dare stay any longer.
He activated Windwalk, leaving the campsite at high speed and fleeing into the stone forest.

With the added speed from Windwalk, the Mountain Beast Warrior had no chance of catching up to him.

About twenty seconds later…

“Finally broke away from it.” Shi Feng turned his head around to take a look, discovering the Mountain Beast Warrior already 
turning around and heading back to its camp. Thereupon, Shi Feng let out a breath of relief.
If it had continued chasing, Shi Feng’s Windwalk would have timed out.

His luck was truly rotten.
There was actually a Special Elite inside the campsite.
In his previous life, there were no monster camps that were guarded by a Special Elite.
There would only be the occasional normal Elite monster.
Shi Feng felt unfortunate for losing the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest.

Currently, Blackie’s communication arrived.

“Brother Feng, 
all of our members have reached Level 4.
Moreover, we obtained a lot of ore, equipment, and skill books.
Everyone has learned quite a few skills, and our strength has greatly increased.
Unfortunately, our leveling speed from grinding Gnomes has greatly decreased.
When will you be coming over to carry us through the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest? Our fighting spirits are all sky-high right now, and we’re just waiting for your command,” Blackie laughingly said.

“All of you are Level 4?” Shi Feng entered a deep thought, trying to think of the next task for Blackie and the others to do.
After some thought, Shi Feng thought of a good location, “Blackie, you guys should stop grinding Gnomes and return to town to tidy up your bags.
Go to the Level 5 area, the Red Leaf Forest.
Follow this marker and grind Forest Wolves.
The Wolf Meat and Wolf Skins are good stuff.
The more you grind, the better, as all the drops can be sold, fattening your wallets.”

With Blackie and the others’ current potential, it would be very easy to grind Forest Wolves.
This was especially true with Blackie’s equipment.
The monster’s 400 HP would be gone with just three Dark Arrows.
Moreover, the location Shi Feng gave to Blackie was a large Wolf Den.
The respawn rate there was very quick, and there was also higher ground for Blackie and the others to occupy.
As long as Cola and Lonely Snow firmly block the pathway up the slope, preventing even a single wolf from moving past them, the ranged members could easily deal damage.
Moreover, Beasts[1] were afraid of fire, taking additional damage from it.
A single Hell Flame could wipe out the entire pack of wolves.
Their leveling speed would increase by at least 60% to 70%.

Great! We’re bored out of our minds from constantly grinding Gnomes.
We’ll go immediately after we tidy up our bags,” Blackie excitedly confirmed.
More and more players started going to their location to grind Gnomes now.
In addition to them being Level 4, their leveling efficiency was constantly decreasing.
They were naturally excited to have a new location to grind.

“Brothers, pack up! We won’t have to compete with them anymore.
Let’s go play in a new location,” Blackie said to the others after cutting off the call.

Everyone stopped fighting over monsters with the other players when they heard Blackie say so.
They cheerfully left this place with Blackie.

When the Elite parties saw Blackie and the others leaving, their faces revealed expressions of joy.
There would be fewer people competing over this precious leveling ground now.
They inwardly sneered at the foolishness of Blackie’s party.
Currently, players filled the entirety of Dark Moon Valley.
How could the leveling speed at the other locations be faster than here?

Elsewhere, just when Shi Feng was ready to look for other Mountain Beast Fighters, he noticed a problem from the conversation with Blackie.

It was definitely not possible for him to kill the Mountain Beast Warrior by himself, but he could still escape.
However, it was not necessary for him to kill the Mountain Beast Warrior to obtain the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest.

As long as one person lured the Mountain Beast Warrior, another person could go and open the Treasure Chest.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng looked at the Abyssal Blade with a faint smile.

As expected, Phantom Kill was a very powerful skill.

Following which, Shi Feng once more returned to the Mountain Beast camp.
He activated Phantom Kill, his doppelganger appearing before him.

The doppelganger possessed all of Shi Feng’s skills.
It was sufficient to hold off the Mountain Beast Warrior for more than twenty seconds.
With these twenty seconds, Shi Feng could activate the Treasure Chest and take away all the items.

Shi Feng took out a Speed Scroll and Polymorph Scroll, giving them to the doppelganger.
The Polymorph Scroll could polymorph monsters below Level 15 into a sheep for 4 seconds. 
However, the effective duration on a Special Elite would be greatly decreased.
Although, it was enough as long as it could disrupt the Mountain Beast Warrior’s Charge.

After activating the Speed Scroll, the doppelganger immediately went to the storehouse to lure the Mountain Beast Warrior.

As expected, the scene from before replayed itself, and the doppelganger used Parry to block the
 flying death ax. It subsequently used Charge at the doppelganger.
The doppelganger immediately used the Polymorph Scroll, instantly turning the Mountain Beast Warrior into a little white sheep.

The Mountain Beast Warrior reverted to its original form in less than a second.
It then chased after the doppelganger, entering deep into the stone forest.
The Mountain Beast Warrior’s speed was slightly faster than the doppelganger, but the doppelganger activated Windwalk, its speed and the distance between them increasing once more.

A short distance away, Shi Feng watched as the Mountain Beast Warrior departed from the campsite.
He let out a small chuckle, similarly activating Windwalk as he rushed into the storehouse.

This time, there were no monsters present to interrupt him when he entered the storehouse.
Shi Feng first went up to the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest, opening it.

The Treasure Chest needed time to be opened.

1 second… 2 seconds…

The loading bar for the Treasure Chest was still going, causing Shi Feng to become slightly nervous.
The time his doppelganger could delay was limited.
Aside from the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest, there was still one more Bronze Treasure Chest and three Common Treasure Chests.
Time was of the essence.
As long as he opened a Treasure Chest now, it would not be possible to lure the tiger out of the mountain the next time around.
After all, Special Elites possessed their own intelligence.

“Hurry, hurry…” Shi Feng impatiently looked at the loading bar.

Ten seconds later, the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest opened.

At the same time, a wrathful roar came from the stone forest.
It would seem that Shi Feng’s actions had been discovered.

Looking through the doppelganger’s vision, Shi Feng could see that the Mountain Beast Warrior no longer paid the doppelganger any attention.
Instead, it ran back towards the camp’s storehouse.

Without pause, Shi Feng immediately stored all the items in the Treasure Chest into his bag.
He then continued to open the Bronze Chest.

The Bronze Treasure Chest’s loading bar started to move slowly.
To Shi Feng, every second right now was crawling by.

Meanwhile, the sound of the Mountain Beast Warrior’s bellow was getting closer and closer…

TL Notes:

[1] Beasts : A general category for monsters.

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