Chapter 921: Frightening Team

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Chapter 921 – Frightening Team

With Cola tanking the Steel Slaughterer, the pressure on the team lessened significantly.

Cola only needed three healers to stabilize his HP, so everyone else could deal with the six Steel Guardians and the remaining Steel Watchers without needing to push themselves too much.

To ordinary players, the Level 42 Lord ranked Steel Guardians might be a nightmare, but to Shi Feng's team of top-tier experts, they weren't a problem.
Any MT on the team could tank a Lord effortlessly on their own.
Moreover, they only needed one healer to maintain their HPs.

After the MTs stabilized their aggro on the Bosses, the rest of the team dealt with the remaining hundred or so Elite ranked Steel Watchers.

An ordinary expert player could defeat two or three Elite monsters of the same level easily.
As for this team, even the weakest among them could hold their own against a Chieftain of the same level for a long time.
Some were even capable of killing Chieftains or resisting a Lord of the same level by themselves.

If not for the threat of the Grand Lord, the team would have only needed a dozen or so players to deal with the hundred-plus Elite monsters.

At this moment, Youlan finally experienced what it felt like to have a powerful MT on the team.
With a powerful MT, even a headache-inducing problem could be easily resolved.

“Zero Wing's MT is amazing! Even without using a Lifesaving Skill, he only took around -15,000 damage after the Slaughterer's Skill hit him.
Even Boss Wolf might've died instantly if he didn't activate a Lifesaving Skill in time.”

“How high is his Defense?”

“His HP is so high! It should be at least over 20,000!”

Many of Overwhelming Smile's members were stunned by Cola's performance.

Although Zero Wing is much stronger than we had expected, Raven is more capable than this! Bloodsucker had no intention of letting Zero Wing continue to occupy the spotlight.
After all, their goal in coming here was to show Shi Feng their Guild's strength.

Following which, Bloodsucker led his party to attack a Steel Guardian.

Generally, dealing with a Lord ranked monster required a 20-man team of the same level.
However, now that Turtledove single-handedly pinned down the Steel Guardian, Bloodsucker and his group of damage-dealers could launch their attacks without holding back.

Bloodsucker instantly appeared behind the Steel Guardian and used Chop on the Lord, his spear thrusting into the Lord's leg joint.

Fully displaying the boundless Strength of Berserkers, Bloodsucker's attack forced the Steel Guardian to one knee, a damage of over -8,000 points appearing above the Lord's head.
Bloodsucker's attack had put an end to the Steel Guardian's offensive.
Following which, the Berserker used Whirlwind Slash, his spear striking the Steel Guardian's other leg joint, dealing over -6,000 damage and causing the Lord to fall, face first, to the ground.

Suddenly, a black figure appeared above the Steel Guardian's head.
This figure was none other than Raven's Kirin.

Kirin's daggers rapidly sliced the Steel Guardian's head as he descended, leaving six deep cuts, each causing over -2,000 damage or over -4,000 damage with a critical hit.
Once Kirin landed, he spun and used Absolute Strike on the back of the Lord's head.

Instantly, a black streak of light pierced through the back of the Steel Guardian's head, exiting between its brows and devouring over 13,000 HP.

The other Raven members joined the fray, bombarding the Steel Guardian with attacks.
Overall, Raven's Steel Guardian lost HP far faster than the Steel Guardian that Overwhelming Smile dealt with.
Moreover, Raven's members disabled the Guardian with every attack.
As a result, Turtledove had an easy time tanking the Lord, so much so that she no longer required the help of a healer.

However, Owl did not lag behind Raven in the least.
The adventurer team's 14 members fought two Steel Guardians simultaneously.
White Night's Steel Guardian, in particular, lost HP faster than Raven's target.

White Night's normal arrow attacks could deal over -3,000 damage to the Steel Guardian.
When he used Skills such as Burst Arrow, his attacks easily dealt over -10,000 damage; over -20,000 damage if it were a critical hit.
Moreover, his Attack Speed was on par with an Assassin's.

With Owl and Raven's members taking action, three Steel Guardians were dealt with.
As for Zero Wing's members, they focused on the Steel Slaughterer.
The situation left Youlan speechless.

Shi Feng's side had dealt with 80% of the battle, leaving her side with very little room to display their strength.
Her side only needed to deal with three Steel Guardians and the remaining Watchers.

Youlan even began to suspect that, even if her team of 50 stood idle, Shi Feng's side could finish the battle by themselves.

In less than ten minutes, all six Steel Guardians and the hundred-plus Steel Watchers were dead.
In contrast, Shi Feng's entire team was also alive and well.
Now, only the Steel Slaughterer remained.

As the team began to think that they would easily pass this stage, the Steel Slaughterer stomped its feet.

With a loud boom, the ground shattered.
The following impact sent everyone flying.
Although the players only received between -1,000 and -4,000 damage, they were all thrown 50 yards away from the Grand Lord.

The Steel Slaughterer then raised its hands.
A gigantic, blue magic array formed in the sky, countless arcs of lightning gathering at the Slaughterer's hands.
Anything these blue arcs touched instantly turned into ash.
As if armageddon had arrived, the team could feel a deathly aura loom over them.

“The Boss is going to activate a team-wipe Skill! All MTs, stand at the forefront and activate your Lifesaving Skills! Everyone else, stand behind the MTs! Drink a Magic Resistance Potion! Guardian Knights, activate your Magic Resistance Aura!” Shi Feng ordered, showing no signs of panic.

After the monsters around the Steel Slaughterer died, the Grand Lord would activate a powerful AOE Skill called Thunder Destruction.
The Skill's range covered the temple and its grounds, so it was impossible to dodge.
Their only option was to survive it.

On the other hand, if a team focused on the Steel Slaughterer without finishing off the other monsters, when the Grand Lord's HP fell below 70%, it would still use this move.
After receiving this Skill, the team would either be dead or crippled.
Facing the Lords and Elites after that would only end with their deaths.

Hearing Shi Feng's command, everyone flew into action.

All ten MTs stood in front of the team and activated either Shield Wall or Protection Blessing.
As for the Clerics and Oracles standing at the rear, they cast their respective shields on the MTs.
Simultaneously, everyone drank a Basic Magic Resistance Potion.
Although the potion did not provide much Magic Resistance, it was better than none at all.

Suddenly, the Steel Slaughterer's fists hammered the ground.

Immediately, blue ripples spread out from the Grand Lord.
The collision from a single blue ripple forced the MTs back by five or six steps, shattering the support barriers around them and dealing around -8,000 damage to each.
As for the others, the attack sent them flying.
However, they received much less damage, only around -4,000.

“Quickly, heal everyone!” Shi Feng shouted.

The Steel Slaughterer's attack wouldn't only happen once, but multiple times.

As soon as the healers finished casting the first wave of heals, the second shockwave struck, followed by the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth.
Only after the sixth shockwave did the Slaughterer's attack end.

However, because of this shockwave attack, nearly half of the team members had died.
As for the MTs standing on the frontline, only five of the ten were still alive…

At this moment, everyone finally realized that they had greatly underestimated Grand Lords.
A Grand Lord's AOE Skills were far more powerful than an ordinary Great Lord.
If not for Shi Feng's quick thinking, they might have team-wiped.

Suddenly, the Steel Slaughterer split into two, transforming into a silvery-white and a pitch-black Steel Slaughterer.

The team was flabbergasted.

They now had to face two Grand Lords!

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