Chapter 86 – Mechanical Army

Watching Shi Feng’s back, Gentle Snow grit her teeth.
When she thought about the horrifying amount of damage Shi Feng previously dealt and his extraordinary battle methods, she suddenly felt Shi Feng was even more opaque to her than before.

She knew all of the top-tier experts in the virtual gaming world.
However, she had never heard of a top-tier expert such as Black Flame.

The equipment she was currently wearing could be considered the pinnacle amongst the current players.
Both she and Shi Feng were Level 5, as well.
However, the difference in their damage was actually so large.
Just how excellent was Shi Feng’s equipment? Could it be that he was wearing a full set of Level 5 Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment?

What Gentle Snow did not know was that the Silvermoon Set Equipment Shi Feng wore was the best Set Equipment for Swordsmen below Level 10.
Its Attributes were much better than Level 5 Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment.
In addition, Shi Feng possessed a Magic Weapon and a Secret-Silver Weapon.
Also, because of the effects of the 
Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng could deal damage to the Birdmen while ignoring the level suppression.
So, his damage would naturally be extremely high.

On their way through the forest, the number of Birdmen they met constantly grew.
However, even if they were to face more than ten Birdmen at a time, these Birdmen would still be killed off very quickly.
 Such a result was because of Shi Feng’s horrifying damage in addition to the Shield Warrior holding off the monsters and Gentle Snow and the others becoming more familiar with the battles.

The leveling efficiency of Gentle Snow’s party right now was much higher than before Shi Feng joined them.

Half an hour later, Shi Feng and the others finally arrived at the Ruined Lands.

Although it was called the Ruined Lands, in reality, it was just a gigantic crater. 
Cave systems of various depths and sizes could be found inside the crater.
If one entered deep into a cave, they would easily become lost within it.

“Big Brother Black Flame, is this the place where you have to do your Quest?” Zhao Yueru moved closer to Shi Feng’s side, flipping her fine black hair and asking in a soft tone.

After being in such a close range with the Witch, Zhao Yueru, and seeing deep cleavage revealed by her red robes, it was impossible for Shi Feng not to have thoughts about it.
Even if he did not possess any evil intentions, it became much harder for him to pretend to be profound now.

We’ll reach it once we go down this path.
However, there are too many Birdmen circling in the sky, so won’t be easy to get over there.” Shi Feng deliberately shifted his gaze to a side, watching the sky above the canyon that led towards the large crater.

The Shield Warrior and Ranger no longer belittled Shi Feng’s reminder this time.
Instead, they held a hint of reverence towards Shi Feng now.
Taking precautions, they looked towards the Birdmen in the sky.
On the way to this place, it was only thanks to Shi Feng that the two of them did not end up dead.

Watching Shi Feng take the first step, entering the narrow canyon, a faint smile appeared on Zhao Yueru’s face.
She kept on having a familiar feeling when she looked at Shi Feng.
This was the first time she felt this sort of sensation.
Soon after, Zhao Yueru followed Shi Feng tightly into the canyon.

Gentle Snow only smiled sweetly at this scene.
How could she not know Zhao Yueru’s thoughts? There were extremely few situations where Zhao Yueru was interested in a man 
in such a way.
Of course, if Zhao Yueru could 
enchant Shi Feng, pulling him into Ouroboros, that, too, would be advantageous.

Although there were a lot of Birdmen in the canyon, Gentle Snow’s party had become increasingly familiar with dealing with these monsters.

It was especially true for Gentle Snow.
She was a genius.
She had already learned Shi Feng’s battle methods after only seeing them a few times.
She used the cliff walls to jump back and forth, and every time she brandished her blade, 
she would strike a Birdman from the air, sending it to the ground. Moreover, she was able to dodge and avoid the talons and fierce attacks of the Birdmen in midair.
Even without Shi Feng’s help, Gentle Snow’s party could get rid of all theses Birdmen.

After continuously killing several hundred Birdmen, a flash of golden light appeared around Shi Feng’s body.
He had finally reached Level 6, catching up to those leveling madmen.

In order to equip the Dark Pursuer’s Cape a little earlier, Shi Feng placed all of his Attribute Points into Agility.
If he were to level up the Abyssal Blade to Level 5, he might even be able to equip the Dark Pursuer’s Cape at Level 8.

“He’s Level 6 already?” Gentle Snow looked over at Shi Feng.
She did not imagine that his leveling speed would be so swift.
She had been killing monsters to level up without stop, yet, she was currently still 23% away from reaching Level 6.
Meanwhile, Shi Feng clearly busied himself with a variety of things, yet, he could still reach Level 6 before her.

