Chapter 970 – Greatest Advantage

The company representative Elders fell silent after Gentle Snow ’s proposal.

They had never imagined that Gentle Snow would take such decisive action, sacrificing the materials their Guild had struggled to accumulate.
This would damage Ouroboros immensely and be robbing Peter to pay Paul.
In reality, she had not solved the fundamental problem.

However, if they gathered enough capital to cover their companies ’ sudden shortage of funds and endure this difficult period, their companies could make a comeback and slap the Blackwater Corporation in the face.
Moreover, as Gentle Snow had said, if Ouroboros could obtain a few towns within a short time and maintain Ouroboros ’s profitable state, their companies would hold onto Ouroboros tightly, rather than surrender their shares to Blackwater.

In God ’s Domain, captured towns were different from NPC cities.
Unlike in NPC cities, where players were under many restrictions, players could build as they wished in their own town.
Moreover, constructing a house in a town was far cheaper.

Most importantly, players wouldn ’t be limited in what items they could sell.
In the Shops in NPC cities, players were only allowed to sell items that were native to God ’s Domain.
In a player-owned town, however, players could sell foreign products such as cosmetic items.

Unlike weapons and equipment, cosmetic items did not possess Attributes.
At the same time, cosmetic items could only be worn within player-owned territory; they could not be worn in the fields or NPC cities.

Moreover, designing cosmetic items in the game was not an easy task.
Although it was not as troublesome and meticulous as weaving, leather making, or forging Attributed equipment, and crafting required an Advanced Lifestyle player ’s skills, cosmetic items could only be crafted using native materials in God ’s Domain.
As a result, players were required to look for suitable materials to create pleasant-looking cosmetic items, which was not easy.

Furthermore, more than one form of currency could be used.
In player-owned towns, Shops had the option of selling their items for either Credits or Coins, which was convenient for both players and Shops.

Take Stone Forest Town for example.
As the first town to be captured in Star-Moon Kingdom, it had grown considerably.
Stone Forest Town ’s residential player population also increase by the dam.
A lack of safety was the only issue as the area was home to high-level monsters.
This prevented low-leveled players, who only sought entertainment, from visiting.

Even so, many companies eagerly wanted to cooperate with Zero Wing.
It was especially true for companies in the clothing industry.
They all wanted to drown Zero Wing in Credits.
However, for some unknown reason, Zero Wing had turned these companies down.
Instead, it constructed hotels, smithies, bars, and other establishments.
The town was nearly out of space already…

Seeing the large numbers of players swarming to Stone Forest Town, many companies had cursed Zero Wing as insane.
The Guild was ignoring a golden opportunity to earn a fortune.

”We ’ll contact our superiors immediately.
However, we cannot guarantee that they will be willing to take this risk. ” The several Elders representing companies nodded before logging out of God ’s Domain.

Hearing the several Elders ’ answer, the other upper echelons relaxed slightly.

Inside Star-Moon Kingdom ’s Divine Colosseum, a large group of players ranging between Level 10 and Level 20 wandered in and out of Trial Tower.
Although these players were not very high-leveled, and their equipment was sub-par at best, others were shocked by how many floors they were clearing.

Of these players, the weakest among them had even reached the Trial Tower ’s sixth floor.

”Brother Wave, the people that Young Master Jing sent are incredible.
Their improvement speeds are astounding.
It won ’t even be long before they surpass me, ” a tall Level 39 Ranger, who sat beside Abandoned Wave, said, smiling bitterly.

No matter what was said or done, he was a famous expert in the virtual gaming world.
This time, he had been specially hired to train a group of newcomers who had recently joined the virtual gaming world.
He had initially thought that this would be a simple job.

However, the moment he met these newcomers, he sensed the dense killing intent and hostility.
Their auras were nothing like an ordinary player ’s, and he could instantly tell that these experts had been well-tempered in life combat.
Among these newcomers, a few even felt stifling.

These newcomers had already surpassed him and reached the realm he had always dreamed of.

”This is all thanks to your guidance.
Otherwise, they wouldn ’t have grasped God ’s Domain ’s combat basics so quickly.
When more newcomers arrive, I ’ll have to trouble you again. ” Abandoned Wave was quite satisfied as he watched the new group enter the Trial Tower.
As long as he raised these people ’s Levels, it would only be a matter of time before Blackwater took over Star-Moon Kingdom.

Before he had joined the game, he would never have imagined that combat in God ’s Domain was as realistic as real-world combat.
The only differences were players ’ Skills and superhuman physiques.

To the Blackwater Corporation, the game ’s realistic combat was its greatest advantage.
After all, Blackwater was a giant in the fighting world.
No one had more combat experts or method of nurturing experts than Blackwater.

Unlike other companies, which struggled to nurture their own gaming experts in God ’s Domain, it was a simple task for the Blackwater Corporation.
Blackwater only needed to assist players in adapting to God ’s Domain ’s combat style.

Suddenly, a bald, robust man rushed up to Abandoned Wave and whispered, ”Big Brother Wave, a message has arrived from Ouroboros.
It seems that Gentle Snow is trying to use the Guild ’s collected materials to compensate the companies for their missing funds.
Moreover, someone in White River City has already agreed to purchase all of Ouroboros ’s rare herbs and ores.
Should we do something to stop her? ”

”Hahaha! Interesting! It seems that Gentle snow is good for more than just her pretty face! She is a daring beauty! It makes me somewhat reluctant to let her go! ” Abandoned Wave could not help but roar with laughter.
”It ’s a pity that her efforts are pointless.
She doesn ’t understand Blackwater ’s power.
She doesn ’t know these companies true intentions, either.

”Gentle Snow has a considerable amount of Ouroboros ’s shares.
Even if those companies pressure her, they can ’t stop her from selling the materials.
However, I can ’t let her have her way.
Notify Gale and the others and have them warn the buyer.
I don ’t want Ouroboros to have a raw material shortage when I take control. ”

”Understood! ”

After Abandoned Wave finished issuing his instructions, the bald man left the Divine Colosseum.

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