Chapter 820 – A Group of Lunatics

”Guild Leader! ”

Sinned Heart ’s asking price shocked the several upper echelons he had with him.

These were five high-potential, golden Lands!

”I know what I ’m doing! ” Sinned Heart barked, having made up his mind.

Originally, he had intended to raid Great Lords for some Level 40 top-tier equipment and sell the items.
However, they were not strong enough to take down Level 40-plus Great Lords.

The only option they had left to earn a large sum of Coins quickly was to sell these five plots of Land.

However, they could not sell the Land to anyone in the Twin Towers Kingdom.

King ’s Return had already declared their stance in the Twin Towers Kingdom, and nobody was willing to provoke the Super Guild.

However, with Zero Wing ’s strength, even a super-first-rate Guild like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had been forced to back down.
Hence, Zero Wing should not fear King ’s Return at all.

Moreover, only a large Guild like Zero Wing had the financial strength to spend 13,000 Gold.
Zero Wing occupied a treasured land like the Stone Forest Town.
The Magic Crystals and Coins the town generated could tempt even first-rate Guilds.
Although there were Guilds in their kingdom that did not fear King ’s Return, these Guilds would need a relatively long time to gather the required money.
Unfortunately, Sinned Heart could not afford to wait.

”Thirteen thousand Gold? ” Shi Feng had never expected Sinned Heart to sell these Lands for so little.

Based on the current market, these Lands were roughly worth 20,000 Gold.
Even at that price, many people would fight over them.
Now, however, Sinned Heart wanted to sell them for 13,000 Gold.
Shi Feng could profit greatly if he bought them.

Not to mention, Star-Moon Kingdom and the Twin Towers Kingdom were neighbors.
These Lands could benefit Zero Wing when it expanded towards the Twin Towers Kingdom.

It seems that Sinned Heart has been backed into a corner.
Shi Feng could more or less understand Sinned Heart ’s current predicament after seeing the man ’s anxiety.

In Shi Feng ’s previous life, however, Immortal Light had never ceased to exist.
This showed that King ’s Return had not wiped out Immortal Light in the past.
Moreover, he had never heard of King ’s Return attacking Immortal Light.
Immortal Light had most likely relied on itself to solve this problem.

”Alright, we ’ll buy these five plots of Land. ” Shi Feng nodded.
”Only, we ’ll need some time to prepare such a large sum.
Why don ’t we conduct the trade in three days? ”

”Three days? ” Sinned Heart pondered for a moment.
Quickly, his tense expression relaxed as he responded, ”Thank you.
I ’ll visit Zero Wing personally. ”

Following which, Sinned Heart led his Guild members away from South Lake City.

”Guild Leader, are we really going to oppose King ’s Return? ” Aqua Rose asked Shi Feng through a private message.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could not compare to King ’s Return.
Moreover, Glory Empire was not far from Star-Moon Kingdom.
Once Mounts were available in God ’s Domain, the Super Guild ’s threat to Zero Wing would not be a laughing matter.

”Don ’t worry.
We ’re just conducting business.
If we stop doing business just because a Super Guild demanded it, we might as well give up competing for dominance over God ’s Domain, ” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.
”Moreover, this isn ’t a major issue.
If King ’s Return were truly angry, it would have annihilated Immortal Light already.
If the Super Guild struck, Immortal Light would have no power to resist. ”

Sinned Heart had helped him in the past.
Now, he was only returning the favor.
Moreover, he could make a huge profit with this trade and secure Sinned Heart ’s gratitude.

If Sinned Heart owed him a debt, he might be able to poach Sinned Heart into Zero Wing in the future.

Why wouldn ’t he accept such an offer?

If we can obtain those five plots of Land, the Candlelight Trading Firm can start its development in the Twin Towers Kingdom. ” Aqua Rose agreed with Shi Feng ’s reason.

