attacks were extremely quick.
It would, from time to time, spit out a poisonous fog, enveloping a large area with it.
The doppelganger only possessed 
50% of the original body ’s Attributes, so it could only constantly defend and escape. Otherwise, it would have long since dropped dead.However, now that the original body had arrived, the doppelganger did not need to pin down the Twin-headed Snake King any longer.Shi Feng immediately used Nine Dragons Slash, shooting out nine phantoms of the Abyssal Blade.
Shi Feng then used Defensive Blade, his attack range greatly increasing.He could only attack from afar when facing against the Twin-headed Snake King who was capable of spewing out poisonous fog.
If he were to enter a melee with the Twin-headed Snake King, he would not last twenty seconds.
Even if he were to activate all of his life-saving skills, he still would not survive.The Twin-headed Snake King was very cunning.
When facing Shi Feng, one of its heads defended against Shi Feng ’s attacks while its other head constantly attacked his doppelganger, paying no attention to Shi Feng himself.

After three to four hits, the doppelganger could no longer take it, vanishing.

Meanwhile, the Twin-headed Snake King ’s HP was still over 70%.
Its other head now turned to stare at Shi Feng.
It opened its mouth, spitting out a mouthful of poison.
The poison was like an arrow as it shot towards Shi Feng.Shi Feng ’s expression suddenly sank.
His body dodged sideways, avoiding the poison.

When the poisonous fluid struck a sandstone, the fluid immediately passed through, leaving behind a large hole.
This was the Twin-headed Snake King ’s Corroding Acid.
If one were to block it, though a Secret-Silver Weapon might still be fine, a Common Weapon would immediately melt.
As for a Bronze Weapon, its Durability would, at least, be reduced by half and taking two hits from the Corroding Acid would turn it into scrap.

In such a way, one man and one snake started maintaining their distance between each other, attacking and dodging.
Shi Feng madly slashed his swords, streak after streak of sword light filling up the area.
Meanwhile, the Twin-headed Snake King ’s two heads spat out poison without halt, leaving behind countless holes.
From time to time, it would also fill a large area with a poisonous fog, leaving not even a blade of grass alive.

From time to time, Shi Feng would be poisoned during battle.
After over ten minutes of constant battle, even though Shi Feng was constantly drinking Basic Regeneration Potions as soon as the Cooldown was finished, his remaining HP was only at 8%.
Meanwhile, the Twin-headed Snake King still had 14% of its HP remaining.Seeing as both their HPs were low, the Twin-headed Snake King revealed a sinister look.
Its size faintly increased by a fold; then, suddenly, it leaped into the air.
One of its heads widely opened its mouth, revealing its snow-white poisonous fangs, while its other head spewed out poisonous fog.
The Twin-headed Snake King used an attack pattern that contained both attack and defense, 
and as long as Shi Feng closed in on it, he would be trapped in the harmful fog. ”Going all out now? ” Currently, Shi Feng could withstand the poisonous fog for 3 seconds at best or take one strike from the Snake King itself.
Hence, Shi Feng took out a bottle of Basic Regeneration Potion from his bag, gulping it down and recovering 180 HP.
In his other hand, Shi Feng took out a Polymorph Scroll.

Just as the Twin-headed Snake King was about to land, it was immediately turned into a sheep.

Thundering Flash!Chop!Double Chop!

Earth Splitter!

After a series of attacks, the Twin-headed Snake King only had 5% of its HP remaining.
However, it had transformed back into its original form, while its surroundings were filled with poisonous fog.
The Twin-headed Snake King ’s recovery speed increased by a fold while inside the fog, while its enemies would madly lose their HP.
Shi Feng immediately retreated, using Abyssal Bind on the Twin-headed Snake King.
Shi Feng then took out the Tier 1 Magic Scroll, Continuous Flame Bombs, and started chanting.Five large Fireballs smashed onto the Twin-headed Snake King ’s body, taking away the last of its HP.
The Twin-headed Snake King dropped four items as it died.

System: Twin-headed Snake King killed.
Level difference of 5.
EXP obtained increased by 500%.
Obtained 5,000 EXP.

Shi Feng finally loosened his breath.
As expected, a Level 10 Rare Elite was extremely hard to deal with.
If he did not possess the Silvermoon Set Equipment and the Tier 1 Magic Scroll, he would have been the one to die in this battle.
Fortunately, Shi Feng killed it.

Amongst the four items dropped, there was the Level 8 Mysterious-Iron Staff, Song of Life, meant for Clerics.
Its overall Attributes were quite good, and it also 
increased the levels of Recovery Skills by +1.
It was absolutely a top-tier Staff.
The next item was a Level 10 Bronze Cross Shield with average Attributes.
However, Shields were considered rare items, so it was already pretty good that one dropped.
The final two items were the Snake King ’s Gall and the Snake King ’s Skin.
Both were rare materials in making Poison and Leather Armor.

The Quest Items had already been collected, so after some rest, Shi Feng returned to turn in the Quests.
He obtained the rare forging materials, and his experience increased to 91% of Level 5, just a little more before reaching Level 6.

Looking at the time, it was not long before the arranged meeting time.
So, Shi Feng started heading towards the Level 8 area, Physis Canyon.

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