metallic wings behind Gentle Snow starting to fade away, one after another, a triumphant smile appeared on his face.
At this moment, he could sense that her Strength and speed were both starting to wane.

Will I be able to make it?

Gentle Snow looked at the last remaining pair of wings on her back.

The outcome of this battle was already plenty obvious.
With Lethal Gale ’s combat techniques, even if she did not enter a Weakened state after Starlight Saint ended, she would still end up losing the battle.

However, she was not willing to simply give up.

From the moment Lethal Gale activated the Tier 1 Taboo Skill Life Return, she already knew just how powerful the Berserker was.

The only reason she had fought desperately up until this point was for this final strike!

When the three pairs of metallic wings generated by Starlight Saint started disappearing, it was not a warning to the user that their bonus Attributes were about to expire.
Instead, the moment all three pairs of wings disappeared, the Skill would at last display its true power, releasing its final brilliance.

However, this final power only lasted for one attack.

If Lethal Gale managed to deflect or dodge her attack, her fate would be sealed.

Hence, if Gentle Snow wanted to win, she needed to stay calm like never before.
She needed far more precise control over her own body.
She also had to push her mental concentration to its very limits.
Thus, when her wings began fading, Gentle Snow had deliberately repressed her own Strength to the point where she could control it perfectly.
Meanwhile, from Lethal Gale ’s perspective, it seemed as if Gentle Snow ’s Strength was continuously deteriorating.

Upon seeing the final pair of metallic wings disappear, Lethal Gale immediately used the Tier 1 Skill Energy Slash.

Energy Slash not only increased the power of an attack but also extended the attack range by five yards.

”Six Ultimate Flashes! ”

Gentle Snow, on the other hand, had forsaken all her excess power and concentrated the remainder into one final attack.

The collision of swords and greatsword generated a blinding glare, followed by a thundering boom.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

As the glare dissipated, the shrill of metallic armor being pierced echoed throughout the entire forest—as well as the entire main hall of the Divine Colosseum.

Five penetrating cuts appeared on Lethal Gale ’s armor.
His HP had also instantly fallen to zero.

As for the victor of this battle, Gentle Snow, her complexion looked somewhat pale right now.

The extraordinary concentration she displayed at the final moment depleted her mental strength, so much so that she was on the brink of collapse.
With the side effects of the Starlight Saint kicking in, she appeared extremely frail.

The players in the main hall of the Divine Colosseum, however, clamored at this scene.

”It ’s over? ”

”What happened in that instant!? I didn ’t even manage to see anything! ”

”Gentle Snow won, just like that? ”

”This is a lie, right…? ”

”All hail the Goddess! ”

Everyone simply could not figure out what had happened in that final moment.
Lethal Gale clearly had the upper hand just then and was about to finish her off, yet such a shocking reversal had actually taken place.
The tables had turned so suddenly that even Lethal Gale himself did not know how she had defeated him…

With the end of the duel, Gentle Snow and Lethal Gale both walked out of the combat room.
Due to their previous agreement, even if Lethal Gale was reluctant, he no longer had the face to look for trouble with Shi Feng at the moment.
He could only watch as Gentle Snow slowly walked over to Shi Feng.

”Defeated?! Gale was actually defeated?! He even lost while every Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom was watching?! ” When Abandoned Wave saw the outcome of the match, he threw the bottle of Witch ’s Tear, which was worth 5,000 Battle Points, to the floor.
”Immediately notify Gale and the others! Since they ’ve embarrassed the Blackwater Corporation, they need to make up for their actions! Have them think of a way to get rid of Gentle Snow within White River City! ”

Currently, Gentle Snow ’s complexion was pale, and she looked extremely weak.
She was clearly suffering the backlash of using that powerful Skill from before.
With her in such a weak state, even with the deterrence of the city guards, killing her would be child ’s play for Lethal Gale ’s party of six.

As long as the Blackwater Corporation killed Gentle Snow inside White River City, they would be able to regain the reputation they lost before in one fell swoop.
As for Lethal Gale ’s party members getting jailed by the NPC guards, that was irrelevant to Abandoned Wave.

”Understood! ”

Lethal Gale accepted to the instructions he received without hesitation.
A cold glint flashed across his eyes as he shifted his gaze towards Shi Feng and Gentle Snow, who were chatting with each other.

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