Chapter 984: Qualifications for Cooperation

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Chapter 984 – Qualifications for Cooperation

Although Aqua Rose was Zero Wing's Vice Guild Leader, her family owned its own large business.

Twilight Echo was a first-rate Guild with an even longer history than Ouroboros.
Aqua Rose's family was one of Twilight Echo's major shareholders.

In the past, Shi Feng had learned that Aqua Rose's family owned the Sun and Moon Group.

In ten years' time, the Sun and Moon Group would join the Fortune 500 list.
Of course, Aqua Rose had been the main contributor to the company's success.

The Sun and Moon Group and the Open Source Corporation were both involved in the energy industry.

Hence, Aqua Rose's family had been afraid of the Open Source Corporation when they had threatened the family to persuade Aqua Rose.
Open Source was one of the industry's giants.
On the other hand, Sun and Moon struggled within the middle ranks.
If the Open Source Corporation wanted to, it could easily squash the Sun and Moon Group.

However, although the Sun and Moon Group only ranked in the mid-range in the energy industry, it wielded an extraordinary amount of funds.
After all, the most profitable resource in the world was energy as it was used in nearly every aspect of life.

It was also precisely this reason that Twilight Echo's members had treated Aqua Rose like a treasure, even making her the Guild's Honorary Elder.
Not only was the Sun and Moon Group one of Twilight Echo's major shareholders, but it was also the Guild's biggest shareholder.
Without the company's supply of energy, the other shareholders would choke on the daily cost of maintaining the Guild's training center.

“Guild Leader, has something happened?” Aqua Rose asked.

Aqua Rose was still dealing with the list of members they intended to send to other countries as well as various other tasks.
She was so busy that her brain was about to short-circuit.
Her helpers also rushed about the office, contacting Guild members and dealing with the letters of intent from Guild members who were willing to move to the Branch Guild.

Now that Zero Wing planned to expand to other countries, many players wanted to apply to the Branch Guilds.

Although the Branch Guilds were as safe as the headquarters in White River City, where they didn't have to worry about other Guilds provoking Zero Wing, they would have more opportunities for promotion in the Branch Guilds.

In White River City, there were only so many slots available for the Guild's main force.
Becoming a reserve member was nearly impossible, not to mention becoming an official member of the main force.
However, once the Branch Guilds were established, the Guild would establish new main forces, and the main force members enjoyed far more benefits than elite members.

Aside from having priority over equipment, just the amount of Magic Crystals each main force member received was enough to make a player drool.
Main force members also had the opportunity to obtain the rumored Hundred Berry Wine.

According to rumors, the Hundred Berry Wine was even more effective than the Divine Colosseum's Icefire Spirit.
It could help players improve their Skill Completion Rates.
Currently, not one bottle was available on the market.
No one knew how to obtain their own.

Only official members of Zero Wing's main force qualified to compete for the Hundred Berry Wine.

Since members of the Branch Guilds' main forces would receive similar benefits, why wouldn't Zero Wing's elite members be tempted? When Aqua Rose had announced the news, many elite members frantically applied to join the Branch Guilds.

Although Aqua Rose looked battered, inwardly, she was elated.
She dreamed of helping Zero Wing grow stronger.
Because of Zero Wing's extraordinary performance, her family now saw her in a different light.
In fact, they even canceled her engagement to Brilliant Wargod.

As Zero Wing's performance reached new heights, her status in her household rose.
Many large companies had secretly sent upper echelons to ask her family members to contact her, desperately wanting to invest in Zero Wing and offering many impressive perks.
As a result, every time she visited home, her parents instantly pushed for her to meet with the companies' representatives.
She was even busier than the Star and Moon Group's CEO…

“It's nothing major.
Didn't you say that your family has wanted to invest in Zero Wing? And that other companies frequently pester you to negotiation our cooperation?” Shi Feng asked.

More representatives have been showing up lately as well.
My family is also constantly on my case.
I swear they are even more diligent now than when I had been forced into the engagement with Brilliant Wargod.
They almost annoy me to death these days.
Do you have a plan to deal with them, Guild Leader?” Aqua Rose asked.
Just discussing this topic made her head ache.

She knew where Shi Feng stood on the matter.
Thus, she always rejected the offers.
To avoid these people, she had no choice but to hide in her virtual gaming cabin.
Only in God's Domain would her family leave her alone…

“I have a method.
It also isn't a solution to always have uncle and aunty pressing you for an answer.
I can offer them an opportunity to work together,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.
“As for whether or not they want to cooperate with us, that will be up to them.”

“Really?” Aqua Rose froze, surprised by Shi Feng's declaration.
She couldn't believe this was true.

Zero Wing was very famous in God's Domain.
This was because it had rejected countless investment offers.
Other Guilds dreamed of having their own investors, yet Zero Wing turned them away.
Zero Wing was already known as one of the most difficult Guilds to work with.

“Yes, I intend to rent some plots of Land, so I would like you to find a few partners.
However, each company must first invest one billion Credits.
I will choose a total of ten partners.” Gentle Snow had already given Shi Feng a rough estimate of the cost.
If he wanted to takeover Ouroboros's training center, he needed at least seven or eight billion Credits.
Moreover, this was only the initial estimate.
After all, Ouroboros's training center was massive.
It even had its own independent research team.
The training center was also located in a top-tier city.
Considering, Gentle Snow's price was exceedingly low.

“Guild Leader, are you talking about Stone Forest Town's Lands?” Aqua Rose was so shocked that she had to ask for confirmation.

Shi Feng nodded, replying seriously, “That's right.”

“Guild Leader, although the player traffic in Stone Forest Town is high, as expensive as the town's Lands are, they will never be worth as much as the golden Lands in kingdoms and imperial capitals.
Moreover, even those golden Lands aren't worth that much money.
Only a sucker would accept your offer.
No one will agree to that,” Aqua Rose said helplessly.

For some reason, Aqua Rose constantly had the feeling that Shi Feng lived in a different world.
She was clearly the rich heiress here, yet when Shi Feng talked about one billion Credits, it sounded as if he were talking about chump change…

That was one billion Credits they were talking about!

While the Sun and Moon Group could collect that much money, the other companies would likely hesitate.

“What if I have this item?”

Shi Feng laughed as he retrieved an old parchment from his bag.
This parchment was none other than the Star-Moon Kingdom City Building Order.
With this, he could claim one unassigned location within Star-Moon Kingdom and construct a city.

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