Chapter 901 – Silent Blade

Inside the bustling dojo, hundreds of people had gathered around the arena.

”This dojo is pathetic.
These instructors are just garbage.
They ’re completely misguiding the students here.
With such skills, they even dare start up a dojo?

”Hey, you guys, you ’re better off training somewhere else.
With these trash instructors teaching you, you won ’t get anywhere in a fighting competition, no matter how long you train.
It ’s no wonder why, after so many years, this city has not produced a single, decent professional fighter.
Of course, you ’re not to blame.
Rather, it ’s these garbage instructors ’ fault.

”If it were up to me, I would pack up and leave after finding out how crappy these instructors are.
I wouldn ’t waste my youth here. ”

Over a dozen youths in their twenties wearing dark gray martial artist robes glanced at the middle-aged instructor who had just been defeated, disgust filling their gazes.
These gray-robed youths then sent sympathetic gazes towards the hundreds of teenagers training inside the hall.

Although the Big Dipper Dojo ’s trainees were furious, none of them dared to speak up, remaining silent as they watched this scene play out.

These dozen or so people who had suddenly shown up were just too strong.

Among these people, one indifferent youth, who looked to be roughly the same age as they were, had single-handedly defeated six of their highly-skilled instructors.
Moreover, none of their instructors had landed a finger on this indifferent youth.
Even someone who knew nothing of martial arts could see the disparity in their strengths.
If they had to challenge that youth, they probably wouldn ’t last one move.

It was extremely difficult to defeat an opponent in a single move.
It was even more so in an actual battle.
Generally, such situations only occurred when martial artists fought an ordinary person.
To put it simply, it was only possible if there was a massive difference between the fighters ’ strengths.

The hundreds of teenage trainees felt an immense pressure weigh on them when they looked at the thin, indifferent youth.

Seeing the quiet trainees, the fierce, bald man standing at the forefront of the grey-robed youths smirked with satisfaction.

”How about it?

”You ’ve seen the difference in our abilities for yourselves.
We have come from the White Tiger Dojo.
Recently, our dojo has considered establishing a branch in this city.
This is a chance for all of you.
If you perform well in the branch dojo, you might even get the chance to train in the main dojo.
At that time, you will be the star of tomorrow ’s fighting competition.
You won ’t have to waste your lives in this tiny place. ”

Hearing the bald man ’s offer, everyone was momentarily stunned.
They immediately understood why even Master Chen Wu was no match for these youths.

They had heard about the White Tiger Dojo.
Anyone who wanted to join the world of fighting knew about it.
Many famous contestants, who had taken part in past national fighting competitions, originated from the White Tiger Dojo.
The dojo had even nurtured well-known, international fighters in the past.
Countless youths that wanted their own fame in the fighting world dreamed of joining the White Tiger Dojo.

However, they had never imagined that the White Tiger Dojo would open a branch in their city…

Before the bald man could say more, the dojo ’s doors swung open.

Having captured everyone ’s attention, Shi Feng and Liang Jing approached the bald man.
Immediately, the trainees grew excited.

Shi Feng was the Big Dipper Dojo ’s Head Instructor.
Despite being so young, he had attained this position by relying on his own strength.
He was their revered idol.

In fact, many among them had specifically joined the dojo because they had heard Shi Feng was an instructor here.
However, Shi Feng normally lived in the Greenwater Villa, only occasionally venturing to the dojo.
Hence, they did not see him often.

”You are the Head Instructor? ” The bald man ’s lips twisted into a sneer, glaring at Shi Feng with disdain.

He had heard that the newly-established Big Dipper Dojo had a twenty-something-year-old martial artist who guided the students.

He had thought it had been a joke.
Now, however, it seemed that the rumor was true.

The man before him wore cheap, dark-blue sportswear, and he didn ’t appear strong.
Not only did the man seem a little pale, but he also lacked the aura of a martial artist.
It was hard to imagine how such a weakling had wormed his way into the position of Head Instructor.
In his opinion, Shi Feng was weaker than the instructors that had already been defeated.
At the very least, their auras had been passable.

”Mhm, that ’s right.
Why have you come looking for me in such a hurry? ” Shi Feng swept a glance over the dozen or so members from the White Tiger Dojo, becoming more confident in his conjecture.

In the past, after God ’s Domain launched the Mind Space System, the well-known dojos throughout the nation had begun to expand.
These dojos had set up branches in various cities in an attempt to poach members and expand their influence, hoping to attract major corporations ’ investments.
Although some dojos had received these investments, the majority had not.

These corporations ’ intentions had been obvious.
They had all wanted to nurture a powerful Guild of their own in God ’s Domain.
However, compared to recruiting ordinary players, it was far more efficient to recruit fighters from dojos, who were already familiar with actual combat.
Moreover, God ’s Domain wouldn ’t impact these fighters ’ daily routines.
These people only needed to play God ’s Domain while they slept.

With this, not only would the fighting world and virtual gaming world remain separate, but they would also form a mutually beneficial relationship, helping each other improve.
Both sides would make more money.
Knowing this, the major corporations that had been interested in the Mind Space System had refused to ignore such a valuable opportunity.

Among the country ’s dojos, the White Tiger Dojo had chosen to set up branches in over a dozen third-tier cities.
Jin Hai City had been one of those cities.
Back then, the city ’s various dojos had despaired upon hearing the news.
These dojos had originally chosen to develop in a third-tier city precisely because they could not compete with the dojos in first- and second-tier cities.
When the major dojo ’s had targeted their cities, they had been forced out of business.

In the end, many of Jin Hai City ’s dojos had been forced to cooperate with the White Tiger Dojo.

Once Shi Feng saw the White Tiger Dojo ’s members, his gaze stopped on the indifferent youth behind the bald man.

Shi Feng knew this youth.
He had been extremely famous in Jin Hai City.
Moreover, after joining God ’s Domain, he had become unstoppable.
In the past, he had been known as ”Silent Blade ” in God ’s Domain.
At his peak, he had been a Tier 5 Berserker who ranked 58th on the God ’s Domain Experts List.
Unfortunately, his entry into God ’s Domain was somewhat late.
Otherwise, his achievements in the game would ’ve been even greater.

”Our White Tiger Dojo is thinking of opening a branch in Jin Hai City, so we ’ve come to say hello.
We were also hoping to spar with you.
I wonder if Instructor Shi is interested? ” the bald man laughed.

”Spar? ” Shi Feng ’s lips hooked up slightly.
Shaking his head, he said, ”Why doesn ’t it look like that to me? The White Tiger Dojo is so famous that even a layman such as myself knows of it.
Is it necessary to venture all the way here to poach our members? ”

”Don ’t say it like that.
We are just trying to conduct honest business.
Naturally, we have to provide better options to those who wish to join the fighting world. ” The bald man laughed.
He didn ’t take Shi Feng seriously in the least.
In his opinion, Shi Feng was merely a puppet that Big Dipper had employed to run this dojo.
The man didn ’t qualify to speak to him at all.
”I ’ve heard that you are quite powerful.
I have always admired those with strength.
I wonder; would you be willing to spar with me? We can show everyone whether or not your strength is superficial! ”

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