Chapter 698 – Strengthening Device

By now, Shi Feng was quite familiar with the Nine-headed Magic Snake’s strength.

To current players, it was practically invincible.
It didn’t matter how many players came here to raid it.

Meanwhile, in Shi Feng’s mind, he had never actually thought of killing the Nine-headed Magic Beast.
Since the beginning, he had only thought of luring it away from the stone doors.

He had never expected the Great Lord to die.

For a time, Shi Feng was speechless.

However, when he heard the sound of the system notification, he more or less understood what had happened.

System: Blood Refining Passage has been opened.
Do you wish to enter? (Time remaining: 1 hour 59 minutes)

So it turns out that, as this place’s guardian beast, if the stone doors open, the guardian dies.
It’s no wonder why the Nine-headed Magic Snake was so desperate.
Shi Feng inwardly celebrated as he stared at the rubble that used to be the Nine-headed Magic Snake.

Unfortunately, he had not killed the Snake.
Otherwise, with the EXP from the Ferocious Beast, he might have risen several levels.

With the stone doors open and quite some time before they closed again, Shi Feng did not hurry into the Blood Refining Passage.
Instead, he approached the Nine-headed Magic Snake’s remains, hoping to take a closer look at what items the Ferocious Beast had dropped.

Although he was not responsible for the Nine-headed Magic Snake’s death, as a monster, it would still drop some items after dying.
Only, it would drop significantly fewer items.

The Nine-headed Magic Snake had been a Great Lord ranked Ferocious Beast.
Even the most inferior item it would drop was not something one would find from an ordinary Great Lord.

Among the three items, one was a magical, pure-black cube covered with blood-red runes.
The item was called Blood Refining Stone, and it could be used inside the Blood Refining World.

As for the other two items, one was a silver, fang-like dagger, while the other was a drawing.

Sure enough, a Ferocious Beast’s loot is amazing.
It even dropped an Epic dagger.
Shi Feng was momentarily stunned.

[Petrified Thorn] (Dagger, Epic Rank)

Level 40 – Level 100

Equipment Requirement: Strength 550, Agility 400

Attributes adjust according to user’s level.

Attack Power +1,165 (Currently Level 40)

Strength +92, Agility +101, Endurance +60

Strength increased by 10%.

Agility increased by 10%

Attack Speed +12

Evasion +20

All Skills +2 Levels

Ignore Levels +20

Ignore 20% of the target’s Defense.

Damage from sneak attacks increase by 20%.

Level requirement to equip all items decreased by 5 Levels.

Durability 300/300

Attacks have:

30% chance to inflict Petrified effect, reducing target’s weapon damage by 10% each second and Movement Speed by 60% for 6 seconds.

30% chance to trigger Fatal Blow effect, increasing damage by 220%.

Additional Skill 1-

Devour Magic: Absorbs magic damage equal to 300% of user’s maximum HP for 15 seconds.
Damage absorbed can be converted into a single attack, dealing twice the amount of damage absorbed to an area of 5*50 yards in front of user.

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Additional Skill 2-

Petrification Domain: Enemies within 50 yards receive 500% weapon damage and have their Movement Speed reduced by 50% for 10 seconds.
Increases the user’s Agility, Strength, and Movement Speed with each target hit.
Agility and Strength can increase to a maximum of 30%, while Movement Speed can increase to a maximum of 100% for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 hour

Fire Dance really lucked out this time.
She’ll be able to equip this once she reaches Level 40.
Only, the dagger’s Strength requirement is somewhat high.
I’ll have to figure out a way to increase her Strength.
Shi Feng happily stored away the Petrified Thorn.

Although the Truefire Blades Fire Dance wielded were top-tier Dark-Gold Weapons, they were on a completely different level compared to the Petrified Thorn.

At the end of the day, even the most powerful Dark-Gold Weapon was only a mortal’s weapon.

An Epic Weapon, on the other hand, was a true Extraordinary Weapon.

The Petrified Thorn’s Attack Power was especially frightening.
The dagger’s 1,165 Attack Power was even higher than a Level 40 Dark-Gold ranked two-handed weapon.
Not to mention, there were the Strength and Agility increases the dagger provided.
If Fire Dance equipped this dagger, she could slice through players as if she were dicing vegetables.

Following which, Shi Feng’s gaze shifted towards the tattered drawing.

[Strengthening Device Forging Design]

Can strengthen player equipment, significantly reducing the consumption of Durability.

Required materials: 1 Magic Crystal, 10 Mithril Ore, 2 Intermediate Mana Recovery Potions, and 1 Basic Alchemy Array.

“Is this real?! Even something like this dropped?” Shi Feng muttered in surprise.

In God’s Domain, monsters would grow more powerful as they reached higher levels.
Take the monsters players currently faced for example;, not only did they possess very high Attack Power, but they could also significantly reduce equipment Durability.
It was why the various Guilds were forced to repair their equipment in Stone Forest Town.

Players could repair weapons with Whetstones and Advanced Whetstones.
However, there were no such recovery items for equipment.

However, there were items that could reinforce equipment.

The Strengthening Device was one such item.
Only, its forging design was extremely hard to obtain.
It only dropped from Level 50 and above Great Lord ranked Field Bosses.
Dungeons would not drop the design.

Moreover, the Strengthening Device was a Consumable item.
It could not be permanently equipped.

Fortunately, the forging process was very simple, and the item also had relatively high Durability.
Players could put it to good use for a relatively long period.
If they dodged attacks properly, they could extend the Strengthening Device’s lifespan even further.

However, one of the raw materials required was not that easy to obtain.

While Mithril Ore, Intermediate Mana Recovery Potions, and Basic Alchemy Arrays were both cheap and easily available, it was a different story for Magic Crystals.
Magic Crystals were always rare and valuable.

Hence, crafting Strengthening Devices was expensive.
Each one would cost roughly 30 Silver to produce.

Even so, there were still a large number of players willing to purchase it.

While ordinary players were willing to waste some time traveling back to towns and cities to repair their equipment, large Guilds were not as willing.
To them, time was money.

In the past, a Strengthening Device’s standard price was 2 Gold.
During its peak, however, the price soared to 4 Gold due to high demand and low supply.

Currently, the various large Guilds of Star-Moon Kingdom and several neighboring kingdoms had sent many of their members to the Stoneclaw Mountains.
Obviously, the Strengthening Devices could offer some convenience.

Just the amount of time and repair fees the Strengthening Devices could save them were worth more than 4 Gold.

It seems I’ll have to find some opportunity to grind Level 50 Field Great Lords.
With one Strengthening Device Forging Design, I won’t even be able to produce enough for the Guild members.
Shi Feng suddenly thought of a profitable business idea.

If he waited too long, the Strengthening Devices would not be as profitable.

Just as Shi Feng finished organizing his items and was about to enter the Blood Refining Passage…

He suddenly discovered over a hundred unread messages in his inbox.

Among them, over 90% were from Aqua Rose.

There were also messages from Gentle Snow and Fire Dance.
They had all sent these messages around the same time.

After he had reached Mount Sogar’s core, he had worried that he would get himself killed while receiving a message.
Hence, he had blocked all calls and messages for the time being.

“What happened? Why are they so anxious?” Shi Feng wondered as he opened the messages.

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