Chapter 875 – Temple Ruins

In the sky over the valley, Shi Feng dodged the Silver Dragon ’s attacks as he observed the surrounding terrain.

Although the Power of Darkness had a very long duration, it was bound to end eventually.

Once he lost the Power of Darkness ’s buffs and had to rely solely on the Heavenly Dragon ’s Breath, escaping the Silver Dragon would be impossible.

”There it is! ” Shi Feng quickly found the Silver Dragon ’s egress.
He then turned and dashed towards that area.

Dilapidated temple ruins used to occupy the area.
However, the Dragon ’s emergence had razed the ruins.
Now, there was only a massive crater with the scattered fragments of the temple ruins.

The scene reaffirmed Shi Feng ’s previous assumption.

There was a 99% chance that White Night and the other Owl members ’ unexpected arrival was due to a quest.
The Silver Dragon ’s entrance was even more precipitous.
Moreover, as soon as the Silver Dragon had appeared, the Tier 5 Curse Dark Sanctuary had activated.
This Spell had obviously been set up to prevent something from escaping, and that something was definitely the Silver Dragon.

Since the Spell had been set up to prevent the Silver Dragon ’s escape, there should be a Spell that could reseal it, just like in the Obelisk in Stone Forest Town.

The crater was bottomless.

The Dragon soon realized that Shi Feng was flying towards the crater.
Although it was afraid to go near the pit again, Shi Feng had stolen its power and left it Weakened.
Even if it could still recover, recuperation would take a long time.
It wouldn ’t be able to soothe the hatred in its heart if it did not get rid of this Swordsman.
Hence, it, too, flew into the crater after Shi Feng.

Once the Silver Dragon vanished, White Night and his team heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as they did not agitate the Dragon, they, more or less, had a chance of getting rid of these Mutants.
Had the Silver Dragon joined the battle, they would have lost all chance of completing their quest.

”Just who is that person? He was actually able to stand up to the Dragon for such a long time! ” The members of Owl had been deeply shocked when they saw the scene from before.

At the end of the day, a Dragon was still a Dragon.
Even if it was weakened extremely, it was still not an ant that players like themselves could go up against.

Previously, they had managed to see very clearly that, although the Silver Dragon was in a Weakened state, the information it displayed showed that it still had the strength of a Level 55, Tier 4 Boss.
It would be a piece of cake for the Silver Dragon to squash them into pancakes, so much so that they wouldn ’t even have any power whatsoever to resist it.

”Alright, focus.
The Dragon has already disappeared.
Let ’s hurry up and wipe out these Mutants.
Use a magic array to suppress them, right away.
We no longer have time to hold back. ” Shi Feng ’s performance had likewise shocked White Night considerably.
However, he did not think that Shi Feng could pin down the Silver Dragon for very long.
Hence, they needed to finish up their task as quickly as possible.

As soon as White Night said so, 15 magical class players in the team each took out a Magic Scroll and a blue potion.

When these magical class players drank down the Intermediate Mana Recovery Potion in their hands, their Mana, which had been below 10%, instantly recovered by 30%.
Their Mana Recovery Speed also doubled for 30 seconds.

Following which, these 15 players activated a magic array.

Immediately, a gigantic magic array enveloped all of the Mutants.
The initial Extreme Frost Field had already slowed down the reactions of these Mutants significantly.
With the effects of the magic array added in, the Mutants ’ speeds decreased further by a large margin.
Their Attributes were also suppressed by 30%.

Although the Attributes of the Mutants were still superior to theirs, they were no ordinary experts.
Originally, with just the effects of the Extreme Frost Field, each of them could easily handle a Common Mutant by themselves.
Some of them were even capable of pinning down the Elite Mutants.
Now, against these much slower and weaker Mutants, everyone had an even easier time fighting.

The appearance of the magic array had instantly turned the tide of the battle.

At the bottom of the crater, Shi Feng very quickly discovered a gigantic magic array surrounded by 36 stone pillars over a hundred meters tall with numerous divine runes engraved onto them.
In addition to these pillars, he also spotted a destroyed altar at the corner of the magic array.

It seems that, as long as that place gets repaired, I can reactivate the seal.
Shi Feng immediately rushed over to the altar.

As soon as he arrived before the stone altar, however, he immediately felt as if he had been scammed.

To restore the stone altar, he actually needed 1,000 Magic Crystals as well as the permanent sacrifice of 80 points of all his Basic Attributes.

The number of Magic Crystals required was nothing to Shi Feng.
After all, he always carried several thousand crystals with him in case of emergency.
However, the permanent loss of 80 points in all Attributes was a different story.
To current ordinary players, losing that much in Attributes would practically cripple their account.

However, seeing the Silver Dragon already flying over, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and clicked ”Accept. ”

Anyway, after restoring the Heavenly Dragon ’s Breath, the ring now provided additional Basic Attributes.
It also received massive improvements in various other aspects.
Overall, even after factoring in this loss, he still ended up with a net gain in Basic Attributes.

The instant Shi Feng clicked ”Accept, ” he immediately felt power draining out of his body.

Meanwhile, the Silver Dragon, which had just arrived before Shi Feng and was about to slap him to death with its claws, suddenly froze, fear flashing in its eyes.
At this moment, it distinctly heard the clanging and jangling of metallic chains.

All at once, the Silver Dragon was terrified.
It no longer cared about Shi Feng as it instantly tried to distance itself from this place that had once trapped it.

”You want to escape? ” At this moment, a cold smile appeared on Shi Feng ’s face.
If he were to let the Silver Dragon escape now, he would have sacrificed his Attributes for nothing.

Abyssal Bind!

Suddenly, over a dozen pitch-black chains emerged from the ground, directly binding the Silver Dragon.

Although Abyssal Bind had little effect on a monster of the Silver Dragon ’s caliber, it still managed to delay the Dragon by half a second.

To most, this half a second might not seem like much.
To the Silver Dragon, however, this half a second was sufficient to send it falling from heaven straight into hell.

The Silver Dragon broke free of the pitch-black chains, but before it could escape the crater, numerous golden chains shot out from the magic array and bound it.
No matter how hard the Silver Dragon struggled, it was slowly, bit by bit, dragged back down to the bottom of the crater.
At this moment, the Silver Dragon ’s heart overflowed with despair.

It had gone through such lengths to escape its bindings and regained its freedom, yet, just for the sake of getting some petty revenge on a puny little human, it now suffered the binding of these damnable chains once more.

”Human, you are very amazing.
You managed not only to plunder my strength but also to survive against me for so long, and even to reseal me now.
I acknowledge you to be an existence equal to myself! ” At this moment, the Silver Dragon stopped struggling.
Instead, it quietly observed Shi Feng as it asked, ”Are you willing to make a trade with me? You should know that Dragons won ’t easily make trades with weak existences like humans.
Moreover, Dragons always keep their word.
As long as a Dragon promises to do something, they will definitely see it through. ”

”Trade? ” Shi Feng was surprised in spite of himself when he heard this.

At the same time, the sound of several system notifications also entered his ears.

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