Chapter 73 – Demon Mask

Shi Feng was slightly shocked at seeing the series of notifications.

Ten thousand EXP was not considered much to a Level 4 player like himself.
It only raised him to 27% of Level 4, and there was still quite a distance away before he became Level 5.On the contrary, it was the other rewards that caused his eyes to shine.Just by killing an extremely foolish Elite Demon, he was able to obtain an ample amount of Reputation as payback.
Shi Feng truly did not dare
 imagine it was real.

Reputation was extremely precious within God ’s Domain.
There were very few Quests that could raise a player ’s Reputation, and even 
those Quests would only increase a minuscule amount.

As long as a player ’s Reputation was sufficiently high, they would be able to receive high-level Quests that were normally unavailable.
Players would also be able to purchase items that were not normally for sale, such as Bronze Equipment, special potions, and so on.
At the same time, there would be discounts when purchasing items, and NPCs would have a favorable impression of you.
All in all, there were many benefits brought about by Reputation.After a player ’s Reputation reached a certain degree, they could also become a Noble.

In God ’s Domain, Nobles were considered amongst the privileged class, and they enjoyed plenty of benefits.
Being a Noble was also a symbol of status.
If a Commoner were to anger a Noble, the consequences would be severe.
A light offense would result in imprisonment, while a heavy offense would result in execution.
Hence, players did not dare offend Nobles.
So much so, that even if a Noble were to beat up a Commoner inside a Safe Zone, the Guards would pay no heed to the commotion.
This was the gap between statuses.

This was also the reason Shi Feng was so shocked.

Now that he possessed the title of Noble in Red Leaf Town, he would be able to do things with much more convenience in the future.
Shi Feng then thought of several 
high-level Quests that only Nobles could accept. ”What function does this Demon Hunter title have? ” Shi Feng called out the System Interface, taking a look at the information about the Demon Hunter title.

[Demon Hunter]

A brave warrior and an exorcist of demons who is revered by others.
Wherever you go, you will possess a status equal to a Noble.
You are the grim reaper who is feared by all beings affiliated with darkness.
In a 100-yard radius, monsters affiliated with Darkness will have their Attributes reduced by 10%.
At the same time, attacks you deal towards monsters affiliated with Darkness will have a 10% increase in damage.

”Crap, this title is just too awesome, ” Shi Feng became slightly excited after reading the introduction to the Demon Hunter title.If a person did not have a considerable understanding of God ’s Domain, they would have no understanding of the significance of this title.
It was similar to how a dog would not know the value of a gemstone.Shi Feng only became a Noble in Red Leaf Town after his Reputation there had reached 100 points.
However, this title was only limited to Red Leaf Town.
After leaving the Red Leaf Town, nobody would acknowledge him as a Noble.Of course, if Shi Feng were a Noble of White River City, he would be acknowledged as one throughout the area under the administration of White River City.
The title had a much wider range of application.
Compared to a Noble of a Town, the difference between the two was obvious at a glance.

Meanwhile, a Demon Hunter would have the status of a Noble in every region.
This meant, that even after leaving Star-Moon Kingdom, Shi Feng would still be acknowledged as a Noble in other countries.
It should be known that not every country was friendly with each other.
There were even some who were enemies.
If Shi Feng wanted to do a Quest in another, he would have to go through many difficulties and even be discriminated against.
However, with this title, he would no longer be discriminated against by NPCs.
This was the true value of the Demon Hunter title.
Compared to it, being a Noble in Red Leaf Town was no longer worth mentioning.Shi Feng picked up the equipment dropped by the demon ’s doppelganger.

[Demon Mask] (Special Item)

Upon wearing it, the user can disguise himself as another person.
Disguise cannot be broken without using a high level observing skill.

”Truly a good item.
The 6 Gold I spent was definitely worth it. ” Shi Feng happily stored the Demon Mask.
This item was an artifact meant for robbing houses.
Although he wouldn ’t do such a thing, it would not hurt him to use it for other matters.

”Adventurer, the ceremony has ended.
Carrying out this ceremony has greatly weakened me, so I am going to White River City to recover for some time. 
If you wish to know more information about the Bible of Darkness, then find me there along with my payment.
I will be waiting for you.
” Currently, Sharlyn appeared to be very delicate, her previous shrewdness completely gone.
After saying her piece, she immediately activated a 
Teleportation Circle and went to White River City to recover.

Shi Feng was inwardly shocked as he watched Sharlyn ’s beautiful image departing.The Moon Drip ceremony this time was definitely not as simple as he previously thought.
Otherwise, a Divine Official, which was a Tier 3 Job, would not be so greatly weakened.
Even Shi Feng felt as though he would be able to defeat Sharlyn right now.
One could imagine just how weakened Sharlyn was.

