Chapter 880 – Slaying a Dragon

”Boss, the Dragon ’s Defense and reaction speed have improved quite a bit.
With our remaining numbers, I ’m afraid that we can ’t survive another round of chain attacks, ” a green-robed, Level 40 male Summoner anxiously reported.

Once the Mutated Dragon went Berserk, a single round of whipping its tail had annihilated all of his summoned creatures.

Even their attacks were becoming less effective.

Previously, they had been able to, more or less, hit the Dragon, each of their attacks dealing around -1,000 damage.
Now, however, the Mutant blocked over half of their attacks with its tail.
Even when their attacks struck the Dragon, they only dealt around -600 damage.

After factoring in the members they had lost and the healers, their overall damage could not overcome the Mutated Dragon ’s regeneration.
It was only a matter of time before they team-wiped.

”This is the final push! Throw everything you have at it! ” White Night had been watching the battle from the rear.
Excluding Shi Feng ’s hidden statistics, he had run through various simulations in his mind based on his team ’s statistics and calculated their probability of taking down the Mutated Dragon.

However, no matter how many simulations he ran through, they were no match for the Mutated Dragon.

The difference between them was simply too massive.

He had never expected the Mutated Dragon to be so terrifying after going Berserk.
Ordinary Bosses generally gained around a 30% increase to their combat power after going Berserk.
However, the Mutated Dragon ’s overall combat power had increased by 50% at the very least.
White Night even suspected that the Mutated Dragon had doubled its strength after going Berserk.

Even after Shi Feng had joined, they had barely stood against the Dragon.
Now that the Dragon ’s strength had grown, they had no hope of victory.

Hearing White Night ’s orders, every player began to use their most powerful moves against the Mutated Dragon.
Some even activated Berserk Skills.

Although not every Owl member possessed a Berserk Skill, the remaining forty or so members were all experts with the highest strength among the team.
Over a dozen had learned Berserk Skills.

Immediately, these dozen or so players ’ Attributes soared.
White Night and Frozen Dream experienced the greatest improvements, their main Attributes increasing by 100%.

”Buy me some time! ” Frozen Dream shouted.
Immediately, she began to chant an incantation, the surrounding Mana gathering rapidly around her.

”Okay! Everyone, aim for the Dragon ’s joints! ” White Night shouted.

Their survival now depended on this very moment.

Either the Mutated Dragon would wipe them out while it was still Berserk, or they would finish off the Mutated Dragon ’s 8,000,000 HP while they were Berserk.

Spells and arrows flew at the Mutant.
Seeing this, the Dragon swiped its claws.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

The Dragon ’s massive forefoot blocked over half of the attacks easily.
Only extremely accurate attacks like those from White Night had struck the Dragon.





Although numerous attacks had landed, only White Night ’s attacks broke past the 3,000-threshold.
Everyone else only dealt around -1,000 damage.
Their overall damage barely made a dent in the Dragon ’s remaining HP.

Before White Night and the others could launch another volley of attacks, the Mutated Dragon rose its tail once more.

”Watch out for its tail attacks! Fall back! ” White Night instructed and began to retreat while attacking the Mutated Dragon ’s massive tail.

However, the tail ’s Attack Speed and range were too much for them.
Even Shi Feng had not been able to dodge the attack in time and had been forced to rely on a Lifesaving Skill.
Although everyone had retreated quite a distance from the Mutated Dragon, they were still within range of the shockwave that would follow the tail swipe.
The resulting shockwaves alone were enough to end White Night and his companions.


A sonic boom ripped through the air as the Dragon ’s tail swiped at Owl ’s players, the tail ’s attack range reaching over half of the team.

Suddenly, however, a streak of blue light hacked at the swinging tail.


The Mutated Dragon ’s attack halted abruptly.
At the same time, a figure sank to the ground, a large crater forming around the player.

”He blocked it?! ” White Night ’s jaw dropped as he stared at the figure in disbelief.

Although he had not seen it clearly, he had caught a glimpse of Shi Feng swinging his sword at the Mutated Dragon ’s tail.
The instant his sword collided with the tail, however, Shi Feng vanished.

The Mutant ’s tail already contained far more power than its forefeet.
The Dragon had also gone Berserk, yet Shi Feng had blocked the attack.

Shortly after, Shi Feng climbed out of the pit.
Although he appeared somewhat miserable, his HP bar revealed that he had only suffered negligible damage.

The improved Heavenly Dragon ’s Power really is amazing.
With this, I can take the Mutated Dragon ’s attacks without any problems.
Shi Feng flexed his muscles a little.
Due to the impact, he was sore everywhere.
Overall, however, his combat power had not been affected overmuch.

Not only had Heavenly Dragon ’s Power increased his HP by 500%, but the Skill also increased his Strength by 150%, Agility by 50%, and Defense by 300%.
Currently, he had over 260,000 HP.
With his enhanced Defense, he had only received around -3,000 damage after receiving the direct hit.

Even without the healers ’ assistance, he could easily withstand several hundred such attacks.
He didn ’t need to fear the Berserk Mutated Dragon at all.

Following which, Shi Feng activated Silent Steps and appeared behind the Mutated Dragon.

He then used Phantom Kill and Nine Dragons Slash.

Flame Burst!

In the next moment, the twin swords Shi Feng wielded and those of his doppelganger transformed into dazzling, miniature suns.

Scorching, white rays of light then slammed brutally into the back of the Mutated Dragon ’s neck, one after another.





Thirty consecutive scorching blades bit into the Mutated Dragon ’s neck, all thirty strikes hitting the same location.
In addition, a dozen Abyssal Blade phantoms continuously assaulted the Mutant, each dealing up to -6,000 damage.

The Mutated Dragon released an agonized cry as it slammed into the ground.

The Mutated Dragon ’s HP had instantly fallen from 8,000,000 to 5,640,000.

Immediately after, Shi Feng used Firestorm and Dragon Breath.

The Mutated Dragon ’s HP fell below the 5,000,000-threshold.

”This is insane! ” The witnessing players were nearly speechless as they stared at the fallen Dragon.

White Night was just as shocked.
He could not figure out how many cards Shi Feng had kept hidden.
Shi Feng alone was savagely beating a Boss that his entire team had been helpless against…

At this time, Frozen Dream finally completed her chanting as she waved her staff.

A deep-blue magic array suddenly appeared above the Mutated Dragon.
A gigantic ice spear then emerged from the array and descended on the Mutant.

Tier 1 Curse, Frozen Earth.

When the ice spear struck, not only did it inflict over -7,000 damage, but it also encased the Dragon ’s four limbs in a layer of frost, restricting it.
Despite the Mutated Dragon breaking free from the layer of ice, the ice reformed instantly.
Moreover, each time the Dragon struggled free, it wasted a lot of time to do so.
As a result, the Mutated Dragon ’s reactions were somewhat delayed.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shi Feng launched one attack after another.

With an absolute MT like Shi Feng pinning down the Mutated Dragon, the other team members began to launch a fierce assault.

As a result, the Mutated Dragon ’s HP fell rapidly.





When the Mutated Dragon had less than 500,000 HP remaining, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence and used the Tier 2 Taboo Skill Instant Strike.
In the blink of an eye, he appeared before the Mutated Dragon.

Over a dozen consecutive slashes bloomed over the Mutated Dragon ’s heart.

The Mutated Dragon ’s HP hit rock bottom instantly, falling to the ground with a loud boom.
Over a dozen shining items dropped around its humongous body.

Suddenly, a golden glow surrounded Shi Feng ’s body as he reached Level 42.

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