Chapter 789 – Realistic Illusionary Attacks

“What happened?”

Everyone was confused when they saw Blood Sun pushed back.

All they had seen was Blood Sun accelerate towards Fire Dance, and in the next moment, a silver light flashed.
Blood Sun was forced to retreat by several steps before he stabilized himself.
They could even see the Swordsman's hands tremble.

Originally, the battle had been in Blood Sun's favor.
Now, however, the situation had changed completely.
Nobody understood what had just happened.

“Who is that Fire Dance?!” Everlasting War's mouth gaped in shock.

He had understood Aqua Rose's victory.
After all, she was a famous newcomer in the virtual gaming world.
She had also been nurtured by a Super Guild.
However, no one had ever heard of Fire Dance, yet she was actually able to repel Blood Sun while he went all-out.

Everlasting War could not believe this to be real.

Even he had an extremely difficult time defending against Blood Sun's Phantom Sword.
He could only use an AOE Skill to counter Blood Sun's attack.
However, Fire Dance had only used one strike to repel the Swordsman.

With just a single swing of her sword, she filled the entire space between them with her sword's afterimages.
It was practically impossible to defend against such an attack.
Blood Sun's Phantom Sword was meaningless in the face of such an attack.

One could say that Blood Sun was simply showing off his slight skill before a master.
Compared to Fire Dance's attack, Blood Sun's Phantom Sword was a joke.

Everlasting War was confused.
He could not figure out how Fire Dance had managed to accomplish such a feat.

Who could defend against an attack like that?

She's already set foot into the Refinement Realm? Sirius narrowed his eyes as he began to evaluate Fire Dance carefully.
Fire Dance's previous attack was astounding.
Even Sirius had not seen how the Assassin had pulled it off.
Against such an attack, even he would be forced to evade the sword images.
However, Fire Dance's performance showed that she did not use any excess movements when drawing her sword.
She had not executed any special techniques at all.
She had just swung her sword.

Yet, this ordinary attack had created countless afterimages that filled the area before her.
Unfortunately, he sat too far away from the battle.
He had not been able to see the details of what had happened.

“Snow, look! Fire Dance repelled Blood Sun! What do you think just happened?” Zhao Yueru turned to Gentle Snow, her mouth hanging open.

Shaking her head, Gentle Snow responded with a surprised expression, saying, “I don't know what happened, either.”

This was simply too shocking.

Only now did Gentle Snow understand why Shi Feng was so confident in letting Fire Dance take on Blood Sun alone.
It turned out that Fire Dance had hidden her strength all this time.

Compared to the audience's shock, Zero Wing's members were utterly stupefied.

“When did Big Sis Fire learn such a peerless technique?”

“That attack was so powerful! We'll definitely win this time!”

With a single swing of her blade, Fire Dance created countless, deadly stars.
Her powerful attack made it impossible to approach her or defend against her attacks.
One could only cope with this vicious barrier if they attacked from a range or to use an AOE Skill.

In the dueling ring, Blood Sun's face twisted into a grave expression.
However, he was no fool.
He did not believe that Fire Dance's attack was a peerless technique.
He suspected that she had used a Skill.
Hence, he strode forward and attacked the Assassin using Phantom Sword once again.

“Although that move is quite powerful, all Skills have a Cooldown! I don't believe you can use it limitlessly!” Blood Sun sneered.

However, despite seeing the dozens of sword images flying at her, Fire Dance didn't move.
Instead, she swung the Thousand Transformations upward violently.


Countless silver lights flashed, and she repelled Blood Sun again.

Shi Feng laughed silently when he saw the dumbfounded look on Blood Sun's face.

In terms of Basic Attributes, even an Epic Weapon was no match for a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.
However, this was not the largest benefit of wielding a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.
A Fragmented Legendary Weapon would also grow stronger with the improvement of the player's combat techniques.
Previously, Fire Dance had never utilized her full strength in battle.
She had used plenty of excess movements when she swung her sword.
In her last attack, however, there were none.
Hence, she had displayed Thousand Transformations' true power.

Realistic illusions!

Although she had only swung Thousand Transformations once, every afterimage that appeared was real.
Regardless of which afterimage the enemy encountered, that afterimage would become a true attack the moment they made contact.

Fire Dance didn't need to think about how she should defend herself against Blood Sun's Phantom Sword.
She only needed to swing her own blade.

