Chapter 953 – Holy Space

Inside Heaven ’s Burial ’s Residence in Star-Moon City…

”Guild Leader, I ’ve just been notified that those four Advanced Lifestyle players from Candlelight have agreed to our conditions.
Moreover, Candlelight isn ’t forcing them to stay.
As long as we send the money, they ’ll let those four go, ” Flame Blood reported excitedly upon receiving the news.

Advanced Lifestyle players were currently a rare commodity to any Guild.
They were precious resources for Guilds in the war over market dominance.
Hence, the various Guilds held onto their Lifestyle players tightly, preventing other Guilds from poaching.
If a Guild wanted Advanced Lifestyle players, it would have to start by nurturing complete novices.
However, doing so was time-consuming, and it would be very hard for a trading firm to gain a competitive edge in a short time.

Hence, Singular Burial had used those several masters and offered irresistible benefits.

Flame Blood had not expected Singular Burial ’s strategy to be effective enough to poach four Advanced Lifestyle players.
This would significantly weaken the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Moreover, even though these Advanced Lifestyle players ’ Proficiency had been reset and they had lost the designs and recipes they had learned, they still retained their experience and technical skills.
With Heaven ’s Burial ’s resources, it would not take long for these players to recover the losses.
This was far more cost-efficient than simply nurturing Advanced Lifestyle players from scratch.

”Black Flame really is quite interesting.
While other Guilds are keeping a tight leash on their Advanced Lifestyle players, he generously allowed four to walk away.
It seems he is relatively confident in the Candlelight Trading Firm. ” The corners of Singular Burial ’s mouth twitched when he heard this news, and he could not help but admire Shi Feng.

They were talking about four Advanced Lifestyle players!

After investing plenty of resources into its trading firm, Heaven ’s Burial had only nurtured five Advanced Lifestyle players thus far.
Among them, three had only recently achieved their promotion.

Yet, the Candlelight Trading Firm had abandoned four such individuals without hesitation.

”Guild Leader, will these players be a problem? ” Daybreak Fog asked worriedly from the side.

”They shouldn ’t be.
I spoke with all of them in secret earlier.
Their item production techniques and success rates are genuine, ” Singular Burial said, shaking his head.
Chuckling, he continued, ”Since Candlelight is so generous, we don ’t need to be courteous with them.
Uncle Seven, deal with this matter right away.
We can ’t let another Guild steal these people from us. ”

With these four Advanced Lifestyle players and the five masters in the Heavenly Trading Firm, it wouldn ’t be long before the position of Star-Moon Kingdom ’s top trading firm switched owners.

Once the Heavenly Trading Firm surpassed the Candlelight Trading Firm, Heaven ’s Burial would have a stable source of income.
At that time, Heaven ’s Burial could officially begin its conquest of Star-Moon Kingdom.

”Guild Leader, rest assured; I ’ll head over right away, ” Seven Treasures said.
He immediately departed the meeting room and dashed towards Star-Moon City ’s Teleportation Hall.

On the streets of Titan City, the city ’s dense Mana intoxicated Melancholic Smile and her companions.

The Mana density in this city is even higher than the Basic Meditation Room! Melancholic Smile grew breathless when she felt the city ’s Mana.

Although the difference in Mana between the Basic Meditation Room and the Special Workshop seemed small, it was precisely this small difference that made it far easier for Intermediate Lifestyle players to reach the Advanced rank.

Lifestyle players gained Proficiency in a slightly different way from combat players who only needed to gain EXP by killing monsters.

Take Intermediate Forgers who were trying to become Advanced Forgers for example.
When their Forging Proficiency reached a certain degree, even if they only produced ordinary items befitting their rank, they would not gain any Forging Proficiency.
They would have to produce rare items befitting their rank to raise their Proficiency.

Soon, even rare items would not provide any Proficiency, at which point, Intermediate Forgers would have to produce items that were one rank higher to improve.

One could just imagine how abysmal an Intermediate Forger ’s success rate with producing Advanced items would be.

If one could not complete the forging procedures flawlessly, they would waste an astonishing amount of materials.
Moreover, Intermediate Forgers would be producing advanced merchandise, which required rare materials.
Even Super Guilds would not waste their rare materials so recklessly.

Guilds mainly nurtured Lifestyle players to make money.
Although they would have to invest, this investment was not limitless.
There was definitely a cap.

In the Candlelight Trading Firm, rare materials were extremely limited.
The trading firm did not have the leeway for everyone to produce higher-rank merchandise limitlessly.
Hence, the trading firm would conduct a quality check every now and then, using the opportunity to determine how many rare materials to allocate to each person.

Those with high production success rates received a larger supply of rare materials.
This way, they could gain more Proficiency each day, increasing their promotion speed.

This was precisely the reason that…

The Basic Meditation Room ’s Mana density was extremely important.
The dense Mana in the air could allow players to maintain a calm mind and high concentration.
This way, they wouldn ’t make errors as easily when crafting.
If they could cut down on unnecessary mistakes, their production success rate would increase.
Their promotion speed would also increase.

This was why the various large Guilds were more willing to pay a huge price to poach Advanced Lifestyle players rather than nurture their own.

Following which, Melancholic Smile led everyone to the Titan Lifestyle Association.

As Shi Feng had requested, she rented Special Workshops for everyone for three days.
Including the cost to purchase designs and recipes, she had spent over 4,000 Gold.

This expenditure dumbfounded Cream Cocoa and the others.

Even first-rate Guilds would be hard-pressed to collect more than 4,000 Gold.

None of them had ever imagined that the trading firm would spend so much on them.

They finally understood why the trading firm had required them to sign such a strict contract.

In fact, if not for the money earned through the Teleportation House, even Melancholic Smile ’s heart would ’ve stopped by now.

Coming here to raise one ’s Proficiency and techniques was the epitome of luxury.

However, upon entering the Lifestyle Association ’s Special Workshop, her opinion changed.

Although the Workshop here was only half the size of the Candlelight Trading Firm ’s Special Workshops, the Mana density was three times that of the outside world.
Inside this room, she experienced a mental clarity like never before.

Moreover, aside from its high Mana density, there was a large amount of research materials available inside this Special Workshop.

After a cursory search for information on the Strengthening Device, Melancholic Smile compiled a few dozen pages ’ of information.
Among them were production videos from Master Forgers and key crafting points.

”Master-ranked production videos? ” Melancholic Smile clicked on the video out of curiosity.

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