Chapter 969 – Evolved Effects

”I should be able to evolve it, right? ”

Although Shi Feng had chosen to evolve the Holy City ’s Emblem, he still wasn ’t sure that his plan was feasible.
After all, unlike weapons and equipment, the Holy City ’s Emblem did not have a rank to differentiate it from others.

Suddenly, a strand of purple mist flowed from the light-blue Holy Grail, gently wrapping around the flashing silver emblem in Shi Feng ’s hand as if scanning it.

Three seconds later, Shi Feng heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Do you wish to sacrifice 1,000 HP permanently to evolve the Holy City ’s Emblem?

”Sure enough, a Legendary item is amazing! ” Excitement lit up Shi Feng ’s face.

Although losing 1,000 HP stung, the return was worth the cost.
As long as the evolution succeeded, this item would be far more valuable than an Epic item.

Shi Feng agreed to the evolution.

Shi Feng ’s maximum HP then fell by 1,000, from 26,300 to 25,300.

However, despite the loss, Shi Feng ’s HP was still much higher than Cola ’s.
If Shi Feng activated the Seven Luminaries Ring ’s Aura of Earth, he could even become a sturdier MT than Cola…

As Shi Feng ’s HP decreased, streams of green liquid flowed from his body and into the Holy Grail.
In turn, the Holy Grail radiated a dazzling purple glow that gradually melded with the Holy City ’s Emblem.

Suddenly, the emblem radiated a dazzling golden glow that enveloped the warehouse.

”Was it a success? ” Shi Feng stared at the Holy City ’s Emblem, tension tightening his features.

If the evolution were a success, the Candlelight Trading Firm ’s future would be limitless.

While other Guilds were expending effort and resources to nurture Advanced Lifestyle players, he could easily nurture one batch after another, giving the Candlelight Trading Firm a massive advantage over other trading firms.

At that time, even if Candlelight lacked Shops, it could easily overwhelm its rivals with a large stock of advanced products.

If they could nurture a Master-rank player, they could earn staggering amounts of money.

If the evolution failed, though, he would have to wait another ten days before he could try again.
He would also have to sacrifice another 1,000 HP.
The thought soured Shi Feng ’s mood.
However, as depressing as it was, he would gladly sacrifice another 1,000 HP.
After all, Titan City held the key to the Candlelight Trading Firm ’s future.

After the golden glow dissipated, the originally silver Holy City ’s Emblem shone a pale gold.
Moreover, tiny divine runes had been carved on the emblem, which gathered surrounding Mana.
It almost seemed like a faint mist had wrapped around the emblem, giving it an aura of mystery.

Following which, Shi Feng inspected the Holy City ’s Emblem ’s statistics.

[Holy City ’s Emblem]
Opens a transfer gate to Titan City.
A maximum of 20 people may pass through the gate.
Each time the wielder of the Holy City ’s Emblem enters the Holy City of Titan, they can extend their stay by up to two days.

Cooldown: 7 days

After Shi Feng finished reading the introduction, he was ecstatic.

Although the evolved emblem did not extend a player ’s stay like the higher-ranked entrance tokens, it now allowed twenty people to enter Titan City rather than ten.
Moreover, the wielder could stay in the Holy City two days more than everyone else.
Now, the Holy City ’s Emblem was practically a permanent residence permit for Shi Feng.

Generally, ordinary players could only stay in Titan City for three days, while Shi Feng, as one of the city ’s Honorary Citizens, could stay up to five days.
Including the emblem ’s new effects, he could extend his stay in the Holy City to seven days, which was exactly how long the Cooldown lasted.

With this, even if Shi Feng did not raise his Reputation, he could stay in Titan City as long as he wanted.
Titan City was heavenly for both Lifestyle players and combat players.

Not bad.
With this, I won ’t have to worry about time constraints when I ’m questing in Titan City.
Shi Feng smiled at the pale gold emblem in his hand.

Titan City was a Holy Land to both Lifestyle players and combat players.
Only, as the slots to enter the city were extremely valuable, most Guilds that possessed them only used them on Lifestyle players who could contribute more to the Guild than combat players.

However, as more players reached Titan City, combat players would discover the Holy City ’s benefits.
They would also discover that they would enjoy just as many benefits as Lifestyle players.
Only, the various Guilds had only discovered late in the game.
By then, Titan City ’s benefits were no longer useful to apex experts.

Star-Moon City, Ouroboros ’s Guild Residence:

Due to the Blackwater Corporation ’s visit, the entire Guild was a mess.
Many of the players lounged around the Guild Residence ’s main hall, not in the mood to level up.
Instead, they chatted among themselves about the Guild ’s situation.

At the same time, an argument raged in the Residence ’s meeting room.

”Do your companies really intend to side with the Blackwater Corporation?! Have you never considered the fact that Blackwater is simply trying to annex Ouroboros and turn it into one of its toys?! At that time, your companies won ’t have anything to do with Ouroboros at all! ” Zhao Yueru bellowed, furious as she glared at the several Guild Elders beside her.
”Won ’t you reconsider this? ”

The Guild Elders not affiliated with a company nodded, showing their support for Zhao Yueru ’s words.

The Blackwater Corporation was ruthless and cruel.
Before it had even obtained Ouroboros, it was asking its Guild Leader to step down and relinquish full management rights.
One could only imagine what Blackwater would do once it truly secured the Guild.

Ouroboros ’s name would vanish from the virtual gaming world.

After the Blackwater Corporation obtained 90% of Ouroboros ’s shares, it would only be a matter of time before it obtained the remaining 10% and devoured Ouroboros.
Aside from the compensation fees, these companies would have nothing left.

Currently, God ’s Domain ’s popularity was rising rapidly due to the Mind Space System ’s launch.

Even a fool could tell what would become of God ’s Domain in the future.
Otherwise, so many companies from around the world wouldn ’t be investing in the game.

As a first-rate Guild, Ouroboros had a significant advantage.
It had already amassed plenty of Lands.
However, if they allowed Blackwater to take everything, these companies would never be able to establish another Guild as powerful as Ouroboros, no matter how much money they spent.

By giving in to the Blackwater Corporation, these companies were ignoring long-term profits for short-term gains.

”Regarding the problem of your funds, I have begun to sell the materials in the Guild ’s warehouse to collect more.
Including the funds I have and based on my estimations, we should be able to fund your companies ’ resistance against Blackwater for some time.

”Ouroboros can use this time to capture a few towns.
With the income from these towns, the Guild will be able to sustain itself.
It will no longer have to purchase Coins from others or hire money-farming teams.
Meanwhile, you will retain your shares of Ouroboros.
What do you think? ”

Gentle Snow proposed her plan calmly as she shifted her gaze towards the several Elders representing various companies.

Although her plan was effectively cutting off Ouroboros ’s means of retreat, this was the Guild ’s best option.

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