Zero Wing was no longer the weak, little Guild it had been.
If they cowered from a such a small issue, developing the Guild in the future would be a problem.

If King ’s Return truly wanted to deal with Zero Wing, it would have to consider its options carefully.
The Super Guild was not powerful enough to annihilate Zero Wing in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Zero Wing really is amazing.
They ’re not even afraid of King ’s Return? Death Wind had never imagined that Shi Feng would agree to Sinned Heart ’s offer so decisively.
For a moment, he was at a loss for words.

The Wind God ’s Spear was already impressive for standing up against the first-rate Guilds in the Dark Night Empire.

However, Zero Wing was far more amazing.

The Guild was not even afraid of the titans of the virtual gaming world.

I wonder when the Wind God ’s Spear will conduct itself like Zero Wing? Death Wind ’s mind wandered.

Maybe joining a Guild like Zero Wing isn ’t a bad idea.
At this moment, Autumn Goose envied Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo.

After Immortal Light departed, Shi Feng led the team on a hunt for more Great Lords.

With the coordinates Sinned Heart had provided, the team quickly cleared a path towards these Great Lords.

The Great Lords behind city walls were no challenge for Zero Wing ’s core members.
The only issue they encountered was their Berserk Skills ’ Cooldowns.
Fortunately, however, not every Great Lord required their Berserk Skills.

For two days, Shi Feng and the others spent their time either killing Great Lords or clearing a path through random monsters towards Great Lords.
Time passed leisurely as they learned more about each other.

Over these two days, their experience bars had risen rapidly due to the large mobs of monsters they killed.
Not only had Shi Feng reached Level 40, but Aqua Rose and the others had also hit Level 40.

”This is the last one. ”

Thoughtful Rain looked at the fallen Great Lord as she collected her twentieth Great Lord ’s Life Force.

”Oh? Not bad.
We actually got another Abyss Set piece, ” Shi Feng said after appraising the three pieces of equipment he had picked up.
Smiling, he said, ”Now, we only need two more to complete the Abyss Set for Berserkers. ”

Although he had used Divine Providence for every Great Lord they had killed during the past two days, the Abyss Set Equipment ’s drop-rate was simply too low.
Even with his boosted Luck Attribute, a limited number of pieces had dropped.

Fortunately, the Great Lords in South Lake City only seemed to drop the Abyss Set for Berserkers.
Otherwise, they would not have gathered six pieces.

”Our job is finally done here. ” Autumn Goose released a sigh of relief after watching Thoughtful Rain collect the final Life Force.

If not for Zero Wing ’s help, they would never have killed twenty Level 40 Great Lords in three days.
In the end, the Level 100, Tier 3 NPC would have hunted them down until they quit God ’s Domain.

However, after realizing that they had completed their quest, Autumn Goose was slightly disappointed.

While grinding monsters and raiding Bosses with Shi Feng and his team, not only had they enjoyed chatting with each other, but she had also learned several techniques from Zero Wing ’s core members.
Now that their quest was complete, they would have to go their separate ways, and she could not help her slight reluctance.

”Leader, since we have completed the quest, it ’s time to deal with the other issue, right? ” Fire Dance asked as she turned to the gigantic Bone Dragon in the sky, a glint of excitement flashing in her eyes.

The rest of the team laughed at Fire Dance ’s jubilance.

It was definitely not their style to leave a Grand Lord alone.
To avoid any unnecessary risks, they had avoided challenging the Frost Bone Dragon.
Now that they had finished their main objective, however, they had to kill the Grand Lord.

”That ’s a Level 45 Grand Lord you ’re talking about! ” Autumn Goose could not believe that these members from Zero Wing actually considered raiding the Dragon.
They were insane.
”How can we possibly win against that with so few people?! ”

”It might have been impossible before, but it is definitely possible now, ” Shi Feng said, laughing.
He then retrieved a dark-gold flute from his bag.
Complex runes decorated the flute, and it emitted a faint pressure.

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