Chapter 746 – Breaking Through Flowing Water

The retreating elite members weren’t the only ones who saw Shi Feng kill Red Feather.

The Secret Pavilion members, who had been preparing to depart from the battlefield, also saw the attack.

With a flash of blue light, the battle had been over.
No one from the Secret Pavilion understood what had just happened.

Despite the thousands of elite players and Red Feather’s Tier 2 Magic Scroll, Shi Feng had killed Red Feather instantly and left without so much as a scratch.
It was simply inconceivable.

Shi Feng’s attack was even faster than the one he had used to kill Sky.

Who could possibly contend with that kind of speed?

“Black Flame was still hiding his strength when he faced Sky?” Yuan Tiexin was shocked.

As for the Secret Pavilion’s trainees, everyone was speechless, chills crawling down their spines.

Ordinary elite members might not have caught the crucial moment of the fight, but they had seen it.

Rather than his dodging capabilities, the speed of Black Flame’s attack had been truly frightening.

They had only seen Black Flame brush past Red Feather.
None of them had seen Black Flame’s sword leave its sheath.

They stood too far away, so they had not been able to see the attack too clearly.
However, Red Feather had taken the hit personally.
He should have seen Black Flame’s technique clearly.

Moreover, due to God’s Domain, both ordinary players and experts’ sharp intuition had improved significantly.

In the moment of death, this wild-like intuition could allow them to evade attacks.
Expert players, in particular, had an easier time and a higher chance to evade.

Red Feather was an expert ranked on the God’s Domain Experts List, which the Secret Pavilion published.
His strength was extraordinary.
Although he had yet to reach the Half-step Refinement Realm, he possessed bountiful combat experience with very high Basic Attributes to back it up.
His ability to respond to danger was first-class among experts.
Even Cold Autumn, a genius proclaimed by the Secret Pavilion, might not be as good as Red Feather in this aspect.

Yet, an expert with such fast reactions had not reacted in the least when Black Flame had attacked him.
It was as if Red Feather’s intuition had vanished during that moment.
Only when he had died did he realize that he had been struck.
This was the cause behind the Secret Pavilion members’ shudders.

Although the Attack Speed Black Flame displayed when he faced Sky had been astounding, their eyes had only failed to keep up with Black Flame’s sword.
Now, however, they had not even realized when Black Flame had attacked.
They had only seen the streak of rapidly dissipating blue light.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who had already pulled away from the elite army, was not particularly satisfied with his performance.

Sure enough, it won’t be easy to replicate that sensation again.
After killing Red Feather, Shi Feng recalled the move he used to kill Sky.

The principle behind One Spear, Six Transformations was similar to his Void Steps.
One Spear, Six Transformations was a technique that used special attack methods to overload the opponent’s brain with complex information, causing their brain to ignore this information, not allowing them to perceive the attack.
Only when the spear truly threatened their life would their brain dispel this ignorance.
However, at that point, the spears were already under their noses, and it was too late to react.

Even with his advantage of Attributes, Shi Feng could barely block two or three spear images.
It was practically impossible to block all six.

Shi Feng was only able to employ such a technique with his body.
However, Sky could employ the technique on his attacks; it was astounding.
The body’s Movement Speed was far inferior to its Attack Speed.
Hence, it was exponentially more difficult to employ such a technique with one’s attacks.

Moreover, for this kind of technique, the faster it was, the more difficult the technique was to use.
One was required to carry out a series of complex motions within an extremely short period to execute the technique.
Only with overly complex information would the brain refuse to accept the image, choosing to ignore it.

As someone who had a profound understanding of this technique, Shi Feng had no choice but to close his eyes and shut out all visual information.
Instead, he chose to rely on his other sensory organs, his wealth of combat experience, and his sharp intuition to dodge Sky’s One Spear, Six Transformations.

With his absolute advantage regarding Attributes, it was possible.

If he maintained a distance of roughly one yard away from Sky’s attack range and evaded the instant he sensed the Berserker’s spear displace the air around him, he would have sufficient time to dodge the incoming attacks.

This was precisely the reason that Shi Feng had avoided Sky’s aggressive attacks while launching his own counterattack.

In a battle between experts, it was extremely dangerous to shut out one’s visual sense because, among a person’s five senses, one’s sight absorbed the most information.
Ordinary players relied on sight the most.
If a player lost their sight, they would be crippled, wounding their combat power.

However, while Shi Feng had closed his eyes and evaded Sky’s One Spear, Six Transformations, he discovered that his perception of the world had changed.

Without his sight, his concentration had focused on his surroundings.
He no longer focused on his enemy.
When he faced the threat of death, he discovered that his perception had become much clearer than before.

Although he had not been able to see Sky’s movements, he had sensed the spear’s position, which allowed him to have an increasingly easy time to dodge the Berserker’s attacks.

Finally, when Sky executed One Spear, Nine Kills, Shi Feng realized what the Void Realm actually was.

At that moment, it was as if his environment were a part of his body.
It felt like the martial arts concept of harmony between man and nature.
At that moment, Sky’s spear ceased to confuse him.

In the end, Shi Feng had opened the last door of the Realms of Refinement.

Void Realm!

After reaching the Void Realm, Shi Feng could see the general attack range of One Spear, Nine Kills with a single glance.
Hence, Shi Feng brandished Killing Ray to block every single strike.

If comparing Attack Speed, Shi Feng, who had activated Thunder God’s Descent, could not lose.

However, when Shi Feng landed the final strike against Sky, he noticed a crack in space.
He unconsciously swung Killing Ray along that space.
By the time he was aware of what was happening, Sky was already on the ground.

When he had killed Red Feather, however, he had not been able to relive that sensation.
Only, the bonus speed that Instant Strike provided was simply astonishing, so much so that Red Feather could not react to his attack.
Hence, Shi Feng was somewhat dissatisfied with this result.

After Shi Feng killed Red Feather, Red Feather’s elite army fell into a turmoil.
None of the elites knew what to do.
Moreover, after watching Shi Feng’s performance, many of them were scared witless as they scattered.

If killing Red Feather generated such a result, Shi Feng could not let the other legion commanders off the hook.

On top of his own battles, Shi Feng directed the Battle Demon to kill the Star Alliance and their allies’ commanders.
Very quickly, chaos broke out on the battlefield.

“Damn that Black Flame! He is trying to wipe us out!” After receiving the reports from the Star Alliance’s various elite legions, even if Galaxy Past were a fool, he understood Shi Feng’s goal.
He then looked at the map of the Stoneclaw Mountains and said through the Guild chat, “Everyone, gather at the northwest mountain path! We’ll break through as one!”

With mayhem overwhelming the battlefield, breaking through multiple exits would be too time-consuming.
They would only play into Shi Feng’s hands if they did so.
Hence, Galaxy Past chose to gather the Star Alliance’s army at the nearest exit path, focusing their power into a single point.
With this, they could smash through Zero Wing’s defense.

A moment later, under Galaxy Past’s command, the Star Alliance’s elite army gathered at the northwest mountain path and began to attack the Nine-star Polar Domain madly.
Despite Zero Wing’s elite members retaliating, the effect was minimal.
The nine players maintaining the magic array lost their Mana rapidly.

After a few minutes, the Nine-star Polar Domain shattered.
The Star Alliance members rejoiced.

“Huh? Isn’t that Black Flame?!”

“It’s not just Black Flame! Isn’t that Fire Dance and Aqua Rose beside him?!”

When the magic array shattered, the players from the Star Alliance with sharp eyesight discovered Black Flame and Zero Wing’s main force members in the middle of the mountain path.
Their expressions sank instantly.

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