Chapter 682 – Power of Magic Device

“It really is a pity.
It would be great if the Magic Device’s rank were a little higher,” Shi Feng felt both joy and disappointment as he gazed down at the pale silver orb in his hand.

The Bronze Magic Device’s debuff was average at best.

Although it was more than enough against current monsters, it would grow increasingly weaker as the game progressed.
Sooner or later, the Bronze Magic Device would have to be discarded for something better.
And yet, he had never heard of even a Mysterious-Iron Magic Device possessing Dual Abilities.

Purely in terms of combat power, the double-Attributed Bronze Magic Device was stronger than ordinary Mysterious-Iron Magic Devices.
Only, Mysterious-Iron Magic Devices posed more of a threat to a monster’s Mana Body.

Oh well, one can’t have everything.
I’ve already lucked out by manufacturing a double-Attributed Magic Device.
I can’t get too greedy.
Shi Feng quickly shifted his focus, and the more he looked at the Magic Device in his hand, the more he fell in love with it.

[Magic Device] (Bronze Rank)

Strengthens a weapon, giving it the Basic Vibration effect, Basic Polarizing effect, and weaken target’s Mana Body by 27%.

Both the Vibration effect and the Polarizing effect were considerably powerful Additional Abilities among Magic Devices.

The previous Device Shi Feng manufactured only had the Reduced Weight effect.

However, the Vibration effect could allow a weapon to emit high-frequency vibrations, allowing it to display astonishing destructive power with each hit.

Meanwhile, the Polarizing effect could refract light off of weapons, making it difficult for enemies to predict the weapon’s trajectory and dodge it effectively.

Originally, among the many Abilities available, these two were only Intermediate Abilities.
However, when these two Abilities were combined, the overall strength the Magical Device offered increased exponentially.
Not only could the Magic Device make a weapon difficult to dodge, but it could also give the weapon immense destructive power.
The combined effects of these two Abilities was not the slightest bit inferior to an Advanced Ability.

Magic Devices of different ranks generated different Abilities.

Normally, Bronze Magic Devices could only generate Basic or Intermediate Abilities, with the former having a higher chance.

Mysterious-Iron Magic Devices could only generate Basic or Intermediate Abilities.
Only, it had a higher chance of generating an Intermediate Ability.

Only after reaching Secret-Silver rank could a Magic Device generate an Advanced Ability.
However, the probability was not very high.

Currently, although his Magic Devices was only Bronze rank, it rivaled a Secret-Silver Magic Device with an Advanced Ability.
How could he not grow excited?

However, this was also the reason for Shi Feng’s disappointment.

Advanced Abilities were extremely rare.
Even in the past, Magic Devices that possessed Advanced Abilities had been as rare as a phoenix’s feather.
The appearance of one usually triggered a rain of blood.

“I wonder what kind of effects it will have after it is equipped?” Shi Feng could no longer hold back as he impatiently equipped the Magic Device on the Abyssal Blade.

The moment Shi Feng placed the Magic Device on the Abyssal Blade, the pale silver orb transformed into a blob of liquid that seeped into the Magic Weapon.
A small alchemy array then appeared on the sword’s hilt.
In the next moment, the alchemy array began to absorb a large amount of Mana from the surroundings, assimilating it into the Abyssal Blade and increasing the Magic Weapon’s power.

When Shi Feng swung the Abyssal Blade lightly, he saw the sword split into three identical blades.
With just the naked eye, it was impossible to tell which sword was the real one.

When the Abyssal Blade passed through a corner of the stone platform, the blade easily sliced through the dense stone, leaving behind a surface that was as smooth as a mirror.

If someone else equipped this Magic Device and used it against me, I think even I would even struggle to block the attack.” Looking at the stone platform with its missing a corner, Shi Feng was very surprised.

The Special Forging Room’s stone platform was not an ordinary stone platform.
Normally, even a Magic Weapon could only leave a small scratch.
Now, however, Shi Feng had effortlessly sliced off the platform’s edge.
For a moment there, Shi Feng had even wondered if he had missed as he had not felt the slightest resistance when the Abyssal Blade passed through the stone.

If his target had been a Secret-Silver Weapon or a piece of Equipment, the item might have split in half effortlessly.

Shi Feng even doubted whether a Fine-Gold Weapon could withstand such a frightening, destructive power.

Currently, expert player’s mainstream weapons were only Fine-Gold rank.
If even Fine-Gold Weapons could not block his attacks, enemy experts with Fine-Gold Weapons would be tantamount to unarmed noobs.
How were they supposed to face him?

“With this strength, I should be able to try Mount Sogar.”

Although Shi Feng had never been to Mount Sogar before, he was not unfamiliar with the Top of the World.
Now that he had dealt with the most dangerous part of the journey, all that was left was locating Solomon’s Treasure.

Weissman had already given him the map, which had been engraved on the Elemental Core.
However, the map was too simple, and he had no idea where exactly Solomon’s Treasure was.
Fortunately, the map did not lead to a high-leveled area on Mount Sogar.
With his current strength, he should be able to cope with the dangers there.

Following which, Shi Feng tidied up the room and took out the Position Teleportation Scroll.
He intended to head to the Top of the World immediately.

Suddenly, the sound of a system notification reached his ears, indicating that Blackie had sent him a message.

Guild Leader, Aqua seems to be having trouble.
Please head over to the Residence in Stone Forest Town quickly.

Shi Feng froze, slightly surprised.

Stone Forest Town had NPC guards to protect it.
Unless they wanted to be banished, the various Guilds would not stir up trouble.

If a Guild were banished from Stone Forest Town, they would no longer have a place to resupply or repair.

As long as one had a brain, nobody would dare provoke Zero Wing right now.
In fact, they should be afraid of the Guild.

Forget it.
Let’s see what’s going on.
Shi Feng stored the Position Teleportation Scroll and took out a Guild Transfer Scroll.

Currently, the Teleportation Magic Array in Stone Forest Town was still under construction.
If players of Zero Wing wished to arrive at Stone Forest Town quickly, their only option was to use the Guild Transfer Scroll.
After using one, they would have to wait for an hour before they could use one again.
It was far more inconvenient than a teleportation array.
Moreover, the scrolls were not cheap.
Ordinary Guild members would not be willing to use it.

Stone Forest Town, inside the reception room of Zero Wing’s Guild Residence:

At this moment, Aqua Rose wore a very ugly expression, flames of rage burning in her eyes.
Meanwhile, the two people sitting across from Aqua Rose smiled.
Aqua Rose’s anger did not affect them in the slightest.

Of these two people, one was an indifferent-looking middle-aged man, while the other was a beautiful woman wearing a glamorous purple robe that revealed a large portion of her cleavage.

If Shi Feng were here right now, he would certainly be surprised.

The indifferent man was none other than Twilight Echo’s Guild Leader, Glorious Echo.

“Guild Leader Glorious, don’t you think you’re going overboard?” Aqua Rose asked coldly.

“Overboard? How is this overboard? I am just offering a kind reminder,” Glorious Echo laughed.
“Although you left Twilight Echo, do not forget that you have yet to dissolve your contract with the Guild.
If I sue you for breach of contract, can you afford the compensation?”

“I’ve already clearly stated that I am only a Vice-Leader of Zero Wing.
I do not have the authority to allow Twilight Echo to construct a Guild Residence in Stone Forest Town.
I have even less authority to give Twilight Echo half the town,” Aqua Rose growled.

She had wanted to dissolve her contract with Twilight Echo the moment she first left, but in the end, she had abstained as her family sat on the Board of Directors of the Guild.
However, she never would have thought that now…

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