However, when she thought about how Shi Feng could kill monsters of a higher level with such ease, it was no wonder he could level up so quickly.

“You want to go to that place? The number of monsters there is just too high.
Amongst them, there are even quite a lot of Level 9 Elites and Level 10 Special Elites.
Are you sure you want to enter?” After arriving at the deeper regions of the large crater, Gentle Snow suddenly discovered that the place was filled with wandering Mechanical Golems.
She could not figure out just what kind of Quest Shi Feng had received that actually had such a high difficulty.
Even if Shi Feng were even more powerful than he was now, it was absolutely impossible for him to enter that place.

The Mechanical Golems were around a person’s height.

[Mechanical Golem] (Common Monster)

Level 9

HP 1,500/1,500

The Mechanical Warriors were double the size of the Mechanical Golems, and their hands were holding a blade and shield.

[Mechanical Warrior] (Elite Monster)

Level 9

HP 3,000/3,000

The Mechanical Knights were the most terrifying of them all.
They rode Mechanical Horses, and they held long pikes.
They were over 6 meters tall, just like a two-storied building.

[Mechanical Knight] (Special Elite)

Level 10

HP 7,000/7,000

In the deepest parts of this horde of Mechanical monsters, there was a pair of tightly shut steel gates.
However, the number of Mechanical Puppets and Mechanical Warriors was just too ridiculous.
Just from a simple glance, Gentle Snow estimated over 800 of them.
Moreover, in the deepest parts, there were over a hundred Mechanical Knights tightly guarding the front of the steel gates.
Clearing all of those Mechanical Knights without a thousand-man Elite army was only a pipe dream.

The amount of these Mechanical monsters simply caused one despair.
Even being more than a hundred yards away from these Mechanical monsters frightened Zhao Yueru and the others.

The Mechanical army would be unparalleled if they were to rush over altogether.
The army would be able to annihilate Zhao Yueru and the others instantly.

“Big Brother Black Flame, are you really going to go? You will definitely die.” Even though Zhao Yueru was confident in her party’s strength, just based on the standards of their Level 5 party, clearing the surrounding Mechanical Golems and Mechanical Warriors was already a huge problem, not to mention the Mechanical Knights.
A single Mechanical Knight might be enough to get rid of them all, let alone facing a hundred of them

“Eh, I must go there.
However, we need to clear these Golems and Warriors, which are just hindrances, first,” Shi Feng nodded his head.

“Then, let’s slowly lure them over and kill them, clearing the way bit by bit.” Gentle Snow had already promised Shi Feng that they would spare no effort in helping him.
Naturally, she would not shrink back now.
Moreover, this place was quite good for leveling up.
After killing so many Birdmen on the way here, they gained quite a lot of Common Equipment and materials.
If they were to clear all these Mechanical Warriors, their gains should be even greater.
It was just that the strength of the Mechanical Warriors was still an unknown to them.

“Then, I’ll lure them over one by one,” Zhao Yueru volunteered.
It was easiest for a ranged player to lure monsters.
Moreover, based on her skills, even if the monsters were tightly packed together, she would still be able to lure only two to three of them over. Their party would also be able to dispose of the monsters easily.

“Hold on,” Shi Feng suddenly pulled Zhao Yueru back.

“Is there something wrong?” Zhao Yueru asked.

The others looked towards Shi Feng, puzzled.
Could it be that Shi Feng did not believe in Zhao Yueru’s skills?

Shi Feng was very clear with the difficulty of this place.
However, Zhao Yueru and the others did not know that these Mechanical monsters were all weapons of war made by the Dwarven civilization.
If Zhao Yueru were to go and lure the monsters without knowing this, it would only lead to a 

“The Mechanical monsters are extremely troublesome to deal with.
Their agro
 range is extremely wide.
There is no need to mention their Defense and Attack Power. 
If you were to try and lure one, at least ten more would follow. With the level suppression, we will definitely be unable to take on that many of them at once.
I have another idea.
Which one of you here has a Movement Speed of over 14 points?”

“My Movement Speed is 17.
Little Song has also reached 14 points,” Gentle Snow answered even though she did not understand why Shi Feng asked such a question.

“You and Little Song both use a Speed Scroll.
In a moment, lure all of the surrounding Mechanical monsters and gather them in a single location.
Then, leave the rest to me.” Shi Feng took out two Speed Scrolls.
With these items, based on the Mechanical monsters’ speed, the Mechanical monsters would definitely be unable to catch up to the two of them.

After associating with Shi Feng for some time, Gentle Snow knew that Shi Feng was not one to spout nonsense.
He definitely must have his own reasonings.
Hence, she and Little Song both used the Speed Scrolls, the two of them starting to lure the monsters from both sides.

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