Chapter 81 – Equipment Improvement

Shi Feng was shocked after reading the System Notification.

Blackbeard ’s Favorability of him had actually risen to 1000 points, reaching the level of Revered.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to achieve Revered Favorability with an NPC.
Rewarding 1 Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest.

”Luck really can ’t be stopped once it comes.
I wonder what items will come out? ” Shi Feng impatiently opened the refined Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest.Inside the Treasure Chest, there was a piece of equipment and an Ornament.

[Dark Pursuer ’s Cape](Secret-Silver Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Agility 70

Defense +20

Strength +4, Agility +8, Endurance +4

Movement Speed +2

Evasion +6

Additional Ability: Silent Steps: Allows the user to silently arrive at the target ’s back.
Maximum range of 40 yards.

Cooldown: 3 minutes.

[Interpreter ’s Pendant] (Mysterious-Iron Rank)

Level 7

Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 30

Intelligence +6, Endurance +2

Magic Damage increased by 5%.

In the current times, these two pieces of equipment could be considered extremely rare.
It was especially true for the Dark Pursuer ’s Cape.
The Cape was well suited for Weapons Specialists, and it would definitely increase their strength when equipped.
Meanwhile, Silent Steps was an ability similar to the 
Instantaneous Movement of Mages and Shadow Steps of Assassins.
It was totally an Equipment meant for PK
[1].The Interpreter ’s Pendant was even more of a top-tier Ornament.
Just based on the 5% increase in Magic Damage alone, Mages could continue wearing the pendant until Level 20 without falling behind in the slightest.

”Let ’s give this Ornament to Blackie. ” After some thought, Shi Feng deemed that Blackie was most reliable person right now, and he was also a Mage.
As for the Cape, he was currently unable to equip it.
Its requirement of 70 Agility was just too high.
At the very least, Shi Feng needed to be Level 10 before he could equip it.Looking at the equipment, Shi Feng suddenly recalled that he was already Level 5.
Just by relying on the Abyssal Blade ’s Attributes, in addition to adding his 6 Free Attribute Points into Strength, he was now able to equip the Silvermoon Set Equipment.

Just at Level 5, Shi Feng was able to equip the best Set Equipment for Swordsman under Level 10.
His overall Attributes were literally without rival, and the Quests he would do later on would become much easier.Hence, Shi Feng added all his Free Attribute Points into Strength and equipped the five 
Silvermoon Set pieces.
Also, now that Shi Feng was Level 5, the Swordsman ’s Dual-Wielding Talent had activated.
Shi Feng was now able to wield two One-handed Swords.
Shi Feng then took out the Secret-Silver ranked Crimson Blade, equipping it on his Sub-arm.

After completely equipping himself, Shi Feng was shocked when he took a look at his own Attributes.
There were very, very few players with Attributes like his in all of God ’s Domain.Not to mention the Effects on the Silvermoon Set Equipment…

Effect 1: Attack Power +15, Defense +30.

Effect 2: HP increased by 10%, Life Shield (Tier 2): After activating, creates a Life Shield that absorbs 60% of the damage received, with 500 maximum damage absorbed.

Effect 3: Damage received reduced by 10%, Attack Speed increased by 10%.

Shi Feng ’s HP was now close to 1,000 points.
With these three Effects, he was even tankier than a MT.
His damage output had received an even larger improvement.

Wearing a suit of silvery-white armor, the pitch black Abyssal Blade hanging on one side of his waist while the bloody red Crimson Blade hung on the other, Shi Feng was like a hero that travelling around the world.

There was still some time before the meeting with Gentle Snow, so Shi Feng received two Advanced Quests from Hammerstone Town.
They were all Quests requiring him to kill Level 10 Twin-headed Snakes.
The Quests required 20 Snake Galls and 30 Venomous Fangs.
After completing the Quests, Shi Feng would be able to obtain rare Ore and Forging Materials.
These materials were all needed to make the Mysterious-Iron Equipment and Weapon, and normally, they were extremely hard to find.

After jogging for over twenty minutes, Shi Feng finally arrived at an oasis in the White Sand Desert.
There was a group of Twin-headed Snakes circling nearby.

[Twin-headed Snake](Common Rank)

Level 10

HP 950/950

Although the Twin-headed Snakes had low HP, an average Level 10 player would not be capable of going solo against them.
Normally, they would need help to take these monsters on.Monsters in God ’s Domain would have a qualitative change once they reach Level 10.
Their attack patterns were extremely flexible, and they knew how to defend against attacks.
These were traits you would not find in Common monsters below Level 10.
Without plenty of battle experience, average players would find it very hard to block or evade their attacks.
Apart from this, their attacks would carry an additional 
Special Skill, and a slight slip in attention would cost players their lives.