”Forget it; that ’s none of my business.
Now that the curse has been dispelled, and my Attributes have recovered, I can finally start speed-leveling.
The earlier I reach Level 10, the earlier I can activate the 
Teleportation Gate to White River City. ” Shi Feng shrugged his shoulders, no longer minding the matters of great characters.
A small character like him still had many matters to take care of.
To build up from nothing, many things needed to be done.
Forget competing with those Guilds; just being paid attention to by a Great Demon had caused him enough headaches.
He was not so leisurely as to pay attention to other matters.Following which, Shi Feng departed from the Library.
He headed to the Chef ’s Association to take a look at Violet Cloud ’s current progress.

Red Leaf Town, Trade Area…Just after setting foot in the Trade Area, Shi Feng discovered something fishy.

Now that the sun had risen, logic dictated that players should have gone out to level up.
Yet, the streets were currently filled with players who were holding discussions with each other.
In short, it was extremely lively.
It was as if a festival of celebration was being held.
From time to time, Shi Feng could also see some of the upper echelons of large Guilds running about the streets, shouting.
They were urgently shouting, ”Purchasing game currency; the greater the amount, the more we ’ll pay. ”If it were any other time, Shi Feng would not think much of it.
However, the street was currently filled with various players purchasing game currency.
Now, that was something abnormal.What happened?

The big shots from Guilds were actually loosely buying game currency from average players.
According to reason, these Guilds would have their own money-farming teams or a signed contract with money-farming specialists.
In such a way, they would be able to obtain a lot of game currency.
However, their current actions meant the game currency supplied by the money-farming teams was insufficient.

Originally, Shi Feng was still fretting over the problem of how he would get these Guilds to spend their money.
Now, however, it would seem that he had done something unnecessary.With a wave of his finger, Shi Feng called out the Virtual Trade Center.
He wanted to investigate the current trade conditions.

”Hell, what sort of situation is this? All of it is sold out already! ” Shi Feng discovered that the remaining 2 Gold 70 Silver he registered had all sold out.
Now, over 15,000 Credits were being transferred to his bank account.Consequently, Shi Feng then took a look at the sales condition of other God ’s Domain game currency.

Currently, the highest price for 1 Silver Coin had reached 72 Credits, while a majority of the people were buying them at 68 Credits.
The current price had increased by no small margin.Just as Shi Feng was rejoicing over having sold all of his Gold Coins, a cursing voice came from behind him, breaking his good mood. ”Boss, this bastard ’s the one.
The day before yesterday, I saw him casually taking out 10 Silver Coins.
He must definitely be rich.
Now that our Guild is in such a need of money, if we don ’t make this brat bleed a little, there will be no justice for me being locked up for so long, ” Drifting Blood said with a cold smile as he pointed towards Shi Feng, a group of players following behind him. ”Brat, you were the one who had attacked my 
brother? ”  looking towards Shi Feng, the person referred to as ’Boss ’ snorted as he asked.Shi Feng turned around, his brows wrinkling after taking a look.

The person referred to as ’Boss ’ was comparable in size to Cola.
He had a fierce-looking face, and he seemed to be around thirty years of age.
In Shi Feng ’s previous life, he once crossed paths with this person.
Similarly a Swordsman, the person was named Ironsword Lion.
He was one of the finest experts in Martial Union, and his strength was extremely powerful.
During those days, their two Guilds had fought over monsters on several occasions, and Ironsword Lion killed Flaming Tiger twice throughout those confrontations.
Ironsword Lion caused Shi Feng ’s party major losses, and they had no choice but to flee in dejection.Even Stabbing Heart of Assassin ’s Alliance suffered defeat at the hands of Ironsword Lion.
From then on, Ironsword Lion ’s name was widely spread, allowing Martial Union to rise to a third-rate Guild.Shi Feng intended to say something, but he was interrupted by Ironsword Lion.

Ironsword Lion looked at Shi Feng ’s scrawny body.
Although the equipment on Shi Feng was of good quality, Shi Feng himself did not possess the air of an expert, and furthermore, he did not possess a Guild Emblem.
Ironsword Lion determined that Shi Feng was just a leisure player and that he must ’ve bought some equipment just to show off.
Immediately, Ironsword Lion proudly said, ”Little brother, since you ’ve beat my underling, pay up 20 Silver Coins, and this matter will be over.
Otherwise, don ’t blame my sword for being merciless. ”

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