A simple swing could transform into an attack that incorporated both attack and defense…

Countless people dreamed of achieving this level of swordsmanship.
However, Fire Dance had achieved it easily with the Thousand Transformations.

This was also why so many people desperately chased after Legendary Weapons.
If a Fragmented Legendary Weapon already possessed such power, a true Legendary Weapon would be terrifying.

In the dueling ring, Fire Dance charged at Blood Sun and brandished her Thousand Transformations.

Numerous sword lights flashed before Blood Sun's eyes.
However, Blood Sun could not find the real weapon among the illusions.
It seemed as if every afterimage was the real deal.

He was already inferior to Fire Dance in terms of speed.
The Assassin's unavoidable attack only made things worse.
Now, all he could do was attempt to block the attack with his swords, yet the instant his weapons clashed with Fire Dance's afterimages, the attack forced him back, both of his hands going numb as a damage of over -200 points appeared above his head.

However, Fire Dance showed no signs of stopping as she assaulted the Swordsman before her.
As a result, Blood Sun's HP continued to decrease.

This turn of events stunned the audience members.

Nobody had imagined that an Assassin could be so frightening.
Fire Dance's slashes was a combination of violence and beauty.

“Blood, I'll help you!” Long Rainbow shouted.
Long Rainbow could already see the severity of the situation.
Immediately, he entered Stealth and charged at Fire Dance.

“I have truly underestimated the Asura Battle Team.
I had never imagined that your team would have such a powerful player.
However, don't think that you have won just yet.” As Fire Dance repelled Blood Sun, his HP gradually fell.
If this continued, she would drain his HP, which totaled at over 10,000, in less than 30 seconds.

Immediately, Blood Sun activated his Berserk Skills, his Attributes rising abruptly.
His HP shot from over 10,000 to more than 15,000.
A blue glow enveloped his body.
The Epic Weapon Daybreak in his hand also emitted a blue sword aura that was over two meters long, increasing Blood Sun's attack range significantly.
Blood Sun then executed Phantom Sword and struck at Fire Dance.

“Let's see if you can block this!” Blood Sun revealed a sinister smile.
He was clearly confident in his attack.

He had activated his Berserk Skill, Sword Shadow.
When activated, the Skill increased all of his Attributes by 50% and his Attack Speed by 80%.
The Skill also increased his attack range.
At the same time, Blood Sun had activated one of Daybreak's Skills, Consecutive Shadow Strikes.
For ten seconds, his attacks could neither be blocked nor parried.

Fire Dance was only an Assassin.
Her attack range was shorter than a Swordsman's.
Now, he had increased his attack range further.
Moreover, even if Fire Dance's short sword clashed with Daybreak, the Epic Weapon would ignore the blade and strike Fire Dance's body.

Immediately, a sword light phased through Fire Dance's Thousand Transformations, colliding with the Assassin.

However, Fire Dance suddenly split into six copies of herself.
When Daybreak hit Fire Dance's body, it simply passed through her unhindered.
He had not felt the sensation of his weapon cutting into flesh at all.

An illusion? Blood Sun's complexion paled.
He had not expected Fire Dance to have a move like this.

“It's my turn now.” Fire Dance smiled.

Suddenly, all six female Assassins charged at Blood Sun from different directions.

Blood Sun brandished his two swords, attempting to defend himself.
However, when his attacks struck the Fire Dances, not a single one of them received any damage.

All of them are fakes? Just as Blood Sun wondered about the Skill…

The six Fire Dances arrived before Blood Sun, surrounding the Swordsman.
All six Assassins raised their weapons and swung downward.

Blood Sun had intended to ignore Fire Dance's doppelgangers and rush out of the encirclement, but a silver short sword suddenly slid into his back, dealing -3,481 damage.

“You're real?!” Blood Sun reacted quickly, swinging his sword at the real Fire Dance behind him.

However, when Daybreak cut across Fire Dance, it did not cause any damage.

“Unfortunately, you've guessed wrong.” The Fire Dance who stood to Blood Sun's left grinned as she swung her sword at the Swordsman.
Once more, Blood Sun lost a large chunk of his HP.
In the blink of an eye, he lost over 7,000 HP.
His HP was now dangerously close to zero.
It would only take one more hit to end his life.

However, Blood Sun suddenly smiled.

“No… You're bait!” Fire Dance suddenly felt a bone-chilling killing intent from behind her.
Immediately, a streak of black light pierced through her back.

“You noticed too late,” Long Rainbow suddenly whispered with a cold smile.

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