As for the Twin-headed Snake ’s attack pattern, it would usually attack with one of its heads, while defending with the other. Because of this, a solo player would find it hard to deal damage.
In addition to the Fatal Fang skill it possessed, as long as it bit a player, they would be poisoned and lose 50 HP every second for 15 seconds.
If they did not dispel the poison, an average player would practically lose their lives to it.

Shi Feng slowly closed in on the Twin-headed Snakes.Before he even reached the 20-yard range, a Twin-headed Snake the height of an adult spat out its tongue, rushing towards Shi Feng.

Since he had been discovered, Shi Feng took the initiative to rush over as well.

Wind Blade!

The Abyssal Blade transformed into a black streak of light, piercing towards the vital point of the Twin-headed Snake.
The snake reacted extremely quickly, one of its heads immediately bit down on the Abyssal Blade, preventing the Abyssal Blade from moving a single inch.
Meanwhile, its other head opened its mouth widely, its sharp venomous fangs leaking a bluish-green 
poison as it bit at Shi Feng.

Shi Feng ’s other hand waved the Crimson Blade, the weapon transforming into a red streak as it slashed at the Twin-headed Snake.


He stuck as the Twin-headed Snake was retreating , and a damage of over 60 points appeared above its head.
On the other hand, Shi Feng only lost slightly more than 10 HP, and he did not retreat even a single step backward.
Following which, the Abyssal Blade slashed towards the undefended belly of the Twin-headed Snake, immediately causing 
96 damage.
Incidentally, the Abyssal Blade ’s ability, 
Doom Curse, was triggered, greatly reducing the Twin-headed Snake ’s Attributes.

However, Shi Feng was not finished.
He continued slashing the Crimson Blade, piercing the Twin-headed Snake ’s vital point
s and causing another 112 damage.By the time the Twin-headed Snake started reacting, its HP had already been reduced by half.

When one of the snake heads bit at Shi Feng, he dodged to a side and his foot stomped on the ground, pushing him forward. His actions caught the other snake head by surprise, rendering it unable attack or defend.

Double Chop!

The Abyssal Blade and Crimson Blade pierced deeply into the Twin-headed Snake ’s abdomen.
Shi Feng then abruptly pulled on them, slashing apart the Twin-headed Snake ’s body and leaving two
 long gashes.

Two damages appeared above the Twin-headed Snake ’s head, -156 and -132.
addition, the snake also received a Bleeding Debuff.

The Twin-headed Snake still wished to retaliate.
However, before it could reach Shi Feng, it bled itself to death.

System: Level 10 Twin-headed Snake killed.
Level difference of 5.
EXP obtained increased by 500%.
Obtained 1,000 EXP.

The Twin-headed Snake contributed a Snake Gall to Shi Feng.Shi Feng did not use many skills throughout the entire killing process, mainly only using normal attacks.
Yet, he 
easily took care of a Level 10 monster.
However, Shi Feng was still not satisfied.
It was especially true for his first piercing attack.
The attack was actually blocked by the Twin-headed Snake.
Otherwise, he would have been able to kill the Twin-headed Snake with a series of continues strikes.Shi Feng then started searching for his next target.After an hour, Shi Feng had killed over forty Twin-headed Snakes.
His experience rose to 81% of Level 5.
His leveling speed was 
like a rocket, and his experience gain was even faster than that of forging equipment.Shi Feng couldn ’t help but have mixed feelings about it.
With the entire Silvermoon Set Equipment in addition to two top-tier Weapons, killing monsters that were of higher levels became extremely easy.
If the situation continued as such, Shi Feng would reach Level 6 in less than an hour. ”I ’m still missing 3 Snake Galls and 5 Venomous Fangs.
However, all the Twin-headed Snakes in this area are already dead.
It might take awhile for new monsters to respawn. ” Shi Feng observed his surroundings.
There was actually not a single Twin-headed Snake present.

Shi Feng had no choice but to run to another spot to grind Twin-headed Snakes.However, just after taking a few steps, three Twin-headed Snakes slithered out from the oasis.
Amongst the three, one of them had larger heads than the other two, and there w
as also a horn on each of its heads.
This was a Snake King patrolling its territory.

”En, a Rare Elite, is it? ” Shi Feng licked his lips when he saw the Twin-headed Snake King, his lips revealing a faint smile.
A Rare Elite was not something that a person could often meet.
It would appear 
randomly, and its strength was slightly more than normal Elite monsters.
Its drop rate was also extremely good.
Being able to meet one depended all on luck.

TL Notes:

[1]PK: Player Killing.

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