Chapter 694 – Zero Wing's Strength

Stoneclaw Mountains, outer region:

Currently, over 400 finely equipped Red Names pushed deeper into the Stoneclaw Mountains' inner region.

However, as they approached the area, not only were the monsters they encountered stronger, but the number of monsters they encountered also increased.
Moreover, the more players there were on the team, the easier it was for monsters to discover them.
As a result, battles occurred quite frequently.

Initially, the group only encountered two to three hundred Level 35 Elite Half-orcs and a few Special Elite and Chieftain Half-orcs.
Now, however, the group frequently encountered groups of four to five hundred Level 38 Elite Half-orcs led by Level 39 Half-orc Lords.
The battles were twice as difficult now.

“Our luck is terrible.
These Half-orcs respawn so quickly.”

“If we had known that their respawn rates were so fast, we would not have wasted so much time on recruiting more members and let Traceless Blood get ahead of us.”

Many team members envied Traceless Blood's team.

To have better chances of defeating Zero Wing's main force, they had spent a lot of time trying to recruit more members.
Yet, now, they had to deal with all of these Half-orcs.
It would still be some time before they would catch up with Zero Wing's main force.

“I heard that the battle has started already.
I wonder if we can make it in time?”

“We'd be more effective if we arrived late.
After all, this is Zero Wing's main force we are talking about.
If Traceless Blood cannot wipe them out completely, we can pick up the scraps.”

“Hey, that's Traceless Blood you're talking about.
With him on the offensive, do you really think many will get away?”

“I guess that's true.
Let's hurry, then.
Otherwise, this trip will have been pointless.”

Realizing this, the team began to fight with more fervor.

In God's Domain, dark players and light players rarely interacted as both sides looked down on each other.
To dark players, light players were merely a group of players with little to no combat capabilities.
They were only good at grinding Dungeons.
How could such players compare to their intense lifestyles of blood and blades? Hence, no matter how famous and powerful a Guild expert was, in the eyes of Red Names, these experts were insignificant existences.
Red Names thought nothing of Light Guilds.

“There's a large group of players heading our way,” a Ranger suddenly reported.

“It can't be Zero Wing's main force, right? I didn't think that they would give up so quickly.
It seems that Zero Wing only amounts to so much.
Those rumors about how powerful the Guild is are all just a bunch of lies,” many Red Names began to ridicule and mock the Guild.

“Alright, enough.
Get ready.
Do not let a single player from Zero Wing escape.”

They were quickly approaching the Stoneclaw Mountains inner region.
Aside from Zero Wing and the ambushing Red Names, this area was empty of players.
Since these players approached them from the inner region, they were, without a doubt, members of Zero Wing.

Immediately, the 400-plus Red Names spread out and waited for Zero Wing to stumble right into their encirclement.

Seconds ticked by.
Very quickly, several dozen players emerged from the forest, each and every one of them looking miserable.
These players panted heavily as they emerged.
It was obvious that they had exhausted their Stamina from running across a long distance.

Just as the Red Names, who lay in wait, were about to rush forward and surround these exhausted players, they suddenly realized that something was amiss.

“Huh? Isn't that Berserker Three Knives, the person ranking 91st on the Red List?”

“Aren't they members of Traceless Blood's team?”

“Why do they look so miserable?”

A series of questions popped up in everyone's minds.

However, they soon found their answers.
Suddenly, dozens of arrows and Spells burst from the forest.
In the blink of an eye, several of the escaping Red Names fell to the ground and dropped several pieces of their equipment.

Meanwhile, Three Knives, who ran at the forefront of the team, desperately blocked and dodged the incoming attacks.
However, two arrows still found him, his HP instantly falling by nearly 3,000.

“You think you can get away with provoking Zero Wing?” Minor Wind, who appeared at the treeline, coldly demanded as he glared at Three Knives.
Behind him, more of Zero Wing's members followed.

“Since I can't escape, I'll take you to the grave with me!” Three Knives, who was exhausted from running, stopped as he resolved to fight to the death.

The fight with Zero Wing's main force had been one-sided punishment.
Even their strongest combatant, Traceless Blood, had been easily defeated, not to mention the rest of their team.

Less than five minutes since their battle with Zero Wing began, they had lost over half their numbers.
On the other hand, Zero Wing had not suffered a single death.
It was simply inconceivable.

At that point, each side's strength had been obvious.
They were on completely different levels.

Following which, he had issued a command to retreat immediately.

When they started retreating, they still had more than 100 players.
Now, however, only a dozen or so were alive.
Minor Wind had claimed the majority of their members' lives himself.
Not only were the Ranger's arrows extremely fast, but he also had ranged AOEs at his disposal.
Even Three Knives, who ranked 91st on Star-Moon Kingdom's Red List, could not defend against all of Minor Wind's attacks, much less the members of his team.

“Mutual destruction?” Minor Wind could not help but laugh.
“Unfortunately, you are not capable of such a thing.”

Although Three Knives was strong, superior to even a few members of Zero Wing's main force, the Berserker's Skill Completion Rates were not high.
After taking into account the difference in their equipment, Three Knives would rank roughly around 56th in Zero Wing's main force.
Of course, this was not taking the Power of Darkness into consideration.

As Minor Wind said so, he nocked his longbow and shot dozens of arrows in quick succession at the remaining Red Names.

Although Three Knives and the other Red Names tried to approach Minor Wind, over 40 yards stretched them and the Ranger.
There was not enough time for them to reach the Ranger.
Moreover, of the dozen or so remaining Red Names, not a single one was a ranged class.
Hence, the group had no choice but to weather the rain of arrows as they advanced.

However, the Tier 1 Weapon, Windchaser, was no trivial item.
With it, Minor Wind could deal over -1,500 damage with his normal attacks alone.
Three Knives and the others had, at most, a little over 7,000 HP.
A few arrows were enough to finish them off.
In addition, Minor Wind's arrows would occasionally trigger the Quadruple Stars effect.
Before the dozen or so Red Names crossed 10 yards, only Three Knives remained alive.
Though, the Berserker only had a thread of HP left.

The Red Names lying in ambush were all shocked.

With just his bow, Minor Wind single-handedly defeated over a dozen Red Names before they came anywhere close to him.
Even Three Knives was on his last breath.
None of the Red Names lying in wait could believe their eyes.

“Am I dreaming?”

“Why is that Ranger so powerful?!”

Suddenly, everyone realized that their fellow Red Names who had gone ahead to ambush Zero Wing were all dead.
Moreover, the only survivor had no more than a thread of HP remaining.

The gap between the light players in their imaginations and the members of Zero Wing's main force was massive.

“Oh? You called for reinforcements?” Minor Wind shifted his gaze towards the Red Names hiding in the bushes.
With Eagle Eyes, he noticed more than 400 players.
Grinning, he said, “Since Big Sis Fire and the others are not around, let's use you guys to test out my true strength.”

When the Red Names heard Minor Wind's words, a sense of doom seeped into their hearts.

Minor Wind's Attack Power was simply too high.
Moreover, none of them were confident in escaping his rain of arrows unscathed.
Three Knives was the best evidence for the assumption.

Suddenly, the leading black-robed Elementalist jumped up from his hiding spot and shouted, “W-Wait!!”

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