Chapter 764 – Epic Hidden Quest

“Don’t be in such a rush.
I’m still not done speaking.” Seliora wagged her finger at Shi Feng as if she’d guessed his thoughts.
Laughing softly, she added, “Although there is only a 20% chance for it to become a Legendary Weapon, that doesn’t mean that the other 80% will be a failure.”

“What do you mean?” Shi Feng asked uncertainly.

Fire Dance didn’t understand Seliora’s words, either.

“I’ve already said that the materials used to produce Thousand Transformations are very high-quality, but because of some small defects, it did not become a Legendary Weapon.
If I recast it, then there is a 20% chance it will evolve into a Legendary Weapon, as well as a 50% chance it will become a Fragmented Legendary Weapon but never an actual Legendary Weapon.
As for the remaining 30%, the recasting will end up a complete failure, and Thousand Transformations will turn into scrap metal,” Seliora explained slowly.
“Now you should understand what I’m trying to say, right? Are you sure you are fine with just repairing it?”

Shi Feng and Fire Dance were both stunned for a long time.

“Really?” Shi Feng sought further confirmation, thinking that he had heard wrong earlier.

Not to mention upgrading Thousand Transformations into a Legendary Weapon, just turning it into a Fragmented Legendary Weapon was already an unbelievable notion.

Currently, the various large Guilds and major powers in God’s Domain were frantically searching for traces of Epic Weapons.
Who knew whether they could even obtain one?

Fragmented Legendary items were practically godly weapons to players right now.

It was just like the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath he had obtained, which could raise his personal combat power by a large margin.
However, the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath was only a ring.
If it were a weapon, the improvement it could bring him would be dreadfully high.

Legendary items could give players the ability to challenge opponents of a higher Tier.
Tier 1 could go up against Tier 2, Tier 2 against Tier 3, and Tier 3 against Tier 4.

Meanwhile, a Fragmented Legendary item might not allow players to challenge opponents one Tier higher than themselves, but it would still increase a player’s strength by a large margin.

Although Fire Dance was already in the Refinement Realm and she possessed combat power at the peak of Tier 1, she was still no match for a Lord ranked monster of the same Level at the moment.

The purpose of combat techniques was to give players the ability to exert their own combat power.
Take an ordinary player for example.
Even if said ordinary player were fully geared in top-tier equipment and their system combat power value was at 1,000 points, so long as their combat techniques only allowed them to exert 20% of their combat power, then their actual combat power value was only 200 points.
On the other hand, expert players could bring out more of their combat power in battle.
An expert player who could exert 50% of their combat power in battle would have 300 points in actual combat power value when wearing shabby equipment and having a system combat power value of only 600 points.

However, a person’s combat power was only half of what determined a battle’s outcome.
The other half was external environmental factors.
Ordinary players failed to exploit their surroundings.
Expert players, on the other hand, were adept at using the environment to their advantage.
This knack was another major difference between ordinary players and expert players.

Should an ordinary player and an expert player of the same Level fight against each other, the outcome of the battle was self-evident.
Even if the expert player had poorer equipment, the victory would still belong to the expert player.

Fire Dance’s normal combat power was only at the peak of Tier 1.
In a situation where she lacked any advantage in environmental factors or any special Skills or tools, a frontal clash with a Lord of the same Level would only end in her loss.
After all, Fire Dance’s limit was the peak of Tier 1.
Even if she could exert 100% of her combat power, defeating a Lord ranked monster, which was equivalent to a Tier 2 class, would be impossible for her.

However, as long as Fire Dance equipped a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, she would immediately gain the combat power of a Tier 2 class.
She would then be capable of soloing a Lord.

“What’s your decision now?” Seliora asked with a smile on her face.

“Since there’s a 50% chance for it to become a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, let’s recast it, then.” After giving it some thought, Shi Feng still decided to gamble.

Not only was there a 50% chance to upgrade Thousand Transformations into a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, but there was even a 20% possibility for the Flawed Weapon to become a true Legendary Weapon.

Moreover, although Epic Weapons were currently extremely precious and could improve a player’s combat power considerably, an Epic Weapon would not provide Fire Dance with the combat power she needed to go up against a Lord—even if she wielded two Epic Weapons.

Without the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, Shi Feng’s combat power would directly decrease by at least 40%.
In such a case, he would not last even a single exchange with Sky of the Flower of Seven Sins.

Such was the strength of Fragmented Legendary items.

If Fire Dance could obtain one herself, rather than improvement, her strength would undergo a metamorphosis.
If Thousand Transformations became a Legendary item, once Fire Dance equipped it, her strength would most likely surpass even Shi Feng’s.

“Since you’ve already decided, then go prepare the materials.” Seliora nodded.

Sure enough, the game won’t give away a Fragmented Legendary Weapon so easily.
Shi Feng smiled bitterly.

God’s Domain was particular about fairness.
Gains and losses came in equal proportion.
No matter how Shi Feng thought about it, it was simply impossible for him to turn the broken sword he had casually picked up into a Fragmented Legendary Weapon for no cost whatsoever.

“The Mana Stones should be sufficient already.
However, it is extremely difficult to melt down Legendary ranked materials.
Although I have some of the materials I need here at my place, after conducting my previous few experiments, I’ve already used up all of my Inferno Gold.
Go and collect ten more pieces of it for me,” Seliora said, smiling.
Her eyes gleamed as if she saw a rich tycoon when she looked at Shi Feng.

System: Epic Hidden Quest “Recast Thousand Transformations” accepted.

Quest content: Collect ten pieces of Inferno Gold.

Quest reward: Seliora will recast the Flawed Weapon Thousand Transformations for you.

“Ten pieces of Inferno Gold?! Does it have to be this vicious?!” Shi Feng felt his stomach aching when he heard the system notification.

“Guild Leader, I’ve just checked, but there’s no mention of Inferno Gold on either the official forums or our Guild’s database.
Where are we supposed to find this thing?” Wanting to share some of Shi Feng’s burden, Fire Dance had searched through Zero Wing’s database for Inferno Gold.
However, she came away empty-handed.

God’s Domain had an extremely enormous amount of information for players to process.
However, aside from basic information, the official game developers did not provide players with anything else.
Players had to depend on themselves to search for the information they wanted through the Libraries, ruins, and other such places.

For convenience, the various large Guilds had tasked individuals to collect information in the game after entering God’s Domain and compile it into a single database.
The upper echelons of Guilds could then search this database for the information they wanted.
After Shi Feng established Zero Wing, the Guild naturally had tasked certain members with collecting all sorts of information and integrating it into the Guild database.

This was also the reason why players always crowded the entrance of Libraries.
Most of these players were not suited to battle but were suited to information gathering.
They would also often visit the Libraries of various cities to collect information, because the information stored in Libraries were not uniform, with some Libraries having information that other Libraries did not.

Only Zero Wing’s members could access its database.
However, the level of information available to them would also differ depending on the individual’s rank within the Guild.
For example, as the Commander of Zero Wing’s main force, Fire Dance had first-level authority to the Guild database, which was beneath only Shi Feng’s top-level authority.

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