Chapter 949 – Entrance Token

”Right now? ” Shi Feng asked, feeling somewhat curious as he looked at Bloodsucker.

The Guild Leader of Raven, Bloodfang, was a mysterious existence in God ’s Domain.

Even in the past, Shi Feng had only heard of the man ’s name.
He had never seen a picture of the man.

Yet, now, the high and mighty Guild Leader Bloodfang had suddenly asked to meet him.
If this situation had happened in the past, it would definitely trigger a huge commotion.

Our Guild Leader has said that some things cannot be expressed in words.
It will be more convincing if you see them with your own eyes, ” Bloodsucker explained, nodding.

Back when Bloodsucker heard Guild Leader Bloodfang ’s request to meet, he himself had been shocked.

As a top-tier expert of the Raven Guild as well as an upper manager of Raven, he had only ever spoken with the mysterious Guild Leader of Raven through voice calls.
To date, he had never personally met the man.

For an outsider like Shi Feng to actually receive an invitation to meet for a discussion, one could see just how much importance the Guild Leader placed on Zero Wing.
This situation made even Bloodsucker envy Shi Feng slightly.

”Alright, then.
This reason is indeed tempting. ” Shi Feng was also very curious as to what Bloodfang wanted to show him.
”However, I still need to deal with some matters first, before I can follow you all.
It ’ll take me a few hours, roughly, to finish. ”

”No problem.
Guild Leader has already said that he is willing to wait for Elder Ye Feng ’s visit. ” Bloodsucker unconsciously breathed out a sigh of relief when he heard Shi Feng agreeing to the meeting.

The Guild Leader had already stated that he wanted to meet with Shi Feng no matter what.
Moreover, the sooner, the better.
It would be best if they could meet before the match between the Asura Battle Team and the Evil Dragons Battle Team.

Although he did not understand why Guild Leader Bloodfang was in such a hurry, he did not try to delve into the man ’s thoughts.

Following which, Bloodsucker left Zero Wing ’s Residence, intending to stroll around the city while waiting for Shi Feng to tie up his matters.

Meanwhile, at the Slums of White River City, the originally desolate streets of the area were currently packed with a sea of players.
Well-equipped 100-man teams loitered everywhere, the members of these teams all wearing discontented expressions.

”Just how long are we supposed to wait?! We ’ve already been waiting for over half an hour here already! ”

”Half an hour? Our team has already been waiting for nearly an hour already! ”

The various teams gazed helplessly at the simple house in the distance.

While this house looked very simple, it contained the teleportation array that could send players straight to the heart of the Twin Towers Kingdom.
However, the number of players this teleportation array could accommodate at a single time was limited, while the number of players wishing to earn Honor Points was a lot.
Before long, the queue to use the teleportation array had already meandered through several streets.

Among the teams waiting to use the teleportation array, a beautiful woman riding atop a black panther looked towards the Level 39 female Assassin who had just run up to her, and asked, ”Frozen, what did you manage to find out? ”

This black panther was over two meters tall and looked just like a large-scale jeep.
It was a very eye-catching sight on the street.

However, compared to this black panther, its owner commanded even more respect.

The beauty riding atop the black panther was none other than the Vice Guild Leader of the Hundred Flowers Palace, Cleansed Rue.

”I ’ve already checked everything.
All nearby Lands suitable for constructing a Guild Residence have already been bought by someone.
In addition, the few strategic locations that can be used to set up a Store have similarly been bought by someone, ” the Assassin named Frozen Pearl reported softly.

”These people sure move quickly.
Have you found out who bought them? ” Cleansed Rue frowned slightly.

After receiving news of this Teleportation Shop, she had immediately gathered a team and hurried over.
She had even prepared a large sum of money to construct a Guild Residence in White River City.
This way, their Guild members would not have to waste money on exorbitant teleportation fees and could simply teleport to White River City using the Guild Transfer Scroll.

The new class would be very beneficial to their Guild in future struggles.
Hence, they need to nurture a large number of this new class.

Moreover, aside from exchanging for a new class, Honor Points also had other uses.
There were only benefits to be had from grinding abyssal monsters.

The only problem was the teleportation fee.
The Dark Night Empire where their Guild was based was somewhat distant from Star-Moon Kingdom.
They had spent several hundred Gold just to transport 300 players to White River City.

If their Guild were to send thousands of players over, the expenditure would definitely reach frightening proportions.
Nevertheless, if their Guild wished to have an advantage at the Twin Towers Kingdom, it was naturally better to send as many members over as possible.
Hence, it was imperative for them to establish a Guild Residence in White River City.

”I have yet to find out.
The buyers have all kept their identities hidden, ” Frozen Pearl replied, shaking her head.

”They ’ve hidden their identities? ” Cleansed Rue smiled.
”Send some people to these locations to leave a message saying that our Hundred Flowers Palace sincerely wishes to purchase Guild Residence Land and that we hope they can contact us.
If there are any movements from those landowners, notify me immediately. ”

Generally speaking, any Guild that managed to secure these Lands would be more than eager to boast about their successful acquisitions.
They definitely would not conceal it.
Since the owners of these Lands chose to keep their identities a secret, that meant that they had purchased these Lands not for personal use but for resale.
Their silence also showed that they were still waiting for the right price.

Although Cleansed Rue did not know who would possess such great insight to actually discern the value of these Lands so quickly, she had no intention of wasting time waiting for these landowners to sell these Lands.

Currently, the sooner they obtained nearby Guild Land, the sooner they would be able to dispatch more Guild members to the Twin Towers Kingdom.

Even if the price was astronomical, she needed to purchase the Land as expeditiously as possible.

”Understood! ” Frozen Pearl nodded.
She then led her subordinates to the nearby Lands that were suitable for constructing a Guild Residence.

Inside one of the Basic Meditation Rooms of the Candlelight Trading Firm, all Intermediate and Advanced Lifestyle players of the firm were currently gathered.

Several hundred players were present in the room.
These players made up a large portion of the Intermediate and Advanced Lifestyle players in the entire Star-Moon Kingdom.
This was especially true for the Advanced Lifestyle players.

Nowadays, the various large Guilds throughout God ’s Domain were placing more and more importance on Lifestyle players.
Currently, the treatment an Advanced Lifestyle player received was already on the level of core members.

At this moment, however, all these Advanced Lifestyle players were quietly seated at one side, all of them unconsciously holding their breaths as they looked with yearning at the black iron tokens placed on the table.

These tokens were none other than the entrance tokens Shi Feng had obtained from Titan City.

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